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Pantheon Demacia Deck Guide

Hello there, Sorry here!

Pantheon has found the most success when paired with the Demacia region. There are currently two popular versions of it that co-exist in the meta – Taric Pantheon and Mono Pantheon.

In this article, I’ll be covering both builds, listing the gameplan and decklists for two versions separately. However, note that the tips and matchups sections are, however, consolidated into one – those are meant to be applicable no matter the exact build of Pantheon Demacia you choose.

Without further ado, here’s your guide to one of the strongest midrange archetypes in the meta!

UPDATE: We’ve also released a standalone guide for the Pantheon Shyvana version, click here.

Let’s start off by talking about Taric Pantheon! The archetype existed as Poppy Taric in the past, but after the Magic Misadventures expansions added Pantheon to the champion roster, players quickly included him in the deck along with a couple of new cards.

Early game you’ll be looking to play your cheap units like Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, or Wounded Whiteflame.

On each turn, you’ll be trying to target one of your units with cards like Gems (created by Mountain Goat), Chain Vest, Pale Cascade, or Sharpsight. Your goal is to progress the level-up condition of Pantheon while also buffing up units with the Fated keyword.

Taric acts as a support champion early on, allowing you to maximize the effect of a buff spell played. For example, Zenith Blade played on Taric can set up for a solid swing with both Taric and the supported unit gaining the Overwhelm keyword. Additionally, Taric can act as a win condition in himself, as his level 2 can be incredibly problematic for your opponent.

But what makes Taric truly shine is his interaction with Rally cards.

Relentless Pursuit or Golden Aegis on Taric will trigger a second Rally effect once you start an attack with Taric supporting another unit. The additional attack puts immense pressure on your opponent, especially if they don’t have enough chump blockers. If one of your Fated units has the Overwhelm keyword, those chump blockers won’t even matter much.

In some scenarios, you might find yourself playing our Pantheon before level-up. The Barrier allows for a defensive play to shut down your opponent’s attack plans, and playing Pantheon early on also allows you to work on activating the Fated keyword and increasing his stats.

Once leveled, Pantheon turns into the main win condition, demanding an immediate answer from your opponent.

Techs and Options

  • Bastion: a protection tool to keep your win condition unit alive. It’s a heavy mana commitment for a midrange deck that might not find a use in some matchups. You can cut Guiding Touch for Bastion but I wouldn’t advise running more than one.
  • Hush: a situational card can be useful in a mirror matchup to shut down Wounded Whiteflame or Pantheon. You can cut a Guiding Touch or a Confront for the Hush.
  • Screeching Dragon: Challenger 5 mana unit, allows you to kill pesky units on the board that help progress your opponent’s game plan. You can cut 2 Guiding Touch from the deck for Screeching Dragons.
  • Blinded Mystic: Provides a buff on one of your units along with a Fated + Pantheon level-up trigger, but its ability to Silence followers might not find any use in some matchups. Do not run more than 2 in the deck. You can cut Guiding Touch.

Mono Pantheon omits Taric completely to enable a higher tempo gameplan. Instead of working towards setting up Taric on the board, you’ll just focus on targeting one of your units once per turn for a speedy Pantheon progresssion.

Usually, here you’ll find yourself leveling up your Pantheon faster than in the Taric version – by turn 7 or 8 you’ll already have a leveled-up Pantheon ready to dominate the board.

Both versions of the deck have a similar play pattern early on in the game, developing your Fated units, Saga Seeker and Wounded Whiteflame, and working on increasing their stats through the game. Zenith Blade makes use of those high-statted units and turns them into win conditions.

With Taric out of the deck, Pantheon is your main win condition, the multiple keywords he’ll gain will make it difficult for your opponent to kill him.

The main difference between the two builds is that Mono Pantheon prefers Cataclysm over Golden Aegis, which acts as a removal tool, usually played to target your opponent’s key units. Cataclysm can at the same time act as your finisher – if played on one of your Overwhelm units, especially Pantheon.

At the time of writing this article, Mono Pantheon is performing better than Taric Pantheon on the competitive ladder. It is likely that going the Cataclysm route – which offers an additional removal tool along with a cheaper method to push Overwhelm damage – is allowing the deck to close out games faster than the Taric version, especially against unfavored matchups that will shut you down in the late game.

Techs and Options

  • Hush: Situational card to shut down a specific combo or counter play. You usually don’t want to run more than 2 in Mono Pantheon as your main focus throughout the game is to level Pantheon and push the Overwhelm damage as early as possible. You can cut one Chain Vest for a Hush.
  • Sunblessed Vigor: It’s important to keep your Overwhelm units alive, Sunblessed Vigor makes sure those units stay on the board for longer while also triggering the Fated keyword and advancing the level-up conditon of Pantheon. However, note that Sunblessed Vigor is at its best as a reactive tool, but you might find yourself in some scenarios playing it proactively for less value, just to advance Patheon’s level up.
  • Confront: You’re usually looking to buff up your Fated units in Mono Pantheon, but Confront allows you to give Challenger to one of your units which enables you to kill units that advance your opponent’s game plan. Don’t run more than 2 Confront, you can cut a Guiding Touch and Bastion for it.

