Legends of Runeterra Metagame Tier List – Guardians of the Ancient Season

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We’re happy to present RuneterraCCG.com’s Metagame Tier List! This is the page that will help you find a footing in Legends of Runeterra’s ever-changing ladder meta. The rankings and decks presented here are curated by EU Master player since Beta and winner of several tournaments Agigas (check out his articles and guides on RuneterraCCG).

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Most recently updated on: May 14. (See Change Log)

  • Two main sources of info this tier list is built upon are Mobalytics stats and opinions of pros.
    • Stats are the main way to rank archetypes, find the best lists, and evaluate the matchups.
    • My own experience/practice, as well as opinions of top players are also taken into consideration, especially when it comes to experts of particular archetypes.
  • Tiers represent the relative power of the decks and their suitability towards consistent ladder climb.
  • In addition to its Tier placement, each particular deck can have either one of these three labels:
    • ‘Staple’ – this deck is well-known and has a significant play rate;
    • ‘Dark Horse’ – it is an underplayed or emerging deck, but the power level is there;
    • ‘Pick of the Patch’ – the best-positioned deck in the meta right now, a perfect choice to climb with.
  • The order of decks within Tiers doesn’t matter – they are sorted by labels and regions, not power level.
  • Click on ‘Details’ to read more about the deck and inspect a sample decklist. From there, you can return back to the list by clicking the ‘Tier List’ button.

The “Guardians of the Ancient” might have been a small expansion, it has been a quite impactful one. Irelia Azir, in particular, took the ladder by storm recently and reshaped the meta.

Lissandra Matron and Zoe Lee, both previously Tier 1 ‘Staples’, have a lot of trouble dealing with Irelia Azir, and as a result, they’ve dropped to Tier 2 ‘Staples’. Both those decks are still very strong, and I expect them to go back to Tier 1 once the meta gets less hostile to them.

On the other side, decks with a good matchup against Irelia Azir are gaining a lot of traction. Azir Burn broke through directly into Tier 1 – Bralizian player 4LW popularized the deck by taking it for a record-breaking speedrun to Master. All-in Fiora is also making a comeback as another angle to attack Azir Irelia. Zoe Asol transformed into Shyvana Asol to get a better matchup against Azir Irelia.

The rise of Nightfall Aggro is a bit more of a surprise – it is only slightly favored against Irelia Azir. The fall of Lissandra Matron, Nightfall’s worst matchup, seems to be one of the main factors of its very impressive win rate.

While Irelia Azir is the deck everyone is talking about, and deservedly so, it isn’t the only new archetype introduced by the expansion. Chirean Burn is a brand new deck centered around the new card Chirean Sumpworker, and it is getting a lot of attention. Overwhelm Shurima isn’t a new archetype, but the addition of Merciless Hunter brings a lot to the deck, consolidating its Tier 1 spot.

Alongside the release of the “Guardians of the Ancient” expansion, Atrocity and Blighted Caretaker were both nerfed to tone down the power level of Thresh Nasus. However, it looks like these nerfs didn’t change much for the archetype – Thresh Nasus replaced Blighted Caretaker with the powerful Merciless Hunter (note: some versions play both), and it still remains one of the very best decks on the ladder.

Playstyle: Midrange/Sacrifice. Thresh Nasus is very comparable to the Endure archetype, splashing a powerful Shurima package instead of Freljord and having Nasus replace They Who Endure. While Nasus doesn’t have They Who Endure’s Overwhelm keyword, he has the upside of continuing to grow while on board. He can also quickly level up in this deck, which makes him into a perfect Atrocity target. With all the sacrifice synergies and numerous small units, Thresh can rapidly level up to bring Nasus directly on the board. The deck is mainly a midrange archetype looking to finish with a big Nasus, but can put a lot of pressure very quickly thanks to its powerful early units and sacrifice synergies.

With Zilean, a new Nasus archetype emerged. This new version is more control-oriented, and the lack of a powerful aggressive game plan seems to make it worse on the ladder. However, it has a better matchup against most aggressive decks, including the mirror, so it’s a deck worth considering depending on your local meta.

  • Strong against: Ezreal Draven, Spider Aggro, Discard Aggro.
  • Weak against: Overwhelm Shurima, Soraka TK.

