Rumble and Mecha-Yordles Are Coming to LoR!

Rumble is the Noxus + Bandle City dual-region champion, sporting some crazy discard and manifest synergies.

Rumble has been revealed to be the next champion coming to Legends of Runeterra in the Magic Misadventures expansion. The newest multi region champion, Rumble is both Bandle City and Noxus, and sports the new, and very powerful, Mecha-Yordle unit subtype. Rumble, and the other Mecha-Yordles are coming to LoR on December 8th.

Rumble plays in the interesting Discard synergy style of deck, similar to Sion, but also has a lot of created card synergy that we know from the Manifest mechanic.

So we understand now that Rumble is somewhat of a ‘Lord’ for the Mecha-Yordle unit type, the same way Battlesmith is for Elites.

The play effect to discard 3 cards and granting all your Rumble’s three keywords is steep at first, but being part Noxus encourages you to discard cards like Lost Soul or Fallen Rider.

Levelling him up requires you to do 12 or more damage with Rumble. Tough to keep him alive, but any damage he does counts: attacks, blocks, Impact, and even strikes with cards like Whirling Death, Bloody Business, and Double Tap.

Once Rumble is leveled, the Lord nature shows off well. Random Mecha-Yordles are added to hand or are made cheaper and beefier. The random nature isn’t ideal compared to the Manifest cards, but being able to generate cards for any reason is still very powerful.

Yesterday’s reveal of the Mecha-Yordles has had many content creators befuddled at the power level of the fluffy friends in their Jaegers. Squeaker and Scrapheap Manifest them directly by discarding a card, but Arena Promoter and Bilgerat Rascal Manifest them as either cheaper or with Spellshield respectively. This new mechanic encourages the Mecha-Yordle deck to have a slower, value-driven gameplan with the Noxus discard fodder and burn to lock up the early game.

The stand out Mecha Yordles are Furyhorn Crasher for the swarm and power potential, Professor Von Mech for the card advantage, and Lil Dipper for the combo potential. Each one has very strong playability, but their individual power is pushed due to their random generation. They’re more similar to Celestials than in deck cards.

Rumble’s signature spell, Flamespitter is the first way we’ve seen to grant Impact, and is a strong way to have any unit push extra damage (especially to level up Rumble).

Arena Mechacaster is a more aggressive version of Arena Battlecaster. In decks that swarm early Battlecaster is probably stronger, as the mana cost is fairly steep, even if current Bandle City decks spread out remarkably well, they can’t justify a team buffer at 6 mana.

Rumble looks to bring a whole new tribe of Mecha-Yordles into some manner of Bandle City deck.

Rumble, and his supporting cards are ready in the RuneterraCCG deckbuilder, ready for you to cobble together your next Mech. Stay tuned to for the Rumble Theorycraft article and decks to try at the beginning of the Magic Misadventures season.


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