Meta Decks Matchup Table and Guides – Cosmic Creation Season

This page is intended to serve as your complete guide to the Cosmic Creation meta.

The matchup table below is compiled using the data presented in the deck guides by Agigas. To know how favorable or unfavorable a particular matchup is, find your deck in the 1st column, then choose your opponent in the 1st row. The corresponding table cell will contain the percentage evaluation of your matchup. Example: Teemo Foundry is 60 percent favorite against Aphelios TF.

The in-depth guides to the decks in the table can be found under the table. Clicking on banners will send you to the corresponding guides. Each guide contains a recommended decklist, tips on how to pilot and mulligan the deck, and detailed explanations of all the deck’s matchups.

The information presented on this page and all the related guides is kept up-to-date as the meta evolves. Going forward, Agigas will continue writing new guides for other archetypes that were not featured previously and adding them to the series.

The purpose of this page is to include a competitive-oriented guide for every prominent deck in the meta, backed up by in-depth matchup info.

  • January 15: TF Go Hard matchups updated.
  • January 24: Fiora/Shen, Ezreal/Draven, Zoe/Lee, Targon Plaza, TF Go Hard matchups updated. Fiora/Shen, Ezreal/Draven decklists updated.
  • January 29: TF Go Hard guide, decklist and matchups updated.
  • February 13: Fizz TF and Aphelios TF guide added. All guides updated to include Fizz/TF matchup. Matchup table updated: Fizz TF, Anivia Control, Aphelios TF, Teemo Foundry added; FTR and Targon Plaza removed.
  • February 14: Lee/Zoe decklist updated.
  • February 16: Teemo Foundry deck guide added. All guides updated to include Teemo Foundry matchup.
  • February 18: Anivia Control deck guide added. All guides updated to include the Anivia Control matchup. Matchup table updated: Scouts.

These archetypes remain functional but have fallen out of meta. We have excluded them from the table below and no longer update them with the new matchup info. However, the guides are still very relevant to use if you want to pick up and learn the deck:

Aphelios TFAniviaFiora ShenFizz TFZoe LeeTeemo FoundryEz DravenDiscardTF Go HardTK SorakaScoutAshe Nox
Aphelios TF506050455540455060454545
Fiora Shen505550505550455055455535
Fizz TF554550505560605040704070
Zoe Lee455045455035604550354050
Teemo Foundry607050406550353540403555
Ez Draven554055404065506050556060
TF Go Hard403545605060506550354065
TK Soraka557055306560454565505035
Ashe Nox553565305045403535656050


I am a master player since Beta, with several #4 peaks and tournaments win (EU DoR 2, NA DoR 13, GiantSlayer). I am also TSM/ LoR consultant. I love writing guides to share my experience with the game with the community!