Quinn Vayne Fiora PZ Deck Guide

Quinn Vayne is a mid-range deck that wants to win the board and start slamming the opponent's Nexus

Quinn Vayne Fiora PZ has seen an increase in play rate recently. The archetype has been performing outstandingly on the ranked ladder, beating a lot of the popular Tier-1 decks.

The deck’s concept isn’t new at all; in fact, it first existed as Fiora Vayne PZ. Now, players have tweaked the original list and decided that Quinn fits the archetype perfectly. At the time of writing, Quinn Vayne PZ has the highest play rate; however, another popular version adds a one-off Fiora to the list. Both lists operate the same and have similar win rates.

Early on in the game, Fleetfeather Tracker, Petricite Broadwing, and Valor are important challenger units to have on the board. The Darkin Harp can be played on your challenger units, preferably on Valor to take advantage of the Scout keyword. The additional power and Quick Attack keyword allow you to pick off units without losing your challenger unit.

Both Vayne and Quinn have the same level-up condition, and with the Tumble Vayne creates, you’re able to accelerate their level-up conditions.

As for Fiora, she acts as a bully on the board. She’s able to kill valuable units and threaten to close out the game with her win condition ability.

Managing to win the board sets you up for powerful swings toward the opponent’s Nexus. A leveled-up Quinn allows you to go wider on the board, pulling away a unit with the summoned Valor and paving the way for more units to slam the opponent’s Nexus.

Bloodcursed Harpy is your late-game play; the Scout keyword will allow you to put more pressure on the opponent, and with the second life that Bloodcursed Harpy has (if equipped with a weapon), it will force more resources out of your opponent to deal with it.

Finally, if the game manages to stretch out till turn 8, you can use The Darkin Harp to summon Styraatu, a high-stat unit that draws you two cards once it attacks. The additional card draw will make sure you have more plays in the upcoming turns.

Techs and Options

  • Stony Suppressor
    Stony Suppressor does wonders against archetypes that rely on a lot of spells. The list shared in the guide does not run it because it’s trying to do well against general matchups in the meta. But I recommend adding Stony Suppressor when trying to beat spell-heavy decks. Can cut Forge Chief and a Combat Cook for Stony Suppressor.
  • Thermogenic Beam or Mystic Shot
    Damage spells can kill pesky units on the opponent’s side of the board. Mystic Shot can also act as a burn tool to close out the game. Cut Sharpsight or Fish Fight out, and don’t run more than 2 copies of either Thermo or Mystic Shot.
  • Riposte
    The barrier can protect your units, and the additional power the spell provides allows you to kill a high-health unit. Don’t run more than one copy in the deck. Cut one Sharpsight or Catch.
  • Concerted Strike
    A heavy removal tool to deal with big enemy units. Don’t run more than two copies of Concerted Strike.
  • Golden Aegis
    A straightforward rally effect rather than relying on Cataclysm or Tumble. Two copies should be enough, cut the Cataclysm out.

General Tips

  • Keep valuable units alive. Your challenger units and champions are essential for the progress of your game plan. Try to avoid swinging with your champions until they’ve leveled up if there’s a threat of losing to them. Additionally, both The Darkin Harp and The Darkin Aegis can give your challenger units like Valor protection when going for an attack.
  • Gain additional attack tokens. The Tumble and Cataclysm can give you additional tokens if used correctly. On defensive turns, if you play either Tumble or Cataclysm on a scout unit, you’ll trigger your scout attack, which gives you an attack token.
    As for offensive turns, if you use your attack token and follow it up with a Tumble or Cataclysm on a scout unit, you’ll gain a second attack token, allowing you to put a lot of pressure on the opponent.
  • Tumble and Equipment. Tumble allows you to equip a unit without committing the equipment’s mana cost. This allows you to conserve mana and set up a free attack.


NoxusPiltover & Zaun Seraphine Ezreal (NX) – favored

Mulligan for: Stony Suppressor, Vayne, The Darkin Aegis, a challenger unit.

  • Your opponent is running a deck that relies heavily on cheap spells. Having Stony Suppressor on the board as soon as possible will make it difficult for them to cast those spells. Forcing your opponent to commit resources to kill Stony rather than your more valuable units.
  • The Darkin Aegis can give protection to a unit against ping spells thanks to the tough keyword. You can use Catch as a surprise play to equip the weapon after your opponent has committed a spell.
  • Pick off their champions with challenger units. You can’t allow both Ezreal and Seraphine to stick on the board at the same time. Once leveled, your opponent will be able to burn you down.
  • Your scout units can put a lot of pressure on the board. And with Vayne’s Tumble, you’ll make sure that pressure doesn’t subside on defensive turns either.

IoniaPiltover & Zaun Seraphine Viktor – favored

Mulligan for: Stony Suppressor, Vayne, The Darkin Aegis, Challenger unit

  • Similar to the Seraphine Ezreal Noxus match, Stony Suppressor can be a strong play early on in the game to slow down your opponent.
  • Unlike the Noxus version, your opponent has fewer removal tools to deal with your champions. Leveling them up should be much easier.
  • Tumble can be stopped by either Deny, Nopiefy, or Homecoming. Although Concussive Palm can halt the attack of your unit, if that unit has the Scout keyword, you’ll still be able to activate your attack token.
  • Try to pick off Viktor early before he gains a lot of keywords.

