‘Monuments of Power’ Spoiler Season Kicks-Off with New Card Type – ‘Landmark’

Today the preview season for Monuments of Power has officially begun. Check out the new Shadow Isles card - 'Vaults of Helia'!

New ‘Landmark’ card type is said to exist in the different design space as to compared to usual units, ‘with a mix of new mechanics, as well as cool lore-based concepts’. Landmarks are cast with regular mana, and take up space on the board, but can’t attack, block ot take damage. Instead, each Landmark has unique ongoing effect throughout the game.

‘Vaults of Helia’ is the first Landmark and the first ever card previewed from the Monuments of Power expansion:

Landmarks aren’t units, so usual creature removal won’t work on that unique cad type. However, the developers have already clarified that a few of the already printed Call of the Mountain cards will be updated with a new text that will allow them to interact with Landmarks (ex. Fallen Comet, Singular Will).

In the reveal video, LoR Executive Producer Jeff Jew has also shared that although Monuments of Power expansion focuses mostly on strong ‘flashy’ Landmarks, in the future they will also consider designing cheaper Landmarks – even at common rarities.


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