New on RuneterraCCG: Masters Meta Stats, Leaderboards, and Match Histories

We're happy to announce the launch of several new features that will help you efficiently navigate the state of the ever-changing LoR metagame.

We’re happy to announce that RuneterraCCG has launched several new features that will help Legends of Runeterra players to efficiently navigate the state of the ever-changing metagame.

Starting today, you can visit the Meta Stats page, as well as Leaderboards with built-in Match Histories to discover what the top players in LoR have been recently finding success with. All resources are updated automatically using the data collected through Riot API, meaning you can always expect to find the most relevant and up-to-date information.

The credit for the work goes to the amazing StormLoR – you can find them on Twitter, and also check out their Tracker Overlay LoR Master.

Continue reading below to find a detailed breakdown of how to use new RuneterraCCG features and what kind of info they provide.

  • Meta Stats

On the Meta Stats page, you can find a list of archetypes that recently saw the most play in the Masters rank across all servers. The archetypes are sorted according to their play rates.

The filter button at the top left allows you to switch between the data from the current patch, as well as from the 3 day- and 7 day-periods.

Click on the arrow on the right side to expand the archetype. In the drop-down section, you will see the top three most popular versions of the archetype. Each has a ‘Deck Code’ button at the top left corner that copies the deck code to the clipboard.

  • Leaderboards

Visit the Leaderboards page to inspect what have the top-ranked players been playing on the ladder and how successful they were.

At the very top, you can switch between leaderboards for each of the three LoR Shards. There’s also a search field that will help you find a particular player on the Masters ladder.

Next to each player’s name, you can find the number of LP they currently have, as well as how many LP they have gained or lost in the last 24 hours.

At the very right, you’ll see a region and champion combination of the deck they played the most in their last 10 games. Click on the button next to it to open up and inspect the deck in a new tab.

  • Match Histories

On the Leaderboards page, you can click on any player’s name to open up a new tab containing their most recent match history.

Once again, you can click on the arrows to open up a decklist view in a drop-down section, and each section also contains a button for importable deck code.

We hope you enjoy our new set of features!

Keep in mind that this launch is only the first step, and we’ll keep working on all the existing and the new features on the website. Please let us know what do you think about these resources, and what changes/new features would you like to see implemented.

Please send all the feedback either using our ‘Contact’ form or via RuneterraCCG Discord (#site-feedback-and-bugs channel). Thanks in advance!

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