NoxusRuneterra Annie Jhin – favored

Mulligan for: Forge Chief, Fleetfeather Tracker, Petricite Broadwing, Durand Sculptor, Blinding Assault, The Darkin Harp, and Vayne.

  • You’re against an aggressive deck that wants to go wide on the board. Play your cheap units and try to keep up with their aggression.
  • Solari Sunhawk and The Stagehand can stun your units and set up stronger attacks.
  • Have a challenger unit ready to kill Annie. The fact that she has no power means your challenger unit will be safe when going for the kill.
  • Sacrificing Vayne to maintain your Nexus’ health is fine. Make sure not to drop below 8 health, you don’t want to end up losing to your opponent’s burn potential.
  • Valor and Fleetfeather Tracker can kill Jhin if they’re equipped with The Darkin Harp. Try to kill the champion before he levels up.

IoniaShadow Isles Zed Hecarim- favored

Mulligan for: Fleetfeather Tracker, Petricite Broadwing, Blinding Assault, Vayne, The Darkin Harp, Catch!

  • Zed Hecarim is an ephemeral deck that puts most of its resources into offensive turns. This means that they’re vulnerable on their defensive turns.
  • Valor and The Darkin Harp can be a nightmare for your opponent, prohibiting them from developing on their defensive turns. Zed is your main focus early game, try to pick him off with your challenger units, some lists run Twin Disciplines as a protection tool.
  • It’s fine to take Nexus damage from ephemeral units if you’re able to set up stronger attacks later on and close out the game before Hecarim hits the board.

DemaciaRuneterra Jax Vayne – favored

Mulligan for: Vayne, Challenger unit, The Darkin Harp

  • Fish Fight is your main concern early on in the game. Your challenger units + The Darkin Harp can carry the matchup for you, allowing you to win the board presence by picking off enemy units.
  • Quinn can carry the matchup once she’s leveled. The Valor she summons will allow you to set up powerful swings.
  • Winning the board’s presence is essential in this matchup. Don’t allow your opponent to set up a wide board of units with equipment. A leveled-up Jax becomes more of a threat with more units on the board.

DemaciaPiltover & Zaun Quinn Vayne – even

Mulligan for: Fiora, Fleetfeather Tracker, Blinding Assault, The Darkin Harp, Vayne, Quinn

  • You’ll need to be reactive while playing this matchup. Play your challenger units the first chance you get to pick off their units. The Darkin Harp is essential to pick off their units, especially if it’s equipped on your Valor.
  • Work on leveling up Quinn. Giving her a weapon like The Darkin Aegis will make it difficult for your opponent to deal with her when she attacks.
  • Bloodcursed Harpy puts a lot of aggression on the board with the scout keyword. They can also trigger your attack token on defensive turns with Tumble or Cataclysm.
  • If your opponent sets up a challenger unit with The Darkin Harp. Play Cataclysm on the spot to deal with that unit and prevent your opponent from getting a free kill.

DemaciaIonia Zed Vayne – slightly unfavored

Mulligan for: Challenger unit, The Darkin Harp, The Darkin Aegis, Vayne

  • Zed can be difficult to deal with in the early game. A challenger unit can threaten to kill him; however, your opponent runs Twin Disciplines, Momentus Choice, and Wuju Style as protection tools. You can play around Momentous Choice and Wuju Style with The Darkin Harp equipped on either Fleetfeather Tracker or Valor.
  • Focus on getting rid of Zed, Greenglade Duo, and Young Witch as they can be problematic for you. You’ll be able to match your opponent’s board afterward, and later Quinn and Bloodcursed Harpy can carry the matchup.

DemaciaNoxus Rumble Vayne – slightly unfavored

Mulligan for: Forge Chief, Fiora, Fleetfeather Tracker and Blinding Assault + The Darkin Harp or Petricite Broadwing + The Darkin Aegis.

  • Your opponent uses Rumble as their win condition. It’s important that you manage to kill the champion with your challenger units. Fleetfeather Tracker or Valor can kill rumble with The Darkin Harp equipped. Similarly, Petricite Broadwing can deal with Rumble if equipped with The Darkin Aegis.
  • Your opponent can shut down your attempt to kill Rumble with Whirling Death.
  • Bloodcursed Harpy can block and kill Rumble with the extra life it has.

BligewaterNoxus Miss Fortune Swain – unfavored

Mulligan for: Forge Chief, Petricite Broadwing, Fleetfeather Tracker, Durand Sculpture, Vayne, The Darkin Aegis.

  • You’re against a deck that wants to set up an aggressive early plan and then shift to the Swain + The Levithan stun lock.
  • It’s fine to use your Nexus’ health as a resource and try to set up value trades using your Darkin weapons.
  • Save Catch as an answer to save your 1 health unit from Make it Rain.
  • Watch out for a leveled-up Swain. The overwhelm keyword can demolish your board once he goes for the swing.
  • Cataclysm can be an essential tool to deal with either Swain or Leviathan. Triggering the attack token once your opponent has committed their mana on The Leviathan play means their plays are limited on that specific turn. This allows you to kill either Leviathan or Swain and stop their stun lock combo.

Closing Words

Quinn Vayne Fiora PZ’s ability to demolish some of the most popular archetypes on the ranked ladder makes it one of the best choices for a ladder deck.

The mid-range deck has an awesome matchup table and can fit in a tournament lineup to target some of the popular decks.


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