Poppy Scout – Tier 1 Deck in the Making?

  • Origins

Hey, Agigas here!

If you’ve been around for long enough, the Scout archetype should be no stranger to you. It has been played in a lot of meta in the past, before falling off as time went by. I have quite a long story with the deck, as I brought it to several tournaments win – making it one of my actual most decorated decks!

Stan was the one who made me re-discover this deck this season – it was hard not to notice his 80% win rate over 40 games on the stats! I decided to give his version a shot and went on a 12-game winning streak with it. On the overall stats, Poppy Scout gets a 54.8% win rate, which is very high in the current meta.

  • Gameplan

To talk about Scout, we first have to talk about Miss Fortune. This champion is the key unit of the deck – her combos with Scouts, Challengers, and Rallies are ridiculously good, and she will often single-handedly win games with her level-up when not rapidly dealt with.

Scout’s main game plan is to mulligan for her, protect her with buffs and tricks, and level her up as early as possible. To rapidly level Miss Fortune up, a common play pattern of the deck is to play both Miss Fortune and Blinding Assault on turn 3.

To complete the Miss Fortune game plan, Scout looks to set up board domination, truly embracing Demacia’s spirit – play units and buff them up. While the deck is quite aggressive, it doesn’t want to trade units, but instead looks to stack them up to really make the most out of its board-wide buff payoffs – Poppy, Genevieve Elmheart, Cithria the Bold, and Ranger’s Resolve. While Poppy isn’t at the center of the deck, she can levels pretty easily thanks to our rallies and buffs.

With its dominant board and rallies, Scout is able to finish games decisively once it gets ahead of the opponent. However, it doesn’t have a high burn reach or lots of evasive units – therefore, the deck needs to snowball board advantages as it’s its only way to victory.

  • Verdict

With the archetype’s recent performances, you can imagine I hold a very high opinion of the deck. However, I’d like to nuance my positivity a little with some of Scout’s weaknesses so you know what you’re signing for when queuing with the deck.

Scout has a really bad matchup against Draven Sion – they have both the cost-efficient removals to deal with Miss Fortune, and the board tempo to contain our board-centric game plan. Scout also is known to be significantly less impressive when it doesn’t get to find and protect Miss Fortune.

Now that we got the bad news out of the way, let’s talk about my thoughts about the deck. Scout really felt awesome on the current ladder. It has a good matchup against Zed Poppy, one of the very best decks in the current meta.

When you find Miss Fortune and protect her, most games feel like LPs raining over you. And even when you don’t find her, Scout’s game plan still is a lot better than players give it credit for thanks to Poppy.

The deck has recently started to get more popular, and we have it featured as a Tier 1 Dark Horse on RCCG’s tier list. If you like Demacia-centered gameplay, I can strongly recommend you to give Scout a shot!

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Thanks for reading!


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6 Responses

  1. Kassadin says:

    Do you think the nerf to Genevieve should be reverted?

    • Agigas says:

      I don’t think it would make that much of a difference, but overall no, I think she is fine right now. Scout seems to be very strong right now and we play 3 copies of Genevieve, buffing the deck even further would be a questionable choice.

  2. Yomama says:

    Everyone been playing poppy scouts and poppy demacia since release, nothing new, waste of article.

  3. Buba says:

    The deck is trash actually I tryed it in the current meta and most of the time It won’t work

  4. SsyKage says:

    Not sure what these people are talking about in the comments lmao. I got masters last season exclusively with scouts and literally ran into 3 mirror matchups. I love playing the deck not only because I find it fun, but I also love the lore and character design of both champions. I also feel like it’s much harder to win without mf or poppy, which leads me to my question. I just played a game where I had fleetfeather, brightsteel, warden and navigator attacking on 2. I mulled navigator and got it right back lmao. But I felt like maybe I should of mulled everything besides fleet feather because it’s so important to find mf. Just wondering what you would of done? I was playing taliyah ziggs. And ended up losing, they kinda nutted turn 5 but if I had mf or poppy it would of 100% been a different story.

    • Agigas says:

      Yeah missing MF can make games a lot harder, especially if you can’t find Poppy either! In most matchups I just mulligan everything to find Miss Fortune, even Fleetfeather Tracker! I only keep 1-cost units when I already found Miss Fortune or if I’m playing against a hyper-aggressive deck. My full-mulligan strategy might sound a bit extreme, but by doing that I increase my chances of finding MF, and even if I don’t find her I’m likely to find back some early units anyway since we’re playing a lot of them.

      So yeah, to sum it up, in your situation I would have mulliganed everything to look for Miss Fortune. 😉

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