‘Rollercoaster of Emotions and Suspense’: LoR Community Reacts to Arcane Act 1

The first three episodes of Arcane has left many fans filled with excitement, including members of the Legends of Runeterra content creator community.

The first three episodes of Arcane have left many fans filled with excitement, including members of the Legends of Runeterra content creator community.

The following post does not contain spoilers for Arcane.

Arcane Act 1 was released on Netflix on November 6th. Three, roughly forty-minute episodes, each give us a rich and exhilarating look into the backstory of some recognizable Champions. The quality of the series has united figures across the Riot Games community, especially us Runeterra card gamers.

Purveyor of papayas, GrappLr, was humbled in his assessments of the show, as you can see on his Twitter.

GrappLr, blown away by Episodes 2 and 3. Original Tweet Here.

For a member of the community, known for being brash and opinionated, being humbled by the quality of the show speaks volumes. This kind of love from one of the games biggest streamers will give the show a great deal of love and attention.

Twitter user @FrowzyBlue admitted they “got teary eyes with ep3” and honestly, this is a unifying feeling. Twitter user @JACKYFANTAO1 agrees with this sentiment, saying “The end of EP3 hit me like a dump truck”.

Fellow Runeterra Streamer, @SzychuHotS on Twitter recently posted a very interesting message. They say they haven’t watched it yet, and they’re “ready for disappointment”. Nearly the replies to their tweet are phrases like “it’s good”, “you’ll enjoy it”, “go watch it”.

A trending post on the Legends of Runeterra Subreddit is a very important and needed discussion.

A Discussion about Being Welcoming – Original Post here

This is honestly a side of the Arcane show that many hadn’t considered. It was marketed very heavily to people who already play one or more of Riot’s games.

On a platform like Netflix, anyone who watches a lot of gritty animation like Love, Death, and Robots may come into this show with none of the gaming context.

This show will bring in a lot of new players to all of Riot’s titles, and it’s nice to see a message of welcoming be so heavily shared from a community that’s notoriously unfriendly at times.

Arcane episodes one, two, and three are available to stream right now on Netflix. Learn more about Arcane and the new content coming to Legends of Runeterra this November right here on RuneterraCCG.


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