Norra Evelynn to Diamond! – Everything You Need To Know!

In this article, Raphterra shares his guide on Norra Evelynn, the deck that he used to climb from Platinum to Diamond at 66% winrate!

Introduction and Stats

Hey there, Raphterra here! Today, I’m sharing my deck guide on Norra Evelynn Midrange, the deck that I used to climb from Platinum to Diamond at 66% winrate (25 wins, 13 losses). After reaching Diamond, my overall winrate with the deck stabilized at 56% (37 wins, 29 losses).

I’m certain that this deck is strong enough to reach Diamond especially with the new ranked LP system, but reaching Masters might be a tougher task due to the prevalence of Trundle Vi Concurrent Timelines in higher ranks.

Norra is one of the worst performers among the five new champions, with most of her decks having a winrate lower than 45%. My experiments with Norra also didn’t go well initially, until I saw the concept of Evelynn Norra from Sorry’s article on Top 6 New Decks From Day 1 of the Awakening expansion.

If you want to see the deck in action after reading this article, check out my full video guide!

Deck Build

Norra Evelynn Midrange created by Raphterra • last updated 1 year ago

This is a midrange deck that uses Evelynn‘s husks to consistently progress Norra‘s level up requirement. The list runs Norra, Junk Construct, The Tea Maker, Portalpalooza, and Eclectic Collection to shuffle Mysterious Portals into the deck.

Decks revolving around Norra usually need time to stall and setup Mysterious Portals, and Evelynn‘s card package is perfect for this job. Hate Spike together with Evelynn, Sultur, Vora, and Domination give Norra much needed board presence in the early to mid game.

Keep in mind that Norra Evelynn doesn’t completely rely on Level 2 Norra to win. Norra can outvalue opposing boards if she stays alive, but she’s usually a prime target for removals. Most of the time, this deck wins by using a wide board to make big attacks or to get maximum value out of Eclectic Collection. Evelynn single-handedly wins some games on her own when she gets good keywords like Elusive, Regeneration, or Challenger. Yordle Captain can also create a threatening board when combined with Domination or Evelynn.

In my list, I’m running two copies of Minimorph to win games against decks running big units like Nasus, Trundle, Kayn, or Viego.

General Mulligan

For the mulligan, you’re usually looking for Byrd, the Bellringer, Evelynn and early husk generators: Sultur, Vora, and Domination. I keep Norra if I already have a good hand or if I’m up against matchups that don’t have good ways of removing her early.

Against aggressive decks, Junk Construct can also be kept as an early blocker. Hate Spike is also good to keep if you already have a husk generator.

If you have a good hand, Minimorph can be game-winning against specific matchups: Kai’sa Demacia, Thresh Nasus, Viego Shurima, etc.

Gameplay Combos, Tips, Tricks

  • Adjust your play style depending on what you’re facing.
    A misconception about Norra is that you must always go aggressive with her, when in reality you only go aggressive against specific slower matchups like Feel The Rush or Ezreal Kennen. Most of the time, you want to play a stall midrange game until you have either Level 2 Norra, a wide board with Eclectic Collection, or good keywords with Evelynn.
  • Keep your board intact until you have several Mysterious Portals in your deck.
    Take care of your board, you don’t need to rush with this deck. If you already have a good number of Mysterious Portals, you can start aggressively trading units since you can replenish your board in the next turns. A good example would be once you’ve successfully casted Eclectic Collection with your wide board.
  • Know your deck combos!
    Here’s a quick list of this deck’s combos and synergies for your reference:

Meta Matchup Tips

Pirate Aggro

Mulligan: Byrd, The Bellringer, Junk Construct, Sultur, Vora. If you have Husk generators: Hate Spike, Evelynn.


  • Establish early blockers and protect your Nexus health. Hate Spike is a great spell to stop their aggression in the early turns.
  • Force them to block on your attack turns. Evelynn will bring down their Nexus health fast if they choose to ignore her.
  • If you have Mysterious Portals shuffled in your deck, force trades since you can refill your board.
  • You can interrupt Noxian Fervor with Hate Spike or Pokey Stick.
  • This match up is favored, but bricked hands with Minimorph and Eclectic Collection can lead to losses. You can consider removing 1 Minimorph for 1 Conchologist if you’re facing lots of Pirate Aggro.

Decks that you can apply the same strategies: Jax Vi, Draven Sion, Powder Pandemonium

Trundle Vi Timelines

Mulligan: Evelynn, Byrd, the Bellringer, Sultur, Vora, Domination. If you have a good hand: Norra.


  • Go aggressive if they don’t have a wide board of good blockers, otherwise maintain your board and prepare to cast Eclectic Collection in the mid game.
  • Try to fish for the Fading Husk on Evelynn, this is one of your few ways of getting damage through if they have a strong board.
  • They can always represent the Buried In Ice + It That Stares combo in the late game. Don’t be afraid to go wide and develop if that’s your only path to victory. If they have it, they have it!
  • Save Minimorph to defend yourself from Trundle or Vi in the late game.
  • This is an unfavored matchup if they are able to cast Concurrent Timelines early. With the new Weaponmasters, they have big units that are hard to attack into at all stages of the game. Buried in Ice + It That Stares combo is usually game-losing.

Decks that you can apply the same strategies: Feel The Rush Control, Lissandra Thralls

Nasus Kindred

Mulligan: Evelynn, Byrd, the Bellringer, Sultur, Vora, Domination. If you have a good hand: Norra, Minimorph.


Decks that you can apply the same strategies: Viego Shurima, Kai’sa Demacia

Ezreal Kennen

Mulligan: Evelynn, Byrd, the Bellringer, Sultur, Vora, Domination. If you have a good hand: Norra, Yordle Captain.


  • Go wide, go aggressive, and keep applying pressure! They’ll have a hard time keeping up with your wide board.
  • They don’t exert much early pressure, you can safely setup your Husks and Mysterious Portals.
  • Developing a wide board is usually always better over open attacking. Their main defensive spells are Concussive Palm and Homecoming, both of which are at fast speed.
  • You can force them to spend their mana through constant pressure. If they tap below mana for protection/recalls, you can remove Kennen with Pokey Stick or Hate Spike.
  • Use Minimorph on Ezreal if the game goes late.
  • This matchup is favored! You have plenty of time to win since they require lots of setup before they can execute their gameplan.

Decks that you can apply the same strategies: Azir Irelia, Nami Twisted Fate

Closing Words

When I first saw Norra during the card reveals, I did not expect her to be the new champion that would allow me to climb to Diamond. My first impression was that she was going to be a champion that looks to go wide and go aggressive similar to Poppy or Lulu. It turns out, Evelynn Norra fits a lot into the type of decks that I enjoy playing. I believe this is currently the strongest Norra-focused deck in Legends of Runeterra!

Hope you enjoy playing this deck! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTube, Discord, or Twitter!

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