Playstyle: Control/Midrange. Decklist by J01. Dragons is a deck looking to use the powerful Dragons midgame units and back them up with powerful tricks to get through the game, keep its nexus health high and start building a powerful board. Once the deck gets to the later stages of the game, Aurelion Sol is an extremely strong champion that will certainly give you the upper hand, and you can play him as soon as turn 8 thanks to the synergy with Eclipse Dragon. Demacia covers Targon’s lack of strong removals – Single Combat and Concerted are 2 very strong and mana efficient removals combined with your powerful units, and can even be used with Solari Sunforger to get multiple lifesteal hit off of it.

  • Strong against: Thresh Nasus.
  • Weak against: Ashe Noxus, Ezreal Draven.

Overwhelm Shurima – Tier 1 ‘Staple’

Playstyle: Aggro/Overwhelm. Overwhelm Aggro was already a very powerful archetype in previous seasons, and Shurima comes with a new very powerful Overwhelm package. This is a very straightforward archetype, looking to play big Overwhelm units to keep pushing damage through the opponent’s blockers. The deck removes the opponent’s key unit thanks to the Vulnerable keyword, while using it to hit harder with Renekton. Battle Fury is a very powerful buff to close out the game. This version includes 2 copies of Ice Shard to tech against the numerous 1-health units in popular meta decks (Irelia Azir, Thresh Nasus, and Discard in particular).

You can also find versions using Noxus instead of Freljord. They lose Battle Fury as a finisher but win some other powerful spells like Whirling Death or Decisive Maneuver.

  • Strong against: Thresh Nasus, Lissandra SI.
  • Weak against: Discard Aggro.

Playstyle: Aggro/Combo. Azir Irelia is a very explosive Aggro/Combo archetype, looking to quickly win with its numerous Blades and Sand Soldiers. The deck relies on its 2 Sand Soldiers generators, Azir and Emperor’s Dais, and looks to use their effect several times each turn thanks to Blade Dance, that gives free attacks. With this quick and constant flood of attacking tokens, the deck quickly levels-up Azir, to make all those tokens even more of a threat, and Irelia, that can make combat very complicated for the opponent.

  • Strong against: Lissandra SI, Zoe Lee sin.
  • Weak against: All-in Fiora, Spider Aggro, Azir Burn.

Playstyle: Midrange/Tempo. This deck deals with the opponent’s units with the powerful Piltover & Zaun and Noxus removals, all the while building its own board and sending some damage to the opposing Nexus. It uses created cards like Draven’s Spinning Axes or Ballistic Bot’s Ignition to discard them to Rummage or Sump Dredger, which provides a steady card advantage. The deck looks to finish the game with Ezreal or Captain Farron. However, don’t consider this archetype to be an all-in Ezreal (or Farron) deck. Rather than setting up for combo finish, instead, its game plan relies on constantly pushing advantages, tempo, and damage.

  • Strong against: Azir Lucian, Ashe Noxus, Scout.
  • Weak against: Lissandra SI.

Playstyle: Aggro. Discard Aggro is all about flooding the board very fast with low-cost units, leveraging all the discard synergies. Once the board gets wide, powerful pay-offs of board-wide buffs and Crowd Favorites follow. This gameplan is very effective at punishing decks that struggle against a go-wide strategy, and Discard Aggro tends to have a great matchup against other aggressive strategies. However, Discard Aggro tends to fold when pitted against cheap AoE removal – like Avalanche or Withering Wail. The explosive aggression is a win condition by itself against unprepared lists – but in case the opponent manages to deal with it, Jinx comes in and gives you everything you need to finish the game.

  • Strong against: Overwhelm Shurima, Irelia Azir.
  • Weak against: Lissandra SI.

Soraka TK – Tier 2 ‘Staple’

Playstyle: Midrange/Combo. Soraka TK is a deck with a very unique gameplan. It plays beefy units able to damage themselves, and a lot of heals to get them back to full health every time they take damage. The purpose of this strategy is to use the numerous heals synergies, like Soraka to draw cards, but most notably to finish the game with the Star Spring win condition. It makes this deck pretty dependant on Star Spring, but its beatdown power with Star Shepherd shouldn’t be underestimated either. This is a very snowball-oriented deck, and when it can stick a value engine unit on the board thanks to their numerous protection spells, it becomes very hard to stop.

  • Strong against: Lissandra SI, Zoe Lee sin, Thresh Nasus.
  • Weak against: Ashe Noxus, Spider Aggro.

