Yuumi Path of Champions Guide

Struggling to beat the Path of Champions with Yuumi? DragonGuy offers tips for deckbuilding and piloting against challenging bosses.

Hello everyone, DragonGuy here with a guide for one of the newest additions to Path of Champions, Yuumi. This colorful cat brings with her the Attach mechanic, a brand new keyword unlike any we’ve seen before in LoR. 

In this guide, I will go over the gameplan the Yuumi starter deck dictates. From there, I’ll go over Powers and Relics that synergize with Yuumi, as well as some of the strong Reinforcement pairings.

Then, I’ll talk about the important Reputation breakpoints for the champion. Finally, we’ll go over tips for the different adventure paths and bosses you’ll encounter along the way.

Yuumi’s starter deck contains a good mix of early game units and Attach cards to buff them up.

There are Spellshield followers – Porofly and Hungry Owlcat (from Babbling Balladeers), giving you naturally protected early units. Assistant Librarian serves as a great buff target with its Fated keyword – but the only card it can draw in the base deck is Fae Sprout. As the run goes further, it gets much stronger as you add more spells to the deck. 

Yuumi, Papercraft Dragon, and Rainbowfish all have the Attach keyword. There are some important distinctions about how this keyword functions, especially with different powers and items.

The first thing to learn is that when you Attach one of these units, it does not count as being ‘summoned’, and thus will not trigger any ‘When I’m summoned’ Items or Powers. Another unintuitive interaction is around Barriers – Attach followers do not apply it to the unit they Attach to.


100Begin your AdventureComplete adventures to gain Reputation and unlock your champion’s potential!
25050Giant’s BeltBegin every adventure with a Giant’s Belt (+0 | +2).
350100+50 GoldBegin every adventure with an extra 50 gold.
475175+2 RerollsBegin every adventure with 2 additional Rerolls.
575250Random Starting ItemBegin each adventure with a random Common Item on a card in your deck.
6100350Common Relic SlotGain a slot for a Common Relic Item.
7100450Cut CardsYou can now cut cards at the Healer.
8125575New starting PowerAllies have Fated.
9125700+10% Rare PowersYou have a 10% additional chance to find Rare Powers.
10150850+50 GoldBegin every adventure with an extra 50 gold.
111501000Rare Relic SlotUpgrade to a slot for a Rare or Common Relic Item.
122001200+2 RerollsBegin every adventure with 2 additional Rerolls.
132001400+10% GoldYou earn 10% additional gold during adventures.
142501650Common Relic SlotGain a slot for a Common Relic Item.
152501900+1 ReviveBegin every adventure with 1 Revive. It will save you if you lose a combat!
163002200+10% Rare ItemsYou have a 10% additional chance to find Rare Items.
173002500Random Starting ItemBegin each adventure with a random Rare Item on a card in your deck.
184002900Upgraded Starting PowerAllies have Fated. When you target a Fated ally, grant it additional +1|+1.
194003300+10% GoldYou earn 10% additional gold during adventures.
205003800Rare Relic SlotUpgrade to a slot for a Rare or Common Relic Item.
2150043005% Epic ItemsYou have a 5% additional chance to find Epic Items.
227505050+1 ManaYou begin every battle with an extra mana gem.

Yuumi’s item she gets at Reputation level 2 is Giant’s Belt (+0|+2), which is different from many other champions who usually get Studded Leather (+1|+1). This gives her a more defensive style, and since she can be played on an ally, can be used proactively to create a unit that is hard to kill. 

Yuumi’s level 8 power gives all of your Allies Fated, which synergizes well with the Attach mechanic. And while Fated also works great with buff spells, unfortunately Yuumi’s starter deck only has Friendship! in that department, and that is something you want to save to use reactively. 

Because of this, it will be on you to find other cards to get full use of this keyword. There are plenty of strong combat tricks or targetted effects to get, so keep an eye out for those.

Another important Reputation breakpoint for Yuumi is at level 14, as this allows her to carry 2 Relic items. This really empowers Yuumi who will then pass on her stats and keywords to make your units into carries.

Relic Items

Yuumi is a bit unique in her Relic item choices compared to other champions in Path of Champions. She doesn’t have any natural keywords besides Attach. Also, items with summon effects such as Lost Chapter (When I’m summoned, refill you spell mana) aren’t good for her for the reasons we’ve covered above. 

One of my favorite items to pair with Yuumi is Warmog’s Armor (Regeneration), which helps your carries stay out of range of removal and trades.

Even if your unit is hard to remove, it can still be chump blocked. If you want to end the game faster with the scaling stats, then The Troll King’s Crusher (Overwhelm) can be great for punching through damage. The other keyword items are also okay, but Regeneration and Overwhelm are probably the two best ones for Yuumi to enhance her ally.

