Rek’Sai Pyke Lurkers Deck Guide

July 27 Update

Matchups added: Azir Irelia, Karma Ezreal, Nasus Thresh, Viego Midrange, Draven Fizz.Matchup evaluations changed for: Lee Sin (from very favored to slightly favored), Turbo Thralls (from slightly favored to favored).Lineup added: Azir Irelia Target.

The Lurkers archetype seems simple to evaluate at first glance. With the simultaneous release of Rek'Sai and Pyke, the deck pretty much built itself: we simply cram a bunch of Lurkers in there, add a pinch of interac...

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Asher has liked thin, colorful pieces of cardboard ever since he was a wee lad. and beating his friends on the playground with his shiny ones was often the highlight of his day. Now he is but a humble Digital CCG player who's played most of them over the years (think: GWENT, Eternal, Hearthstone, TES:L, Duelyst...) but is now focusing on Legends of Runeterra by way of competing in tournaments and (attempting) to climb to the top of the Master Ladder every season. He also fails at being educational on Twitch.