Playstyle: Midrange/Control. Deep is the archetype looking to use the Toss mechanic to thin its decks and get Deep very early, generally between turn 6 and 8. While the first turns can be slow as the deck is mostly looking to set up the midgame, the recent buff Dreg Dredgers and Sea Scarab can help to prevent the opponent from going too far ahead. Once the Deep condition get fullfilled, the deck suddendly accelerate its gameplan. Playing powerful Sea Monsters, Devourer of the Depths in particular, already make the deck quite impressive when it reached Deep. But where the deck really shine is when Nautilus gets on board – the discounted Sea Monsters will make quick work of any opponent. Maokai can help you stabilize in the midgame while tossing cards toward deep, but can also act as an alternative win condition in slow matchups.

  • Strong against: Lissandra SI.
  • Weak against: Scout, Lee Sin.

Playstyle: Aggro/Burn. Pirate Aggro is a very aggressive archetype, aiming to put pressure on the opponent right from the start with numerous 1-drop units. It has a strong early curve to keep the pressure up for as long as possible. If the opponent manages to stabilize, Pirate Aggro also has a large amount of burn to finish them off. It can reach opponents on a very high health total opponents with finishers like Farron and Gangplank. You can level up GP quickly if you sequence your damage properly.

  • Strong against: Irelia Azir, Ashe Noxus.
  • Weak against: Discard Aggro.

Playstyle: Midrange. After patch 2.5 where Fiora got nerfed and Jarvan got buffed, the Fiora Shen archetype adapted by switching its Demacia champion. This deck looks to curve out powerful units to get a strong presence on the board, and protect those units with buffs, barriers, and Deny. As the game goes on, the archetype makes a lot of value by protecting its Rivershaper, and can gain control of the board with powerful challenger units. To close out, Jarvan 4 comes down, quickly followed by Jarvan 3 to land the final blow.

  • Strong against: Lee Sin, Azir Lucian.
  • Weak against: Ashe Noxus, Ezreal Draven.

Playstyle: Aggro/Swarm. This archetype looks to be one of the best shells for Azir so far. Its plan is to flood the board and keep summoning Sand Soldiers on each attack, quickly leveling up Lucian and Azir. Scouts or Rallies and on-attack effects synergize very well together, creating even more Sand Soldiers. This deck doesn’t have many ways to defend itself so it can struggle against more aggressive decks, but is a very resilient aggro archetype thanks to Azir and Emperor’s Dai.

  • Strong against: Lissandra SI, Zoe Lee.
  • Weak against: Ashe Noxus, Ezreal Noxus, Discard Aggro.

Playstyle: Midrange. Ashe Noxus is a midrange archetype, looking to play powerful units and combine them with freezes to win control of the board. With its numerous 5+ attack units, the dek is able to quickly trigger Reputation to get access to discounted Whispered Words, and to enable 5+ attack synergies like Trifarian Assessor and Reckoning. Once this deck gets control of the board, it will snowball very fast. Ashe’s level-up will enable the deck to get lethal even through the opponent’s board if necessary.

  • Strong against: Lucian Azir, Scout, Zoe Lee, Thresh Nasus.
  • Weak against: Discard Aggro, Ezreal Draven, Irelia Azir.

Playstyle: Midrange. Crimson is a very synergistic midrange deck, built around self-damage. The deck packs a lot of ways to damage its own units, and a lot of payoffs. The most notable payoff is The Scargrounds, which will boost all your units’ attack quickly but also make them more resilient to your own self-damage. The deck is able to keep its units alive with The Scargrounds and Troll Chant, while the opponent’s units will die from the numerous board-wipes.

  • Strong against: Lissandra SI, Discard Aggro, Irelia Azir.
  • Weak against: Ezreal Draven.

Playstyle: Control/Combo. Decklist by Spaiikz. Lissandra SI is one of the many decks using the Freljord Shadow Isles control package. With its numerous board clears, this deck is very good at removing swarms of small units. After controlling the game in the early to mid-game, Lissandra SI’s win condition it to quickly play the Watcher to close out games. The deck is able to do it as soon as turn 8 in the right situation thanks to a combination of Trundle’s Pillar, Fading Memories, and Spectral Matron. This deck is also able to get multiple exemplars of the Watcher with Spectral Matron and Fading Memories, making it very hard to stop.

  • Strong against: Discard Aggro, Spider Aggro, Ezreal Draven.
  • Weak against: Lucian Azir, Soraka TK, Overwhelm, Irelia Azir.

