Poppy Ziggs: We’re Exploring with Yordles

Bandle Swarm is an emerging archetype that looks to be very powerful. This decklist presented by IzzetTinkerer has many unique takes that have been very powerful so far.
  • Origins

Good evening card gamers. IzzetTinkerer has returned from the news room to talk about a deck they really shouldn’t.

While the rest of the metagame is trying to find whether you want to pair Pantheon with Noxus, Demacia, or even Shurima; or the duo of Kennen and Ezreal are zapping everything the eye can see, I’ve decided that I really want to win. Exploring Bandle City seems to be a reasonable way to do this.

A big shout out to UK video maker and streamer somethingaboutsquirrels for this list. His version has evolved away from this initial 40 cards, but I’m sticking with it for the unique and potent tech choices and immense Yordle power.

  • Gameplan

It’s Bandle Swarm. You play Bandle City cards and swarm. The natural support region for a deck of this kind was previously Noxus for closing burn damage like Noxian Fervor and Decimate. As this version pushes immense Unit stats, Demacia is the natural inclusion with the full set of Golden Aegis and single Relentless Pursuit.

Now for the Yordles. This is the shell that Yordle Explorer will truly shine in. The only non-Yordle units regularly seen in the deck are the Hungry Owlcats that Bandle Commando wrangles, and even then they receive the buff from Yordle Captain.

Yordle Captain didn’t get quite as much hate from the community as Yordle Explorer did, but it represents just as much board presence as the Explorer does, if not more. It makes for a key top end in the late game, strengthening each following play. This card proves that the Poppy nerf was almost completely irrelevant. Playing Poppy after a Yordle Captain brings her up to 4/4 and then 5/5. She would have been improving the power of the team without the Captain or Explorer buff as it.

For a secondary support champion, a lot of similar decks to this have been playing Lulu. I don’t think this is a bad choice, but also not necessarily the best choice. If you’ve been able to keep one or more of your stat booster units, Poppy, Explorer, or Captain, then Lulu will only grow a supported ally into a 4/4, which is either matching or smaller than some of your other units. I’ve opted for Ziggs in this slot, because with Explorer support, Ziggs is a 3 mana 4/5 with better Impact.

The curve is very aggressive, with Inventive Chemist and Yordle Squire at 1 mana, and a split of two mana Yordles. Yordle Explorer and Stone Stackers are the essential two drops, giving us stats or attacking very aggressively. Conchologist is only a two of as it likely provides more Pokey Stick or a Demacia combat trick – handy but not essential. Yordle Smith is also only a two of as he needs a little work to be able to reliably give the team Quick Attack. I’ve found the pre-emptive Sharpsight on him is the best way to do it, assuming he hasn’t been buffed by the others.

Hidden Pathways is an essential way to refill in the mid-game, and Bandle City Mayor can give further value, usually in the form of late-game with Units like Furious Faefolk or Shark Trainer. If the game goes on that long.

  • Verdict

Bandle Swarm decks will take further time to refine, but I am incredibly confident with this version. I have been climbing very successfully with this deck so far and will continue to do so.

Its overwhelming board pressure can even take on Kennen Ezreal as it presents so many threats to answer, and if you can attack fast and rally, I wonder how any deck can keep up.


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