Patch Notes 1.11: Nerfs to Radiant Guardian, Hush and Petty Officer, Bastion Buffed

The Call of the Mountain season continues with the latest balance updates, in-game leaderboards, and the first single-player Lab: Journey to the Peak.

The Call of the Mountain season continues with the latest balance updates, in-game leaderboards, and the first single-player Lab: Journey to the Peak.

The new patch will be playable at approximately 11 AM PT, September 30. Below are the official patch notes originally written by Legends of Runeterra Comms Lead Dillon Buckner and posted at

Card Updates

Aurelion Sol

LEVEL UP: Round End: Your allies have 20+ total Power → Round End: Your allies have 25+ total Power

We love all the different decks and directions players have experimented with using Aurelion Sol. We definitely want him to be game ending, but we do want to give players slightly more room to interact with Aurelion Sol, particularly since his Spellshield prevents most traditional forms of interaction.

Radiant Guardian

POWER: 5 → 4

A triggered Radiant Guardian can shut down games and be too deterministic in the outcome of certain matchups, and we want there to be more wiggle room for opponents to beat the card beyond just playing around its condition. We’re preserving Radiant Guardian’s staying power while reducing her attack (and Lifesteal potential), which will allow opposing units and champions (Darius, Hecarim) to make more profitable attacks when she’s on the board.

Inspiring Mentor

POWER: 1 → 2; HEALTH: 2 → 1

Aggressive Ionian strategies haven’t been able to make great use of Inspiring Mentor since we last adjusted it. With this change and the one to Pix below, we’re looking to give Ionian aggro decks a bit more early power.


HEALTH: 1 → 2

We want Pix to be more resilient and create more opportunities for support decks to do their thing.

Jack, the Winner

HEALTH: 6 → 5

Jack the Winner’s health made him too effective at slowing down games and taking full advantage of the inevitability created through Sleep with the Fishes, while also making him generally difficult to remove.

Petty Officer

HEALTH: 2 → 1

This is a revert to a change we made several months ago, since Petty Officer is currently offering just too much raw stat power given its versatility. It was a bit too powerful in both controlling and aggressive Bilgewater strategies, so we’re reining in some of the baseline value it offers while preserving its overall flexibility.


OLD TEXT: Give an ally Spellshield this round. NEW TEXT: Grant an ally +1+1 and Spellshield.

This sizable buff is intended to both position Bastion as a core card within Targon and provide a boost to Targon buff decks. The new design should also work much better with Taric or other decks that benefit from proactively casting spells.

Cosmic Inspiration

OLD TEXT: If you Behold a Celestial card, grant allies everywhere +2|+2. Refill your spell mana. NEW TEXT: If you Behold a Celestial card, grant allies everywhere +2|+2.

The mana refund on Cosmic Inspiration circumvented many of the costs associated with Invoking, and could feel too polarizing in certain slower matchups.

Grandfather Rumul

PLAY: Grant an ally +0|+4 → Grant 2 allies +0|+4

Grandfather Rumul hasn’t been matching up well against other expensive followers, so we’re doubling down on his Play ability.


OLD TEXT: Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting [Hush] in hand. NEW TEXT: Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting [Hush] in hand that costs 1 more.

Hush is a card that the live design team has spent a lot of time evaluating. Its ability to silence even champions for a round was meant to add to LoR’s interactivity—allowing previously unavailable counterplay to certain strategies and combinations. However, Hush’s repeated fleeting design is also contributing to the opposite, by excessively punishing certain strategies and itself shutting down counterplay opportunities.

Initially, we locked in the change you see here for Patch 1.11 to make it more difficult for a single Hush to apply multiple silences. However, since then we’ve continued to discuss the card and listen to your feedback. Ultimately, the ability to silence champions is a core strength we want to preserve in Targon. On the other hand, repeatable / aoe access to silence is difficult to justify in a Region that we also want to have a general weakness against wide boards in combat.

For that reason, we’ve decided to ready another change for next patch (1.12) as well—where we’ll remove Hush’s repeatable aspect entirely and reduce its cost. This change should focus Hush on its core intended function and generally reduce frustration when playing against it. We’re also incorporating our learnings into design work for future Targon cards.

Mountain Goat

HEALTH: 1 → 2

This is a general usability buff aimed at letting Mountain Goat both provide more consistent access to Gems and act as a better potential target for buff-heavy decks.


New Guardian: Astra
Where Astra flies, the night blooms.
Personality: Gentle
Hobby: Floriculture

New Card Back: Celestials
The majesty of the stars.

The Minion Bundle now available for 975 Coins. Bundle includes:

  • Minion guardian
  • Exclusive guardian: Blue Minion
  • Exclusive emote: You Jelly?

Single-Player Lab: Journey to the Peak

In our first-ever single player Lab, battle your way to Targon’s peak with either Leona or Diana, wielding one of several powerful abilities and building your deck as you climb. Complete your journey with either champion to earn a unique icon for each.

  • Choose either Leona or Diana, and select a unique passive power to aid you in your journey.
  • Face three unique, increasingly challenging battles against formidable enemies who have their own special abilities to match yours.
  • Customize your deck by drafting reinforcements after each game, and build your strength to reach the peak!

In-Game Leaderboards

Two leaderboards added to the Play screen:

  • The Masters leaderboard shows who’s on top of the Ranked ladder on your shard, and who’s on the rise.
  • The Friends leaderboard shows how you stack with your friends on your Ranked climb.

This patch, we’re adding two in-game leaderboards that are intended as starting bricks in the foundation of LoR’s social and competitive feature set—the Friends leaderboard is an early step towards providing more visibility on what your LoR community is up to, while the Masters leaderboard puts a spotlight on the fight for the top of the Ranked ladder each season. We’ll be building upon these features over time with updates as well as new features like profiles and spectate.

Expeditions Archetypes

We’re following up on changes made last patch by further diluting two of the most highly consistent Targon archetypes. We’re also reducing access to the common Invoke cards in a few ways, and making it harder to splash Daybreak cards through some cohesiveness tweaks.

  • Fully removed the offering bonus for Call of the Mountain archetypes (they’re no longer more likely to appear than others).
  • Reduced how often the shopkeeper will offer the common Invoke cards (Behold the Infinite, Moondreamer, and Starshaping) as trade options.

Otherworldly Creatures

  • Added: Feral Mystic, Fledgling Stellacorn, Porofly, Tall Tales

Radiant Dawn

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from None
  • Added: Blessing of Targon, Fledgling Stellacorn
  • Removed: Hush

Solar Winds

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Sunblessed Vigor, Whiteflame Protector
  • Removed: Behold the Infinite, Moondreamer

Language Support: Thai

We’ve added additional language support to LoR—new players should be correctly auto-detected, while existing players can swap languages in their login screen settings.

  • Thai now supported.


We’ve made match history available through the Riot Games API, so you may start seeing match history-related features on community sites.


  • Plunder Poro can now correctly receive Spellshield and Fury from its Plunder effect.
  • Scrapshot now correctly Tosses cards even if its target is removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Arbiter of the Peak would gain cost reduction from targeting units in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where volume sliders would not stay set at the correct level.
  • Fixed an issue where Expedition loadouts would not save.
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