For the rare items, Caulfield’s Warhammer (+2|+1) and Jaurim’s Fist (+1|+2) allow Yuumi to become even more of a stat-booster, but should be combined with a keyword power rather than picked up as standalone powers.

Crownguard Inheritance (When I level up, Rally) is powerful, but often a bit slow since without extra shenanigans it would take at least 3 attacking turns to level her. Overall, the rare powers are a bit niche and rarely shine on Yuumi, while simply granting stats and keywords trough Attach is incredibly powerful.


There are plenty of fun combinations to try out in the game, as Yuumi can turn any champion she’s paired with into a powerhouse (except Katarina… won’t make that mistake again). This gives her plenty of flexibility in what champions you choose to pair her with.

Some of the best champion pairings are units that cost less than 3, as they allow you to play Yuumi on them – on curve. Zoe is a great target, as with Elusive she is hard to block and can connect turn after turn. Akshan and Lucian are both solid 2 drops with Quick Attack that push damage, and both have a targeting spell in their Reinforcement packages for you to trigger Fated with. 

Any unit with Lifesteal you can get is a great addition, as Yuumi can grow them and keep your health up. Units with Overwhelm and Elusive are also solid ways to push damage with the stat buffs Yuumi provides. After you get Reputation level 8, you want to draft more Fated enablers, such as combat tricks and units with targeting effects.


Powers you choose along the way should be tuned according to the bosses you are facing in your adventures and the exact contents of the deck at that point.

However, when choosing a starting Power you don’t have much to go on, and should try to go for some generic synergy. Once again, be careful about Powers that trigger when you summon a unit, such as Welcome Gifts (When you summon an ally, grant it a random keyword), as your Attach units won’t trigger them.

Generally, any power that gives you additional board presence for free is solid to take early, as it gives you early blockers, and potential Attach targets. Officer Backup (Game Start: Summon a Sting Officer) is probably the best one since the unit is Elusive and Flashbomb Traps can kill weaker units.

My favorite power for Yuumi is Evolution (Give allies +1|+1 for each keyword they have). All attach units give the unit they attach to a keyword, which will buff them, and post Reputation level 8 all your units will have Fated which will give them an additional +1|+1. 

Boss and Adventure Tips

Lulu is rather easy to go up against in early levels, and none of the battles are too threatening. You should be able to beat the non-boss enemies without too much hassle.

  • Poppy

For this fight, you want to try and keep their board narrow. If you can drop a Yuumi on a unit on 3, you should be good to go, as it should grow larger than anything they can produce and kill off poppy when she attacks. 

  • Lulu

This battle is actually a bit trickier than it is with most other champs. While her power only impacts followers, if you play Yuumi on a follower it will be your strongest and then be reduced to a puny squirrel. While the squirrel will retain Yuumi’s stats and keywords from being Attached, you lose out on a lot of the power from her continual buffs. Try to play Yuumi on a champion for this fight and it will go well. As for defending yourself, if you can kill off Lulu early you should be fine.

Things start picking up in difficulty when you go up against Gangplank. While his power will guarantee the opponent will always have a 1-drop unit, it doesn’t matter too much. None of the fights are particularly challenging, and the opponents don’t have good answers to a large buffed-up unit. 

  • Swain

Swain’s power will slowly wear down your Nexus, so beware of entering this fight at too low of an HP threshold. The deck doesn’t do much early, but make sure you can block Fearsome for when Swain eventually comes down. You also don’t want to take too long closing, as they can play more Nexus pings to chip away at your health total. Outside of Ravenous Flock, they won’t have good removal for your buffed-up units.

  • Gangplank

Gangplank is pretty easy for you to deal with, as you will have a massive unit from Yuumi and your other powers. Try to keep the Powder Kegs in check and don’t let them get too out of control. Be careful about your attacks when they aren’t below 20, as this will summon The Dreadway for your opponent. Try to set up a kill from above 20 in one turn if you can. Otherwise, try to have a strong enough board to survive the swing back.

Things get a bit harder here, as the Mystic Shot that starts in the opponent’s hand can pick off a key early unit before you can buff it with attach units. Some of the PnZ decks also run Thermogenic Beam, which can kill a unit if not protected. The Ionia battles are even scarier, since they run Recall effects. Try to save a Friendship! to keep your important units safe. 

  • Karma

In order to beat Karma, look for removal. This deck has no answers to Karma in the starter deck, and letting her sit out for a few turns can be devastating. Other than that, their deck isn’t too threatening, and you are also able to deploy your units quite quickly thanks to starting with 10 mana. If you can get your board set up and minimize the damage karma can do, you should be set up for success.

