Patch 2.20: Cursed Cosmetics and Bug Fixes

Patch 2.20 is bringing many quality of life bug fixes and Ruination themed cosmetics to all players.

Patch 2.20 is bringing many quality of life bug fixes and Ruination themed cosmetics.

This patch is very small compared to the last patch, which brought Jayce and the new content in The Path of Champions PvE event. A patch this small may have flown under many players’ radars, but is still an update to the game.

This update largely focuses on Path of Champions bug fixes, and some of these changes are very needed.

New cosmetics themed around The Ruination will also come to the store with this update.

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The Ruined Crown Icon will be given free to all players upon the release of this patch.

The Ruined Gentleman Basilisk is a new Guardian coming to the store for 590 Coins.

The Grateful Dead is a new Emote coming to the store for 190 Coins.

A bundle, offering the Grateful Dead Emote, the Ruined Gentleman Basilisk, and the Shadow Isles themed Cursed Ruins board will be coming to the store for 1593 Coins (prorated for any items you already own).

Bug Fixes

Many bugs and glitches will be fixed in this patch, including the following:

  • Fixed an issue where Ziggs and Xerath were not leveling up correctly when exiting Ancient Hourglass.
  • Lady of Blood can no longer trigger when making the opponent discard.
  • Fixed an issue where Fizz could not dodge the Sky Charge skill from The Cloven Way.

In addition to these, the following bugs in The Path of Champions have all been fixed:

  • Players now only receive the Unstable Manaflow Power if they lose in the first two battles of their run, and it only grants its bonus for 2 battles on the next run.
  • Some older items no longer erroneously appear during Adventure runs.
  • The power Keep Searching now properly triggers at Round Start.
  • Gangplank no longer rarely deals mysteriously high damage with his spells.
  • Some early battle encounters were reduced in difficulty.

Wrap Up

Smaller, quality of life patches like these are easy to miss, but they have lasting impact on the health of the game. Expect Patch 2.20 to take effect this week.


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