General Tips

  • Any Fated unit can become a win condition.

Over time, Saga Seeker and Wounded Whiteflame can become your primary win conditions if you’re able to keep them alive. The high stats along with the Overwhelm keyword from Zenith Blade will put those stats to use when you go for an attack.

  • Work on progressing your Pantheon’s level-up condition.

Play a buff spell each turn when possible, Gems and Chain Vest are two cheap buff spells that grant permanent value – you can proactively sneak one of them on your units, preferably a Fated unit. The earlier you can get a Pantheon online the faster you close the game. Don’t forget that Pantheon gets a keyword for each round you’ve targeted allies, so he can get more than 5 keywords if you play him later on in the game.

  • Take advantage of Taric’s ability.

If you’re running a Taric version, make sure the champion earns his keep alongside Pantheon! Being able to cast a spell twice allows for neat interactions. Pale Cascade, Zenith Blade, and Golden Aegis are all additional value spells if cast on Taric. Rally on Taric is one win condition to set up, the additional Rally trigger might be just enough to secure a win.

  • Leverage the power of Cataclysm.

Cataclysm – especially in Mono Pantheon – is a win condition for the deck. Targeting one of your high-statted units with Overwhelm keyword and challenging a low health unit allows you to push a ton of damage to the opponent’s Nexus, possibly closing out the game on the spot.


Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame, Taric.

  • Your opponent does not run reliable removal cards for your units, this will allow you to take advantage of the Fated keyword along with Zenith Blade.
  • By the time your opponent sets up their Nami and starts buffing up their units you’ll have Saga Seeker or Wounded Whiteflame already gaining stats and if Taric is on board you’ll be maximizing the value of your spells.
  • Outside of Twisted Fate Gold Card it’s difficult for your opponent to stop the Rally attacks. You can opt to not kill Twisted Fate immediatly if he’s already on the board to deny your opponent another Gold Card play on the chance they have a second TF in hand.
  • You want to put pressure on your opponent before they can drop Curious Shellfolk and start playing their Prank cards.
  • Some lists run Monster Harpoon – but with cards like Chain Vest, Pale Cascade, and Sharpsight you’ll be able to keep key units alive.
  • Single Combat and Concerted Strike should be saved to remove either Nami or Curious Shellfolk.
  • Your opponent has a lot of low health units, Cataclysm on one of your Overwhelm threats could be the game-ending play. Be wary of playing it on a 1-health unit, your opponent could Pokey Stick their own units and cancel it.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame, Taric.

  • Killing Twisted Catalyzer as soon as possible is important early on to limit the Darkness buffs. Saga Seeker or Mountain Goat are perfect blockers. Playing a spell like Pale Cascade, Sharpsight, or Chain Vest will keep Saga Seeker alive after blocking Twisted Catalyzer.
  • You’ll want to keep pressure early on, make it difficult for them to set up Veigar on the board safely.
  • Concerted Strike and Single Combat are perfect answers for your opponent’s champions, it’s crucial you kill Senna before your next upcoming attack turn. If left unanswered your opponent can play a fast speed Ruination spell in the midst of your combat phase.
  • A leveled up Taric will make himself and his supported ally unkillable to any spells your opponent has, combined with a Rally card you’ll threaten to close out the game, especially if one of your units has the Overwhelm keyword.
  • Keep in mind that Minimorph can shut down your champions.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame.

  • Your opponent can swarm the board with units especially if they have Bandle City Mayor, they could adopt an aggressive game plan early on the game. Killing Bandle City Mayor is important to slow down your opponent’s board development.
  • After stabilizing board presence you’ll have to close out the game before they fullfill The Bandle Tree landmark win condition.
  • Bandle Tree decks can chomp block forever, that’s where Zenith Blade comes to use! The Overwhelm damage will put your units with Fated keyword to use.
  • Minimorph can shut down your Pantheon, you could possibly gain the Spellshield keyword when he’s leveled.
  • Save Guiding Touch as an answer for Ravenous Flock or Scorched Earth on one of your damaged units.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame.