  • Ezreal

Once you can attach to one of your allies and start triggering their Fated, they can become quite resilient to Ezreal’s removal. Their deck doesn’t have many units, and those they have aren’t as large as yours. Try to wait for the AI to spend their Statikk Shock before playing your smaller units. Leveled Ezreal can be spooky, but if you play Rainbowfish on a unit it should be able to block him quite easily.

Zed’s power is strong against our deck early on, as our units take time to grow. It applies a lot of pressure and can force us to trade units when we would rather not. Taking defensive powers like Hold them Off (Round Start: Frostbite the strongest enemy) and Disarmed (Enemies have -1|-0) can be helpful for keeping your HP from getting too low. Additionally, Ionia has a few Recall effects, so be raw are of when they may come up, especially in the fight against Zed.

  • Fiora

You should look for Yuumi against Fiora, as the unit you buff up with Yuumi will be too large for her to kill. From there, you should try to trade with their units when you can and let your large unit start picking apart their board. Don’t play too many units out while Fiora is down, as you don’t want to give her free kills with Challengers. Try to save your plays for after combat, then buff them with Attach the next round. 

  • Zed

Zed is quite a large unit here as a 7|6 and comes down on 4. Yuumi rarely would buff up your unit enough to trade with Zed, so you either need a wide board to chump block him, or a way to stall his attack. Look for removal and stuns on this route, as they are very helpful for slowing down Zed’s deck and giving you time to build up your board. Be careful of Defiant Dance, as this can recall one of your large units and be a huge setback if you don’t have Friendship! to protect it. 

Everything is Tough, making their units more difficult to kill. Yuumi likes to go tall, so this usually won’t be as big of an issue for you.

However, some fights will be particularly difficult precisely because of your go tall strategy. The Devourer of the Depths and Abyssal Eye are prime examples of this – good news that you can opt out of them select another node with another opponent instead.

The main removal you have to fear is Sunk Cost, as it shuffles your unit away regardless of buffs. Once again, Friendship! saves the day and can keep your units safe.

  • Sejuani

You should be able to outscale them once you start stacking buffs, so it’s all about mitigating damage early game. Try to look for some early blockers for their units until you can deploy a Yuumi or start buffing up a Fated unit. Since your units grow so large, Sejuani can’t really push damage, so you should be safe against if you’ve played correctly.

  • Nautilus

They have a strong power that heals them when a unit dies and gets them closer to deep. When facing Nautilus, you want to try and get Yuumi to buff a unit over Nautilus’ size. If your unit is bigger than Nautilus, they’ll have a hard time stopping you, and you’ll be out of range of Devourer of the Depths. Friendship! is key to protect you from a Sunk Cost, but once you level Yuumi your unit is safe and you should be able to survive and win the game.

Viktor is the final boss, and as such has the scariest power, giving all his allies a random keyword on-summon. This can make things difficult when they roll powerful keywords like Lifesteal and Elusive.

Fortunately, none of the fights have strong unit removal, so if you go tall with Yuumi, she and the unit she attaches to will be relatively safe. The bigger issue is taking a lot of damage from the pesky keywords being rolled. 

  • Azir

You need to kill off azir ASAP, as Sand Soldiers will absolutely murder your Nexus. You need to deploy a steady stream of chump blockers, and hope they don’t roll keywords to make them hard to block. If you can buff a unit up with your Attach units, you should be safe from a few Sand Soldiers. If you are able to keep Azir and the other units that buff up Sand Soldiers off the field, then you should be able to secure victory.

  • Viktor

I hope you’ve found a Challenger unit, because you’re really going to want it against Viktor. All of Viktor’s units are huge, and even with Fated buffs, your guys won’t be able to block viktors units profitably without some help. The unit you buff with Yuumi will be key, as it can grow large enough to kill off Viktor’s board. Fortunately, there isn’t any burn damage to worry about, but Elusives can pile up and run you over if you give them time. It can be a difficult fight, but if you have a strong setup you should be able to pull through to a victory.

Closing Thoughts

Yuumi has definitely been the most unique champion I have played in Path of Champions. Whereas most of them can function as a win condition with items on them, Yuumi instead turns one of your other units into a win condition to play around.

It gives an interesting angle to play for, and it can be fun to watch the combos she enables. She also makes you think differently about what items you take, and I appreciate the different approach she forces when deck building.

Yuumi offers a new and interesting challenge for Path of Champions, so if you are looking for something that feels different, then I recommend giving The Magical Cat a chance to win you over.


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