Pantheon Taric: The Best-Performing Pantheon Archetype On Day 1

Pantheon Taric seems to be the best-performing Fated archetype so far! Learn more about the deck is this deck of the day article by Sorry!
  • Origins

Hey there! The Magic Misadventures expansion is finally on the live servers, bringing in 4 new champions to the game, Ahri, Kennen, Rumble, and Pantheon along with their supporting cards.

I’ve decided to feature Pantheon Taric Targon Demacia deck in today’s article. This archetype resembles the Taric Poppy Rally version but opts to switch out Poppy for Pantheon along with additional new cards like Saga Seeker and Wounded Whiteflame.

Although Poppy is still a strong champion even after the recent nerf, the Poppy Taric archetype never was built around the idea of going wide on the board, so Poppy couldn’t maximize her ability to buff up the board as she does in Yordles Rally.

Pantheon synergizes well with Taric, although leveling him up in a Demacia deck will be slower than a Noxus version. I’ve featured a Riven Pantheon Noxus version of the deck in a previous article, but Taric Pantheon was another archetype I wanted to talk more about, so, here we are!

  • Gameplay

Taric Pantheon is a midrange deck that heavily relies on champions to win the game, both of them can independently act as a win condition, but setting both of them on the board can become a nightmare for your opponent.

Early game you’re looking for Fleet Feathertracker, Saga Seeker, or Mountain Goat. Mountain Goat is perfect for the deck as the Gem you’ll create will be part of your game plan.

You’ll need to try and play at least one card per round that targets one of your units, which will advance the level-up condition of Pantheon. Cards like We Stand Together, Pale Cascade, and Sharpsight are great defensive tools to keep key units alive while they also trigger the Fated keyword.

Taric being on the board while you work on leveling-up Pantheon will also advance Taric’s level-up, but the deck doesn’t require you to level him up, Taric is mainly needed in the deck for the Rally effect. Playing Golden Aegis on Taric and attacking with him while supporting a unit will trigger the Rally effect a second time, giving you another attack.

The multiple attacks per turn will eventually force your opponent to take unfavored blocks which paves the way for you to start threatening to win the game by mere board presence.

A leveled-up Pantheon will gain multiple keywords, usually, you’d want Scout, Spell Shield, and Quick Attack, all strong keywords that’ll increase the damage output you’ll push with Pantheon thanks to the Overwhelm keyword he already has.

Pantheon can be played before he’s leveled up, the Barrier allows you to swing while making it difficult for your opponent to deal with him, and you’ll be able to slowly buff him up by taking advantage of the Fated keyword.

It will force an answer from your opponent to an unleveled Pantheon while you set up for a second one and by that time you’ll have him leveled up.

  • Verdict

The playstyle is similar to Taric Poppy, the main difference is playing your target cards strategically, making sure you work on leveling up your Pantheon as early as possible.

Similar to Taric Poppy, I’m not sure if the archetype will ever become tier 1, it’s still a fun deck that I enjoy playing, the Rally interaction is always satisfying to see.

Pantheon gaining random keywords can get you out of a tight spot depending on the matchup. Life steal is one keyword I can see being a game swinger against aggressive or midrange matchups.


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