Patch Notes 1.3: Ranked Season Ends June 23, More Changes to Expeditions Archetypes

Patch 1.3 contains minor bugfixes and card clarity updates, along with the latest Expedition archetype adjustments.

Patch 1.3 contains minor bugfixes and card clarity updates, along with the latest Expedition archetype adjustments. The new patch will be playable at approximately 10 AM PT, June 10. Below are the official patch notes originally posted at

Ranked Season Reset

  • The Season of Plunder ranked season will end at approximately 9 AM PT, June 23. Ranked will be disabled for about 24 hours, then we’ll distribute Season of Plunder ranked reward icons (shown below), partially reset ranks, and start the Season of Fortune ranked season at approximately 10 AM PT, June 24.
    • Master accounts will drop 800LP (8 divisions). Note: Patch 1.4 will also contain an update to how Master LP works—more info coming later.
    • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP).
    • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP).
    • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

Patch Release Timing

  • Starting with Patch 1.4 in two weeks, we’re updating when we post patch notes—rather than posting the article at 10 AM PT on Mondays, we’ll start doing so at 10 AM PT on Tuesdays (24 hours later than we currently do). The 1.4 notes will land at 10 AM PT on June 23.
  • Starting with Patch 1.5 (in about 4 weeks), we’re updating Vault unlock timing to put it more safely after our patch timing. Vault unlock will move back from Tuesday to Thursday at 8 AM (local time based on shard). The week we move the Vault, we’ll have an extended, nine-day Vault to make the transition.

Card Clarity

This patch, we’re updating various card text around random card generation. Since launch, we’re worked to improve a variety of clarity issues, though we definitely haven’t nailed them all yet. As we’ve said previously, we expect clarity and consistency improvements to be a never-ending task as we work to improve LoR, and we’ll continue to roll them out in upcoming patches. Thank you for your continued feedback on what we can improve!

  • Wherever it appears, “random” now means “random and from any region” (rather than “random, but only from your deck’s regions”). This affects the card changes below—all functionality is unchanged.
  • Rules text on the following cards (both collectible and non-collectible) updated for clarity:

Petty Officer | Jailbreak | Double Trouble | Coral Creatures | Treasure Trove | Trail of Evidence | Mystifying Magician | Laurent Chevalier | Back Alley Barkeep | Eminent Benefactor | Karma | Insight of Ages | Karma’s Insight of Ages | Flash of Brilliance | Lonely Poro | Warden’s Prey | Ethereal Remitter

Expeditions Archetypes

Fishbones is receiving a buff to its consistency, plus a number of 1-cost units from other regions to provide a more varied experience depending on which third region you’ve chosen.

  • Added: Barkbeast, Coral Creatures, Daring Poro, Fleetfeather Tracker, Hapless Aristocrat, Legion Saboteur, Lonely Poro, Mageseeker Conservator, Navori Bladescout, Omen Hawk, Precious Pet, Sparring Student
  • Removed: Pilfered Goods, Scrapdash Assembly
  • Increased Wild Pick Bonus Chance to High (from Medium)

Raiding Party has been a bit weak lately, so we’re upgrading both its Plunder enablers and rewards.

  • Added: Chum the Waters, Jagged Butcher, Jagged Taskmaster, Monkey Idol, Parrrley, Yordle Grifter
  • Removed: Golden Narwhal, Petty Officer, Sheriff Lariette Rose, Warning Shot

Scout it Out ended up on the weak side after the bevy of changes it received in 1.2, so we’re giving its Bilgewater side some compensatory buffs.

  • Added: Jagged Butcher, Make it Rain, Playful Trickster
  • Removed: Golden Narwhal

Scrapheap has ended up being pulled in a few too many directions, so we’re focusing it towards the strategies that are working out the most.

  • Added: Chempunk Pickpocket, Clump of Whumps, Shady Character, Thermogenic Beam
  • Removed: Arena Bookie, Flame Chompers, Insightful Investigator, Jury-Rig, Professor von Yipp, Sump Dredger, Vault Breaker

Spell Slingers is receiving a large buff to its consistency for drafters who are willing to commit to it heavily.

  • Added: Sleight of Hand, Slotbot, Will of Ionia
  • Removed: Playful Trickster, Spirit’s Refuge, Yordle Grifter
  • Increased Wild Pick Bonus Chance to High (from None)

Terrors from the Deep has been buoyed by our overall changes in the last patch, so we’re watering down the Sea Monsters package while also buffing the weaker Shadow Isles side.

  • Added: Bubble Bear, Pick a Card, Slotbot, Withering Wail
  • Removed: Stirred Spirits

Death’s Door

  • Added: Atrocity, Puffcap Peddler
  • Removed: Tortured Prodigy, Unlicensed Innovation


  • Added: Will of Ionia; Yone, Windchaser

First to the Draw

  • Added: Black Market Merchant, Shellshocker

Grand Moments

  • Added: Eminent Benefactor, Suit Up!
  • Removed: Assembly Bot, Plaza Guardian

Mega Keg

  • Added: Slippery Waverider
  • Removed: Hunting Fleet


  • Added: Tortured Prodigy
  • Removed: Sapling Toss

Total Recall

  • Added: Deny, Gotcha!, Plaza Guardian
  • Removed: Kinkou Wayfinder, Get Excited!, Recall


On iOS, added a language selector to the options menu with all supported LoR languages.


  • Fixed an issue that very rarely allowed Yasuo to be stolen from an opposing hand by steal-from-hand effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation for Super Mega Death Rocket would sometimes not play.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon’s Rage would sometimes target Tough enemies multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where blue VFX would sometimes linger after drawing cards with Puffcaps attached to them.
  • Fixed an issue where Fluft of Poros would not play the correct animation upon dying.
  • Fixed several cards that had translation errors.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Maokai’s Sapling would jump off the screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tarkaz the Tribeless to always show up alongside Heimerdinger and Accelerated Purrsuit in Cataclysm champion packs
  • Fixed an issue where card pips would sometimes not match card counts after quickly adding cards to a deck.
  • The quest “Level Up!” now correctly counts when multiple champions are leveled up in the same game.
  • The quest “Take the Plunge” now correctly requires the player to reach Deep (won’t trigger simply from drawing a lot of cards in a match).
  • In Japanese, fixed a font inconsistency issue with some numbers.
  • On mobile, deleting starter decks no longer leaves a gap in your deck collection.
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