Santa Braum Pantheon: Feel The Rush of The Holiday Season!

Dragonguy is here on this day with a deck featuring one of the merriest men in the game, Braum!
  • Origins

Hello everyone, Dragonguy here today with a deck featuring one of the merriest men in the game, Braum! Tis the holiday season, and joining Santa Braum on his jolly adventure we have Pantheon, and together they make for a formidable duo.

Many people have been jamming Pantheon with Demacia, Noxus, and Shurima – but there is also definitely a way to effectively combine the new Targon champion with Freljord.

Braum Targon decks have existed in the past, most often involving either The Scargrounds or Targon’s Peak. Those archetypes weren’t the most competitive, and in the case of Targon’s Peak, Braum could have easily been replaced by other champions.

In the newest release, we got Pantheon and his followers with the Fated keyword – it has opened up a new way to play Braum.

  • Gameplan

Pantheon Braum seeks to play Braum and Fated units, buff them up, and use these strong threats to kill the opponent.

Pantheon can quickly become difficult to remove after receiving a few buffs thanks to his Fated keyword. Wounded Whiteflame and Saga Seeker serve as alternative Fated units that can grow to become game-ending threats. We also are running some Gem generators in Mountain Goat and Mentor of the Stones.

So, what does Freljord bring to help our cause? Firstly, it’s cheap protection spells. No holiday is complete without some treats to go along with it, and these treats are great for our units.

Elixir of Iron and Troll Chant go incredibly well with Fated, Pale Cascade and Guiding Touch both draw a card and target our units for more Fated procs, and Bastion can protect them from big spells or skills. 

On top of these combat tricks, we also get board wipes in the form of Blighted Ravine and Avalanche. Pantheon decks have had a weakness to the wide aggro boards, as you don’t run a lot of units in the deck yourself. Now, you can send your aggro opponents home for the holidays.

Finally, the deck seeks to end the festivities with Feel The Rush. This card brings in two champions in one neatly wrapped package, and has amazing synergy with Pantheon.

Pantheon will emerge to the battlefield as a 10|10, and if he is leveled, will come down with the additional gift of keywords. This gives you an out in the late game if your early Fated units are killed, or if you are having issues pushing through your opponent’s board. 

  • Verdict

Braum Pantheon has been doing quite well in the games I’ve played with it and offers a ton of flexibility in what you are playing around.

In some games, you buff a Fated unit, other times – you can buff Braum, or just stall to play Feel The Rush to close out the game.

Also, Santa Braum is an amazing skin that is fun to use, so this deck is a great place to try it out. If you are looking for a deck to spread the holiday spirit, then playing Braum is a great way to do it!


Dragonguy is a just a guy who enjoys playing some fun LOR decks. After taking targon's peak and Deep to top 32 of Guardians of the Ancient, he's been constantly looking to improve his game. Also, he's been playing a lot of Path of Champions lately, and is really enjoying Jinx.

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