Playstyle: Combo. Zoe Lee is a return of the infamous Lee Sin combo deck: you aim to level up Lee Sin, give him Overwhelm and buff him up, then blow up the opponent with an OTK. Lee Sin has an innate Barrier and the deck also runs a lot of additional protection (Deny, Nopeify, buffs, some versions – Bastion). Zoe is a very good 1-drop in this deck that doesn’t need a second champion to execute its gameplan, and the spells she creates can help with leveling up and protecting Lee Sin. Despite being a combo deck, Zoe Lee can’t put up a very strong fight against aggressive opponents thanks to Eye of the Dragon or a buffed Sparklefly.

  • Strong against: Lissandra SI, Deep.
  • Weak against: Lucian Azir, Scout, Ashe Noxus, Irelia Azir.

Playstyle: Midrange. Zoe Vi is a midrange Targon deck, pretty strong at any point of the game. In the early turns, the deck looks to curve strong units and back them up with the powerful Piltover & Zaun removals. During the midgame, Vi gives the deck a very strong board presence, and can quickly accelerate things if you got the edge in the early game. Later on, Subpurrsible with Iterative Improvement is a very powerful Elusive win condition, or you can simply win with a Celestial finisher from Starshaping. All the while, Hush helps you to prevent the opponent from winning with his own game plan. The deck is very flexible, which makes it extremely strong in the hands of an experimented player.

A very spicy version of the midrange Targon/PnZ archetype recently emerged with Chirean Sumpworker. While it is still too early to say if that new version is at least on the same power level as the classic one, it is at the very least worth looking at.

  • Strong against: Nasus Thresh.
  • Weak against: Dragons.

Playstyle: Aggro/Burn. Nightfall Aggro is a deck looking to capitalize on the powerful Nightfall synergies to gain powerful tempo advantages. The deck packs numerous Nightfall enablers (ex: Lunari Duskbringer, The Flight, Solari Soldier) to consistently be able to activate Nightfall abilities. Diana, Nocturne, Stygian Onlooker, and Crescent Guardian are some very powerful tempo play thanks to their Nightfall ability and will put a lot of pressure on the opponent. As the game goes on, this deck can easily finish the opponent from a pretty high amount of nexus health by getting a lot of Doombeast’s Torment with Stalking Shadow and Unto Dusk. For an aggressive archetype, Nightfall is very resilient and can do a lot of value. This enables the deck to scale pretty well into the mid to late game and continue to pressure the opponent for a long time.

  • Strong against: Zoe Lee, Spider Aggro.
  • Weak against: Ezreal Noxus.

Playstyle: Aggro/Burn. Decklist by 4LW – he piloted it to be the first player to hit master in the world this season! Azir Burn was already a known strong Aggro/Burn archetype, but it was missing something to really put its name above decks like Spider Burn or Pirate Burn. With the addition of Merciless Hunter – a new Shurima staple card, the deck is now looking to be one of the best aggro decks. Azir Burn has numerous 1-cost units to help it push a lot of early damage, and can continue to keep damage coming in the midgame with Merciless Hunter and Ruin Runner. Then, it finishes the remaining nexus life with its powerful Burn package (mainly Ruinous Path, Noxian Fervor, Decimate, and Imperial Demolitonist).

  • Strong against: Azir Irelia.
  • Weak against: Thresh Nasus.

Playstyle: Aggro/Burn. Spider aggro is one of the numerous decks looking to do a strong curve out in the first few turns to push as much damage as possible, to then finish with Burn damage. Where this deck stands out is in its ability to use the Fearsome keyword to push even more board damage than most other all-in aggro deck even once the opponent gets some units on board. Frenzied Skitterer is an impressive unit to make the Fearsome keyword even stronger. With the high number of spiders, the deck can also level-up Elise extremely quickly to make even more damage go through with the combination of Fearsome and Challenger keywords. This deck also has an impressive amount of burn damage, taking both the burn spells from Noxus but also the Doombeast – Stalking Shadow combo from Shadow Isles.

  • Strong against: Irelia Azir, Lucian Azir, Pirate Aggro, Overwhelm Shurima, Zoe Lee.
  • Weak against: Lissandra SI, Discard Aggro.

Playstyle: Aggro/Midrange. This archetype looks to win through board domination and the strength of its champions, Miss Fortune in particular. Scout and Rally effects help Miss Fortune’s level-up, and once she is evolved, closing out the game is almost just a formality. Recent nerfs to Miss Fortune and The Grand Plaza have hurt the deck, but it is still a major force.

