Patch 2.6: LoR Anniversary Celebration, Daily Login Rewards & New Cosmetics

Celebrate Legends of Runeterra 1-year anniversary with a special in-game event offering daily login rewards!

Legends of Runeterra was released to a wide audience in April 2020, and this month it is celebrating a one-year anniversary!

In commemoration of it, 7 days of free login gifts and special event quests with even more rewards and exclusive cosmetics will be available once patch 2.6.0 goes live. One-year anniversary Daily Rewards include:

  • Day 1 – Piece of Cake Garen Emote
  • Day 2 – Common Prismatic Chest
  • Day 3 – First Year Icon
  • Day 4 – Sharp & Sweet Katarina Emote
  • Day 5 – Rare Prismatic Chest
  • Day 6 – Champion Wildcard
  • Day 7 – Anniversary Poro Guardian

You’ll also receive an event quest for each day you log in. Complete all 7 before the event ends to receive the First Year card back!

Anniversary Poro

For some Poros, being cute enough to eat is just an occupational hazard.

Personality: Life of the party

Loves: Celebrating a year with you


  • Effects for Spell Shield, Recall, Auras, Elusive, Shuffle, various Deck Events (Nab / Draw), and Sharpsight have been improved.
  • The Tournaments tab has been updated with information on the format and qualification requirements for Empires of the Ascended’s Seasonal Tournament. Full list of changes from previous seasons:
    • All Gauntlets have been updated to Best of 3 format.
    • Last Chance Gauntlet moved ahead of the top 700 Masters cut. Get ready to enter the Last Chance Gauntlet when it opens on April 17!
    • Open Rounds increased from 5 > 9 rounds, length of each round reduced slightly. This new structure guarantees players will qualify for the Playoffs with 8 or 9 wins, and high-seeded players (seeded based on season rank) can qualify with 7 wins.
    • Open Rounds and Playoffs now take place on Saturday instead of Sunday in local times.
    • A full updated schedule with all dates and times will be shared later this week.


  • Weekly vault ready push notifications on mobile will now be sent based on local times.
  • Fixed an issue where some Guardians would skip animations when interacting with them.
  • Fixed an issue where some players weren’t able to complete the Prologue after playing Friend Challenge matches.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Thermogenic Beam copied by Karma level 2 from dealing damage appropriately.
  • Fixed a visual issue that would sometimes cause cards to render in low quality during combat.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause keywords to clip through other objects when being shared by Zoe level 2.
  • Inviolus Vox should no longer incorrectly trigger when killing Dragon Chow.
  • Mimic can no longer copy itself.
  • Destiny’s Call can no longer be cast without any units in hand.
  • Fixed several issues causing Oracle’s Eye to display misinformation while Sivir level 2 is attacking.
  • Crimson Bloodletter no longer activates two times when Braum is played afterwards.
  • Stony Suppressor no longer increases variable cost cards, such as Thermogenic Beam, beyond available mana.
  • Molten Breath no longer increases the size of cards.
  • Trevor Snoozebottom’s Mumblesprite now correctly displays its keywords.
  • Several improvements to text across the game in our continued effort for text consistency.
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