  • Early on in the game, you need to focus on preventing your opponent from triggering Plunder with unit damage. You want to slow down their champion level-up and force them to commit spells like Make it Rain or Warning Shot to trigger Plunder.
  • You’re in a race to set up a strong board and try to win the game before they have a leveled-up Sejuani. You can try to remove her with Single Combat or Concerted Strike, but keep in mind your attempts will likely be futile if they can easily freeze the whole board.
  • Setting up a Taric + Rally combo before Sejuani lands on the board can pave the way for you to close out the game. Your opponent can not interrupt your combo except by killing your Taric.
  • With Mono Pantheon the Cataclysms you run could potentially help end the game before a leveled Sejuani is online. Focusing on buffing up one of your Fated units with Overwhelm keyword then setting up the Cataclysm will threaten to close out a game against a deck that lacks any healing in it.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame, Brightsteel Protector.

  • Keep up with your opponent’s early board! Keeping your Fated units alive with spells like Pale Cascade or Sharpsight is important to slowly take control of the board.
  • Save Brightsteel Protector for a defensive turn, playing the Barrier on a Fated unit will trigger the effect while protecting them and making your opponent’s attack a bit awkward.
  • Single Combat is a cheap tool to minimize the incoming damage from attacking units. But depending on the situation you might want to save it to deny a Noxian Fervor.
  • Taric + Rally combo is extremely hard for your opponent to deal with, it might end the game before your opponent wins with their burn cards.
  • Although Cataclysm is usually best saved as your win condition, in this matchup you might find yourself in spots where you’ll have to play it to remove a unit in order to preserve your health.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame, Taric.

  • You’ll have to close out the game before your opponent gets a bunch of massive Frostguard Thralls on the board.
  • Your Fated units are difficult for your opponent to kill with Avalanche and Blighted Ravine, keep them alive until you get Taric on the board.
  • You do not want to allow your opponent to feel to play Promising Future on a Frozen Thrall. A Rally card on Taric will be difficult for them to deal with.
  • Make sure to wait until they tap below 6 mana before commiting the Rally on Taric. This way you’ll be playing around Three Sisters into Entomb. They can still do the Entomb play if they have a Lissandra on the board and her champion spell Lissandra’s Entomb in hand.
  • Even if you’re unable to close out the game before the Thralls are online, your high-statted Fated units can still block and save your Nexus health. Concerted Strike is another way to at least kill one of them.
  • A lot of lists have been cutting Draklorn Inquisitor, but keep enough mana to remove him before he advances one of the Frozen Thrall countdown.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame.

  • Work on leveling up your Pantheon as soon as possible. Keep your Fated units alive, you want your opponent to commit their removal cards to deal with them.
  • Ravenous Flock and Scorched Earth are two cards you need to watch out for, Guiding Touch comes in handy in this matchup.
  • Save Concerted Strike for The Leviathan, you do not want your opponent to lock-stun your units with Swain + The Leviathan combo.
  • When committing Taric + Rally combo your opponent can interrupt it with either a leveled Swain stun or an Arachnoid Sentry.
  • Keep in mind that some lists run Aloof Travelers and/or Minimorph.
  • If you’re going for the Cataclysm win condition do not target a damaged unit on your opponent’s board, they can Scorched Earth or Ravenous Flock it and deny your Cataclysm.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Wounded Whiteflame, Mountain Goat.

  • Your opponent will focus on prolonging the game until they set up their Lee Sin combo play.
  • Work on leveling up your Pantheon, you are not under the pressure of getting aggroed down in this matchup.
  • Sharpsight is useful to kill an attacking Zoe, allowing her to stay on the board for too long can result in a level up.
  • Concerted Strike is your best tool to kill Lee SinDeny is the answer that they can have.
  • Taric + Rally is your best bet to take the win – Deny, Hush or Concussive Palm are all spells that’ll shut down your combo play.

Mulligan for: Saga Seeker, Mountain Goat, Wounded Whiteflame, Taric.

  • Removing Ahri is the main objective – Single Combat, and Concerted Strike are your means to deal with her, but your opponent also runs numerous cards that can keep Ahri alive.
  • Watchout for Homecoming, it’ll most likely be played on a unit with the Overwhelm keyword. Single Combat is your good answer for Homecoming.
  • Concussive Palm, Deny, or two Mark of the Storm can shut down your Taric + Rally combo attack.
  • Blocking Ahri’s attack will not kill her, you’ll have to block the unit she’s supporting. In most cases that unit will be Elusive – here is where Sharpsight comes in handy. Be wary that this will not work if Ahri is leveled up! The only way to kill her with this method is to block the opponent’s last attacking unit.

Closing Words

Taric Pantheon is currently one of the top-performing midrange decks, the fact that you have several different win conditions gives you many viable routes to approach each game.

Between Fated + Overwhelm, Taric + Rally, and Pantheon as potential ways to win, it’ll be tough for your opponent to find answers for all of them.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoy my content and want to keep up with more of it follow me on Twitter.


My name is Alaa, better known as Sorry or TricksterSorry. Legends of Runeterra competitive player, I enjoy playing tournaments and competing against top players.

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