Another successful way to build the archetype is to go for Bannerman build, which is much more relevant now the Plaza got nerfed.

  • Strong against: Zoe Lee, Deep.
  • Weak against: Ashe Noxus.

Playstyle: Combo. All-in Fiora is a deck entirely centered around Fiora and winning off of her win condition. Fiora is the deck’s only unit, and all the other cards are spells to support her. Numerous buffs will help you to keep your Fiora alive, combat spells (Single Combat, Strafing Strike, Concerted Strike) give you the ability to find stacks at fast speed, and Entreat increases the deck’s consistency at finding your key champion. This is an extremely meta-dependant deck – it really shines against archetypes with lots of small units, but will struggle against the other decks, especially control-oriented ones.

  • Strong against: Irelia Azir.
  • Weak against: Ezreal Draven, Lissandra Matron.

Playstyle: Aggro/Combo. Decklist by faintHD, who piloted the deck to be the 2nd player to hit master in NA. This very spicy list uses the discard package to get a powerful early game and be able to rapidly flood the board. While the deck might look like a weird Discard Aggro deck early on, it has a very different game plan in the midgame: the deck tries to associate a high-attack Vi with the Overwhelm keyword (Might, Kato the Arm) to push a massive burst of damage. Going even further into the combo playstyle, Give It All will transform your whole board of small units into powerful ones by having 1 big unit like Vi, and shares the numerous keywords of your units, the most valuable one often being Daring Poro’s Elusive keyword.

  • Strong against: Not enough data.
  • Weak against: Not enough data.

Playstyle: Aggro/Combo. Chirean Burn is a new deck centered around Chiran Sumpworker. With Stalking Shadow, Fading Memories, and Iterative Improvement, this deck has numerous ways to find and duplicate Chiran Sumpworker to get Sumpwork Posses, which will finish games very decisively when the opponent can’t instantly deal with it. When the deck doesn’t find Chirean Sumpworker or when its Sumpwork Posses get removed, it can still rely on a very powerful burn plan to kill the opponent.

  • Strong against: Ashe Noxus, Deep.
  • Weak against: Ezreal Draven, Azir Burn.

