Patch 2.12: Viego & Akshan Champion Expansion, The Sentinels of Light Event

New champions and cards, Ruined and Sentinel skins, boards, card backs, emotes... so much content coming our way July 14!

The Ruination approaches! Patch 2.12 will add the newest champion expansion to the game that includes two champions: Viego, the Ruined King, and Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, as well as 21 new collectible cards! This update will also mark the beginning of a month-long ‘The Sentinel of Lights’ event that comes with an event pass featuring exclusive rewards and cosmetics.

To learn more about the upcoming expansion and event, head to our dedicated info-hub page, where you’ll find all the essential details and a recap of a spoiler season. All the new cards, including Viego and Akshan, are available in our Deck Builder!

Patch 2.12 will be playable at approximately 11 AM PT, July 14. Below is the abridged version of the official patch notes, originally posted at

Dueling Event Pass

As a dueling Event Pass, the first time you log in during the event, you’ll need to declare your allegiance to either the Ruined King, or the Sentinels of Light. Your decision determines the order Event Pass rewards are received, and every point you earn during the event contributes to your side in the Sentinels of Light Community Battle!

Not only that, but we’re happy to announce that Legends of Runeterra is participating in The Sentinels Initiative, a charity drive towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, alongside LoL PC, Wild Rift, and TFT. In addition to Riot’s initial $1M donation, every Event Pass level completed will contribute a point to the Charity Drive Pool. For every million points players contribute (combined across all games), an extra $100k will be added to the donation, up to a potential $4M total!

  • Unbound Thresh

  • Ruined Draven

  • Ruined Karma

  • Ruined Shyvana

  • Sentinel Diana

  • Sentinel Riven

Sentinel Sanctuary

For legends who light the way with a steadfast heart.

This board has interactive elements, special visual effects, and music. There are 3 chromas available for Sentinel Sanctuary: inspired by Akshan, Senna, and Riven

Viego Hauntling

Sentinel Hauntling

Ruined Urf

Sentinel Gloomtooth

The Ruined King

The Rogue Sentinel


Sentinels of Light


Feels Good


I Guess…

The Sentinels of Light Event Pass is available in the Store for 975 Coins.

Will life as we know it succumb to the Ruined King’s Black Mist, or can the Sentinels of Light save Runeterra from corruption?

Grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards, and immediately unlocks the Viego Hauntling Guardian or Sentinel Hauntling Guardian. Play games to earn Crests and unlock more rewards! Purchase before July 28 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Crests and a Rare Prismatic Chest!

Event ends and pass expires August 11 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

The Hope and Ruin bundle is available in the Store for 6831 Coins, prorated for any items you already own. Bundle includes:

  • Unbound Thresh Skin
  • Ruined Karma Skin
  • Ruined Draven Skin
  • Ruined Shyvana Skin
  • Sentinel Diana Skin
  • Sentinel Riven Skin
  • Sentinel Irelia Skin
  • Champion cards for all of the above champions

The Light’s Haven bundle is available in the Store for 2675 Coins, prorated for any items you already own. Bundle includes:

  • Sentinel Sanctuary Board
  • 3 chroma variations inspired by Akshan, Riven, and Senna.

The Rise of the Ruined deck bundle is available in the Store for 3276 Coins, prorated for any items you already own.

A premade deck that calls for the Ruination, featuring Viego and Shyvana, as well as the Ruined Shyvana skin. Viego has an appetite for death, so prepare for some self-sacrifice in this Shadow Isles deck. Make big plays and possess enemy units to spread Ruination across Runeterra.

The Sentinels’ Calling deck bundle is available in the Store for 2970 Coins, prorated for any items you already own.

A premade deck centered around the Sentinels of Light, featuring Akshan and Riven, as well as the Sentinel Riven skin. With an arsenal of weapons at the ready, Akshan and Riven buff scrappy allies for quick damage and set up Countdown landmarks to keep pressure on the enemy.


Two new archetypes have been added to Expeditions:

  • Malefic Descent: Spread chaos with the dark forces of the Viego and Shyvana.
  • Relic Trackers: Discover hidden treasures and fantastic artifacts through precise combat with Akshan and Riven.


  • Best of 3 has been added as a format option to Friend Challenge.
  • Known bug: sometimes, after leaving the Friend Challenge lobby, players will not be able to re-challenge that opponent without first restarting their client. We’re currently working on a fix for the next patch.


  • Units with “When I’m discarded” effects should now correctly retain their buffs they had in hand when discarded.
  • Tossed units will now properly gain Everywhere buffs.
  • Fixed a bug where Riven’s level 2 ability wasn’t working with Voice of the Risen.
  • Lurk should now properly trigger with Ripper’s Bay if the card under an obliterated card is a Lurker.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a multiple-choice spell would result in choices being locked.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the Scout attack token to sometimes appear and become permanently stuck when removing attacking units.
  • Fixed a VFX hitching bug occurring on certain devices.
  • Several improvements to text across the game in our continued effort for text consistency.
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