Pantheon Fated to Join Legends of Runeterra as the New Targon Champion

Pantheon is the new Targon Champion coming to Magic Misadventures expansion on December 8th.

Pantheon is the new Targon Champion coming to Legends of Runeterra‘s Magic Misadventures expansion. We can expect to see Pantheon, and a suite of new Targon cards coming to LoR on December 8th.

A new champion for Targon, Pantheon looks to supplement a pump spell midrange deck, if the fates allow. Yesterday’s reveals showed off the Fated keyword which looks very powerful and is supplemented very well with Pantheon.

Pantheon is a signature card for the Fated pump spell midrange. The level up requirement asking for you to target allies on each of 5 different rounds is very unique and a play pattern that will create a very different Targon deck. Using a target effect on each round (except maybe round 1) would be a very fast level up if in the right deck.

It’s worth noting that it’s target effects that trigger Pantheon and other cards with Fated. Not necessarily spells. Cards like Brightsteel Protector and even Fortune Croaker would both contribute to the level up.

His having Overwhelm is what’s key here. You want some way to ensure a Unit you’re feeding a lot of buffs can connect for damage, and the Barrier means he can do so safely for a turn.

Pantheon is a Champion you probably want to play as late as possible, as the later it goes and the more allied targeting you’ve done, the more Keywords he’ll have. We’ve seen how powerful The Arsenal can get, and the necessary hot fix it needed, and I expect Pantheon to work very similarly.

Despite Saga Seeker being the signature card on the Fated banner, a big inclusion for the Fated archetype as well as Dragon decks has to be Wounded Whiteflame. The Fated keyword works incredibly well with Demacia spells like Concerted Strike, and drawing two cards from Dragon Chow.

Shield Vault is his champ spell which works towards his game plan as well as being an effective tempo card to get your board of boosted Units in for an attack. Single Combat is still probably better.

Freed Colossus resembles a bigger, meaner Mountain Goat, but the trouble with Gem is the Focus speed. Not being able to get the Fated trigger until after combat may be a point out of this card’s favour.

Camphor, the Doubt is a mean finisher to play alongside Pantheon. The raw stats are a little lacking, but the Pantheon decks should aim to play many targeted effects, which would give this the Keywords each time.

Pantheon looks to make a voltron style deck potentially relevant for the first time since Fiora‘s nerf. Played alongside Demacia or even Noxus, we can expect many unique brews for a very exciting midrange option.

Pantheon, and his support cards are available now on the RuneterraCCG deck builder. Keep yourself tuned in to for more spoiler coverage including the fated Pantheon Review and Theorycraft article!


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