Meta Decks Matchup Table and Guides – Guardians of the Ancient Season

This your complete guide to the Ranked ladder meta: all the resources by Agigas - in one place.

This page is intended to serve as your complete guide to the Guardians of the Ancient season meta.

The matchup table below is compiled using the data presented in the RuneterraCCG deck guides. To know how favorable or unfavorable a particular matchup is, find your deck in the 1st column, then choose your opponent in the 1st row. The corresponding table cell will contain the percentage evaluation of your matchup.

The in-depth guides to the decks in the table can be found under the table. Clicking on banners will send you to the corresponding guides. Each guide contains a recommended decklist, tips on how to pilot and mulligan the deck, and detailed explanations of all the deck’s matchups. Most of the guides are written by Agigas, but we will be also featuring recent guides by other writers. These will not necessarily be in full accordance with the matchups table on this page as they may represent a different take on the decks.

The information presented on this page and all the guides by Agigas are kept up-to-date as the meta evolves. Going forward, we will continue writing new guides for other archetypes that were not featured previously and adding them to the series.

The purpose of this page is to include a competitive-oriented guide for every prominent deck in the meta, backed up by in-depth matchup info.

  • March 23: Lissandra SI guide added. All guides updated to include the Lissandra SI matchup. Matchup Table updated for the Empires of the Ascended season.
  • March 24: Aphelios TF guide updated to includes a section presenting some of the different ways to build around the Aphelios-Temple package.
  • March 27: Overwhelm Shurima guide added. All guides updated to include the Lissandra SI matchup.
  • April 5: Matchups table rebuilt for the 2.5.0 patch. Guides retired: Fizz TF, Aphelios TF, Fiora Shen, Scouts.
  • April 6: Spider Aggro guide added. Zoe Lee, Discard Aggro, Lissandra SI, Ezreal Draven, and Pirate Aggro decklist and guide updated. All guides updated to include the Spider Aggro matchup.
  • April 11: Deep, Thresh Nasus, and Zoe Asol added to the matchup table. Nightfall Matchups updated.
  • April 12: Nightfall guide added. Other guides updated to include the Nightfall matchup. Nasus Thresh guide by Sorry and Shen Jarvan guide by Raphterra added.
  • April 15: Ezreal Draven guide updated (decklist and a few gameplay videos).
  • April 17: Ashe Noxus guide added. All guides updated to include the Ashe Noxus matchup.
  • April 20: Thresh Nasus guide by Agigas added. All guides updated to include the Thresh Nasus matchup. Pirate Aggro removed from the matchup table and moved to ‘Retired Guides’ section.
  • May 18: Azir Irelia guide by Asher added. Azir Irelia and Azir Nox added to matchup table. Jarvan Shen removed from the matchup table and moved to ‘Retired Guides’ section.
  • May 24: Shyvana Dragons guide by Mezume added.
  • June 15: Deep guide by Random7 added.

These archetypes remain functional, but either have fallen out of meta or currently remain unpopular. We have excluded them from the table below and no longer update them with the newest decklists and matchup info. However, the guides are still very relevant to use if you want to pick up and learn the deck:

DeckNasusAz IrelEz DravDragonLiss SIDiscardOverWAzir NoxZoe LeeSpiderNightFAshe NXDeep
Az Irel40505050654055306530456060
Ez Drav45505050406045504550606545
Liss SI50356060506535504570605535
Azir Nox40705050504560505545456560
Zoe Lee50355540554555455045404060
Ashe NX50403560453555356040555040


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