Change Log

  • March 4: Expansion release update. Swain TF, Teemo Foundry, Ashe Noxus, Aphelios Zoe, Spider Aggro, Fearsome Aggro, Elise TF, Overwhelm Freljord, FTR removed. Kindred Go Hard, Overwhelm Shurima, Azir Lucian, Fiora Shurima, Shurima Lissandra, Lissandra SI, Endure, Ledros Timelines, Kindred Nasus, Reputation added. Matchups removed – this section will return later in the season as we get more info. Anivia Control updated. Fizz TF gets ‘Pick of the Patch’.
  • March 5: Lee Shurima added. Lissandra SI decklist updated.
  • March 7: Slay Aggro, Ashe Noxus added. Lissandra Shurima removed. Kindred/Nasus, Overwhelm Shurima decklist updated. Thresh/Nasus decklist added in Kindred/Nasus’ description. Shurima Fiora changed to FreljordFiora. TF Go Hard goes down to Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’.
  • March 8: Overwhelm Shurima decklist updated. Slay aggro goes up to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’.
  • March 9: Lissandra/Swain added. Lee Shurima removed. Reputation decklist updated.
  • March 11:
    • Azir Noxus, Spider Aggro added.
    • Anivia Control removed.
    • Decklists updated: Aphelios Bilgewater, Fizz TF, Ezreal Draven, Overwhelm Shurima, Slay Aggro, Scouts, Pirates Aggro, Anivia, Zoe Lee Sin, TF Go Hard, Fiora Freljord, Lissandra Swain, Ashe Noxus, Reputation, Ledros Timelines, Kindred Nasus.
    • LeBlanc Ezreal added to Ezreal Draven’s description. Overwhelm Freljord updated in Overwhelm Shurima’s description. Kalista Nasus and Azir Nasus added to Slay Aggro’s description. Scouts Bannerman added to Scouts’ description. Thresh Nasus updated in Kindred Nasus’ description.
    • Lissandra SI goes from Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 1 ‘Staple’. Overwhelm Shurima goes from Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’. Scouts goes from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’. Zoe Lee Sin goes from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 1 ‘Staple’. Lissandra Swain goes from Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’. TF Go Hard, Fiora Freljord, Azir Lucian, Ashe Noxus, Reputation, Ledros Timelines, Kindred Nasus go from Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’.
    • Matchup info added for every archetype.
  • March 15:
    • Soraka TK added. Ledros Timelines, All-in Fiora, Reputation, Azir Noxus, TF Go Hard removed.
    • Slay Aggro, Spider Aggro, Lissandra Swain go from Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’. Ezreal Draven and Discard Aggro go from Tier 1 ‘Staple’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. Overwhelm Shurima goes from Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’.
    • Lissandra SI and Overwhelm Shurima decklist updated.
    • Matchup tables updated.
  • March 19: Lissandra SI decklist updated.
  • March 21: Crimson, All-in Fiora archetypes added. Lee Sin goes from Tier 1 ‘Staple’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. Slay Aggro and Nasus merged into the Thresh Nasus archetype. Azir Lucian, Endure decklist updated. Aphelios Fiora and Aphelios Nightfall decklists added into Aphelios Bilgewater’s description.
  • March 22: Overwhelm, Ashe Noxus decklist updated. Overwhelm and Lissandra SI matchups updated.
  • March 23: Overwhelm matchups updated.
  • April 2:
    • Zoe Asol, Deep, Lulu Shen, Zoe Karma, Nightfall added.
    • Aphelios Bilgewater, Fiora Shen, All-in Fiora, Lissandra Swain removed.
    • Fizz TF, Lissandra SI go from Tier 1 ‘Staple’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. Soraka TK goes from Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. Zoe Lee, Discard Aggro go from Tier 2 ‘Staple to Tier 1 ‘Staple’. Spider Aggro goes from Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 1 ‘Staple’.
    • Discard Aggro, Spider Aggro, Endure, Lissandra SI, Fizz TF decklist updated.
    • Matchup tables updated.
  • April 3: Nightfall matchup table updated.
  • April 4:
    • Shen Jarvan added.
    • Zoe Karma removed.
    • Scout and Zoe Asol go from Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’. Nightfall goes from Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’. Lissandra SI goes from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 1 ‘Staple. Ezreal Draven goes from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’. Crimson, Deep and Fizz TF go from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 3 ‘Staple’.
    • Lissandra SI, Zoe Lee, Spider Aggro, Pirate Aggro, Ashe Noxus, Crimson decklists updated.
    • Zoe Asol matchups updated.
    • New section: ‘Update overview’.
  • April 6: Nightfall decklist updated.
  • April 9: Nasus Thresh goes from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 1 ‘Staple’.
  • April 11: Asol Zoe goes from Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. Asol Zoe decklist updated. Deep and Crimson go from Tier 3 ‘Staple’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. Fizz TF removed.
  • April 12: Ezreal Draven decklist updated.
  • April 15:
    • Ezreal Draven goes from Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 1 ‘Staple’. Spider Burn and Nightfall Aggro go from Tier 1 ‘Staple’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. Overwhelm goes from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’. Thresh Nasus goes from Tier 1 ‘Staple’ to tier 1 ‘Pick of the patch’.
    • Thresh Nasus decklist and matchups updated.
    • April 15 update overview.
  • April 16: Ashe Noxus decklist updated.
  • April 19: Deep decklist updated.
  • April 21: Zoe Lee decklist updated.
  • May 8:
    • Irelia Azir and Azir Burn added to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’. Zoe Vi added to Tier 2 ‘Staple’. All-in Fiora, Chirean Burn, Draven Vi added to Tier 2 ‘Dark Horse’.
    • Lulu Shen and Endure Aggro removed.
    • Nightfall and Dragons go from Tier 2 ‘Staple’ to Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’.
    • Lissandra Matron and Zoe Lee go from Tier 1 ‘Staple’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’.
    • Nasus Thresh, Ezreal Draven, Overwhelm decklists updated. Zoe Asol becomes Dragons.
    • Zilean Nasus version added into Nasus Thresh’s description.
    • Discard Aggro, Ashe Noxus, Crimson, Lissandra Matron, Zoe Lee, Spiders matchup table updated.
    • May 8 update overview.
  • May 14:
    • Dragons, Overwhelm, Irelia Azir go from Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 1 ‘Staple’.
    • Nightfall, Azir Burn go from Tier 1 ‘Dark Horse’ to Tier 2 ‘Staple’.
    • Dragons, Overwhelm Shurima, Azir Irelia, Discard Aggro decklists updated.
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