Power Rankings Patch 3.21 – 8 Best Decks To Climb – December 2022

The Power Rankings has 8 of the best decks for a serious ranked ladder climb.

Hello everyone, Sorry here. Excited about the Power Rankings? Well, you should be! It’s time to climb!

If you’re new to Power Rankings, it’s an article where I rank eight of my best decks for a serious ladder climb. The ranking is mostly based on my own experience playing ladder, and I have been testing around in the Platinum, Diamond, and Master ranks.

Alright, let’s get started with my top eight best decks to start your climb with!

1- Gangplank Sejuani

Gangplank Sejuani is crowned the king of this week’s Power Rankings! The archetype has been performing splendidly well on the ranked ladder. I’ve been seeing the deck even more on the tournament scene.

The archetype has a favorable matchup against aggressive decks like Jinx Draven, Annie Jhin, and Pirates. It has an almost even matchup against the popular Aatrox Vayne and Gwen Katarina while beating the likes of Ezreal Seraphine (BC), Lurk, and Hecarim Zed.

I took this exact list to the Master ladder, and after 20 games, I managed to win 17 and drop only 3 games. The archetype felt like it had a winning shot against all the decks I faced, and the biggest weakness was my own draws.

2- Aatrox Vayne Quinn

It was obvious that Aatrox Vayne Quinn would be at the top of my Power Rankings list. The deck has been one of the strongest in the meta, with an amazing matchup table.

The deck simply has no true counter outside of Rumble Vayne! It beats everything in the meta and only struggles a bit against decks like Gwen Katarina, Gangplank Sejuani, and Plunder.

The archetype can outvalue other decks with the World Ender late-game play. You’re able to put enough pressure with the Darkin form of your weapons to close out the game.

Aatrox can be a nightmare for aggressive archetypes, as the healing can put your Nexus out of their burn range.

3- Rumble Vayne

The anti-meta deck has been putting up good numbers in the shadows. Rumble Vayne has seen play on the ranked ladder mostly for its ability to beat both Aatrox Vayne and Aatrox Kayn.

It matches up nearly evenly against Gangplank Sejuani and Gwen Katarina, but falls short against Ezreal Seraphine (BC).

Rumble Vayne has a 56% win rate on the ranked ladder, one of the highest win rates in the top 20 most-played decks.

4- Jinx Lulu

Lulu Jinx created by Sorry • last updated 10 months ago

Jinx Lulu is ranked fourth in my Power Rankings! It is ranked higher than the OG Jinx Draven Discard aggro because, unlike Jinx Draven, it’s capable of beating Ezreal Seraphine (BC).

It’s able to build a wide powerful board and start chipping at the opponent’s Nexus. Sneezy Biggledust sets up for an explosive turn, where you could threaten a lethal attack. In the late game, Jinx can become a win condition with her burn rocket.

The archetype beats popular decks like Gwen Katarina, Ezreal Seraphine (BC), Annie Jhin, Hecarim Zed, and Gangplank Sejuani.

Jinx Lulu has an awful matchup against Aatrox decks, so if you’re dodging those, Jinx Lulu might be a great choice for a ladder climb.

5- Draven Jinx

Draven Jinx created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago

The discard aggro deck comes in 5th place in the Power Rankings. The aggressive deck has a good matchup against most of the decks in the field except Ezreal Seraphine (BC) and Trundle Tryndamere (SI).

Your ability to put early pressure on the board and switch to the burn plan with Jinx’s rockets can be a bit difficult for most decks to keep up with.

An early aggressive game can turn a bad matchup in your favor. Card draw engines like Jinx and Augmented Experimenter will keep the pressure on in the later stages of the game.

6- Aphelios Leona

The Daybreak Aphelios Leona deck is a great choice against the popular decks in the meta. It can beat Aatrox decks with the use of Leona’s stun ability and setting up a wide attack, take down Seraphine decks with The Winding Light Overwhelm play, and keep up with aggressive decks thanks to the early units and Shadow Isles region offering Vile Feast.

The list also runs Sunburst, a great tool to kill key champions like Aatrox, Jinx, and Viktor.

I took this list on my ladder run, and it felt solid against most of the matchups I faced. You’re able to present more than one way to win the game, with Leona, The Winding Light, and Atrocity.

Another tool for creating a win condition is Celestial Trifecta. For example, The Great Beyond can present a lot of elusive damage and be used as an Atrocity target.

7- Ezreal Seraphine (BC)

Ezreal Seraphine had to make it into the Power Rankings! The deck has been one of the most popular choices in the current metagame, as well as one of the most frustrating to go up against.

This is a difficult deck to pilot and get full value out of. If played correctly, you can get yourself out of sticky situations.

Ezreal Seraphine (BC) beats popular decks like Gwen Katarina, Lurk, Annie Jhin, Draven Jinx, and Hecarim Zed. It puts up a good fight against Gangplank Sejuani and Trundle Tryndamere.

Aatrox Vayne is one of the few matchups that are difficult to play.

8- Gwen Katarina

Katarina Gwen created by Sorry • last updated 10 months ago

The archetype has been a top performer for quite a while now. Its ability to present an aggressive early game while also setting up a solid mid-game can prove difficult for most decks to deal with.

Gwen Katarina can be a nightmare for midrange decks due to Fallen Reckoner‘s ability to prohibit a unit from blocking. This can empower your attacking phase, letting you sneak more unit damage towards your opponent’s Nexus.

The list runs The Harrowing as a final finisher if you’re running out of threats. If your opponent doesn’t have an immediate answer, you could close out the game with a wide board of ephemeral units.

The deck has a great matchup table. It has a slightly unfavored match up against Seraphine Ezreal (BC) and Aatrox Kayne and only truly struggles against Jinx Lulu.

Closing Words

Although Aatrox has been a bit too powerful, the meta has been quite diverse. Different archetypes are finding success, especially those that try to target the popular decks.

Keep in mind that the Power Rankings only lists my own top eight decks! There are still a lot of different decks out there that you might find success with.

Hopefully you found the Power Rankings useful, I’ll see you in the next one!


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