New LoR Expansion ‘Monuments of Power’ To Be Released on October 14!

Legends of Runeterra official Twitter has dropped a video teaser for the next expansion. It is now confirmed the new batch of cards will be released on October 14, as part of the scheduled Patch 1.12 update!

This will be a second expansion of the three-part Call of the Mountain set that is built around Targon champions. The first expansion was released in late August and featured 4 Targon champions, as well as one champion from each of Ionia, Shadow Isles, and Freljord regions. This time, according to the Call of the Mountain roadmap, we can expect to get 3 new champions, with one of them most likely being from Targon, and two others from coming other regions that did not receive a champion in the first expansion.

Just as during the preview season of the Call of the Mountain expansion when the champions were represented as constellations, during this preview season the reveals seem to be structured around something called ‘monuments of power’:

In the teaser, they show various locations on the map that are tied to the Runeterra regions. The three locations that are highlighted first are Piltover and Zaun (bright-green), Shadow Isles (darkish-green), and Freljord (blue). However, though it does make sense that P&Z champion would appear in the next expansion, the focus on Freljord and SI does not add up because these particular regions have each just received a champion in the most recent expansion.

The teaser leaves us with the final image where the three additional regions are highlighted: Noxus (red), Bilgewater (yellow) and Targon (purple). Demacia and Ionia are the only two regions that are left out.

From this, we can deduce that the new expansion could feature new Noxus and Bilgewater champions (at least one of them), and guaranteed not to contain a new Demacia champion. As for Shadow Isles and Freljord – they can’t receive any new champions but since they were specifically highlighted we can expect more card support for those regions still. The last region to mention is Ionia – it doesn’t look likely from this teaser this region will get any significant amount of cards this time.

But anyway, that’s all guesswork -what’s important is that it looks like a new spoiler season is already upon us! Are you hyped for new cards to come on October 14? What new champions are you hoping to see? Stay tuned with us for all the latest news, reveals, and spoiler breakdowns!


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