Runeterra Characters Coming to Magic: The Gathering

Arcane characters and scenes have found their way onto physical Magic the Gathering cards coming November 29th.

Arcane characters and scenes have found their way onto physical Magic the Gathering cards coming November 29th.

Magic the Gathering have been releasing special collectors edition cards with new artwork and card styles since December 2019. They’ve been themed in a wide variety of styles from artistic, to historic, to silly. They’ve received a lot of mixed reviews from the player base, but there have usually been some that draw the interest and attention of a lot of players. For collectors, these cards make for very unique pieces that really can’t be ignored.

Arcane has left multiple communities reeling, and the developers at Wizards are no different. Scenes from Arcane and characters from Legends of Runeterra are coming to Magic the Gathering.

The cards we’ve seen so far all feature stills from the Arcane show, and key scenes. The cards chosen are all particularly powerful in the multiplayer, Commander, format.

As for us Runeterra players, it’s interesting to think of these characters on those cards. A one mana Fast spell to Obliterate a follower, but give your opponent a mana gem is unreasonably powerful for our game, but makes for a very interesting flavour choice for Magic.

One thing that unites MTG and LOR is our use of mana to play our cards. Mana in MTG comes from the Land cards, included in your deck. It gives us a good look at their rich, detailed worlds. It’s only right that Lands in an Arcane set show off the rich detail of the City of Progress.

These cards will make for a strong collection for anyone who loves MTG and LOR. We can expect to see more about this drop in Wizard’s official announcement on November 29th. They have much to announce.

Eagle eyed viewers will see that the first round of cards have very interesting collector numbers. 477, 478, 482, 483. That means in November 29th announcement, we’ll be told what the three missing cards will be. Likely, they’re cards that depict spoilers from Arcane Act 3, coming November 20th. Players might hope that they’re cards depicting some of our favourite Arcane Champions.

Every now and then, Magic has included the IP of other worlds and stories into these Secret Lairs cards to bring them an extra layer of unique flavour. The most noteworthy of these would have to be The Walking Dead and Stranger Things Secret Lairs.

These cards have set a precedent, as they’re completely unique to the game, not renamed existing cards like the ones from Godzilla or even Arcane. This set a lot of players with an uncertain feeling, as these cards are powerful, and technically legal in older formats of Magic.

It’s interesting to see the perceived lines between Magic and LOR be blurred. Many MTG designers currently work on Runeterra, so seeing their games cross over like this makes sense and makes for an exciting change.

Expect an update to this post the moment we hear what those three other cards will be.

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Now we want to hear from you! Are you excited or worried to see Arcane make it to MTG? Will this be a set you’ll pick up as a chance to dabble with Magic?


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