4 Off-Meta Decks To Spice Up Your Weekend

Shane is back with another collection of spicy off-meta brews, showcasing several fan favorite LoR champions!

If you enjoyed my last off-meta collection last week then you are in luck, because here is another!

This time I brewed up 4 new off-the-beaten-path decks for you to try to shake up your ladder experience. I will dive into each of the lists featured below and discuss their idea and gameplan, so you can get started playing them right away!

Two of my favorite champions to build around are Jayce and Senna, so why not put them together?

Shadow Isles and Piltover and Zaun have come together for a variety of control decks, all the way back to Corina Control and even as recently as Kindred Sentinels. There is clearly synergy between these regions that are jam-packed with removal options.

This deck builds on the heavy spell synergy with both of our champions. Firstly, Jayce offers a medium-sized body that can be used to apply pressure with Quick Attack or gain Challenger to remove other pesky units that your spells aren’t dealing with.

He easily levels even when not on board, as you will certainly cast 6+ cost spells throughout the game. Once he does level, he doubles the value of your big spells, like his own Acceleration Gate for finishing power, Piercing Darkness for a huge ‘Drain 10’, or Shock Blast for 6 damage to two different targets or even the Nexus if you want!

On the other hand, you have to work a bit more in order to level Senna. She needs to see you kill 3 units with spells while she is on the board. We are clearly running plenty of removal options so this ends up being a moderately easy task.

Of course, Senna speeds up our Slow Speed damage spells to Fast Speed, so you can cast some funny Piltover and Zaun spells like Shock Blast and Thermogenic Beam at Fast Speed! Shock Blast really shines in this deck as it allows you to get 2 kills with just 1 spell. We are also running some of the key units from the Darkness package here to function as cheap removal options. 

The synergy goes beyond just the champions. The early units from Piltover and Zaun like Forge Chief, Eager Apprentice, Ferros Financier, and even the Forge of Tomorrow provide solid blockers while giving the added effect of building up your spell mana or providing you with late-game spell options in the case of the Ferros Financier. Top that off with Albus Ferros himself to find Jayce and also apply a lot of over-the-top Nexus damage. This deck truly comes together beautifully and is a blast to play.

Continuing with control, I present you with a very odd deck featuring Karma and Twisted Fate. With this list, you are ready to lean into all the randomness and embrace the chaos.

The main idea of this deck is trying to abuse the combo of Marai Greatmother and Zap Sprayfin. That is why our deck is only running 2 spells below the cost of 3, so that Zap will more than likely find one of the massive spells that Marai generates in your deck. Karma of course helps by doubling those spells that you will end up creating. 

In order to last to that point, we need a lot of survival tools. Luckily Ionia and Bilgewater have quite a few tricks to help us survive.

Obviously Twisted Fate himself offers some great stalling tools with his Yellow Card and Red Card, but if you already stable, you normally want to pick a Blue Card to keep cards flowing.

This deck also has a lot of draw, so leveling Twisted Fate is reasonable, but also using Ruined Rex for some big removal can happen often. On the Ionia side, Eye of the Dragon, Tasty Faefolk, Concussive Palm, and Will of Ionia all help us stall the game out.

This deck is so odd because we don’t really start with a clear win condition. You essentially need to stall the game out with various tools as you will try to generate various ways to close the game out. If you are looking for some chaotic fun, this deck is for you!

One of my all-time favorite decks in Legends of Runeterra was my old Undying deck, which utilized Demacia and Shadow Isles and their early unit synergies. Lucian and Maokai remind me of that play style in a lot of ways.

Firstly, this is a very aggressive deck. We have no unit over 3 mana, which means we will have plenty of early options to push damage. On top of that, we are running a small number of spells, so we can actually slot in Stony Suppressor which serves as a great counter to spell-based decks, including of course the ever-popular Ahri Kennen deck.

Like The Undying archetype, this deck also relies on using your units as an additional resource. Utilizing Ravenous Butcher, Warden’s Prey, Cursed Keeper, and Blighted Caretaker efficiently takes some practice. Your units and board space become a resource just like mana and cards are within this deck. 

There is some really nice champion synergy here. Now that Maokai can summon a Sapling by just summoning a unit, things like Remembrance and Haunted Relic can now trigger this effect. This allows us to easily get extra units on board in order to push some damage through, but also get death triggers to level Lucian.

At level 2, Lucian really starts to carry the game as he can supply some key Rallies, along with Relentless Pursuit. This is the most simple deck of the bunch to pilot, so if you are looking to pick up something new that doesn’t require a ton of time to master, this one’s for you!

I always find myself really interested in strange and unpopular cards. This deck was sparked by my interest in the Ruinous Acolyte. This unit requires a heavy Landmark synergy to get a valuable payout, but that payout comes in the form of some seriously aggressive Fearsome units.

The shell of this deck looks similar to other landmark archetypes, with plenty of cheap options like Inventive Chemist, Rock Hopper, Unraveled Earth, Endless Devout, and more.

In order to capitalize on the aggression of the early Fearsome units, we need some extra attack power. That is where Obelisk of Power, Construct of Desolation, and Unleashed Energy come into play. These offer some huge swings of additional power by combining Unleashed Energy and Obelisk of Power. This allows us to get some huge damage through to the Nexus, and as an aggro deck that is our exact goal.

The champions play a little bit less of a role here, but both are still important closing tools. Renekton pairs very well with the Vulnerable of Roiled Sands, and since he has Overwhelm, buffing his Power will also push Nexus damage. Also, getting him to 10 power needed to level in one strike is easy with the help of Unleashed Energy.

Ziggs is a bit simpler in his approach. He attacks and just deals some chip Nexus damage, or sits back and blows up landmarks. It is quite easy to get value from his level 2 passive in this deck, as we have a plethora of self-destruction tools. This is the most aggressive version of any deck in the landmark archetype that I could whip up, I hope you enjoy it!

Closing Words

I hope you find some of these brews spicy and interesting!

I pride myself in making fun off-meta decks and I truly love sharing them with you all here, and on my Twitter and Youtube.

If you are looking for a bit more content on these decks, I have a 5 Minute Deck Breakdown series on my Youtube where I discuss a deck’s origin, gameplan, win conditions, and flex spots.

Thank you for reading!


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