Meet 6 New Champions from Targon Region Coming to Legends of Runeterra

This is the second part of our series of articles that introduce leaked champions of the upcoming expansions.

Disclaimer: this article contains unofficial spoilers about the new Legends of Runeterra set.

This is the second part in our series of articles that introduce leaked champions of the upcoming Legends of Runeterra expansion.

If you missed our Bilgewater region deep dive, be sure to check it out. In that one, we also explain where the leaks are comimg from, and how trustworthy they actually are (spoiler – they are very much so).

When will Riot release the new Legends of Runeterra expansion?

Nobody knows for sure, but we can make some educated guesses. Based on their intent stated in the Developers’ Notes, there should be three big balance patches per set, each one a month apart from the previous one. We have already had two of those for the Set 1.

The last balance patch of the set will likely hit the live servers on April 14. It means the next expansion will probably be released in either late April or early May. It is also safe to assume that we will get into official spoilers territory next month.

For now, the leaks are all we have, but there’s a lot of fun stuff to explore. Targon is the next region soon to appear in Legends of Runeterra. Let’s dive!



“A mountainous and sparsely inhabited region to the west of Shurima, Targon boasts the tallest peak in Runeterra.

“Located far from civilization, Mount Targon is all but impossible to reach, save by the most determined pilgrims, chasing some soul-deep yearning to reach its summit. Those hardy few who survive the climb return haunted and empty, or changed beyond all recognition.”

  • Governance: TRIBAL THEOCRACY
  • Attitude towards magic: ASPIRE
  • Level of technology: LOW
  • General environment: HARSH MOUNTAINS


The Star Forger

“Aurelion Sol once graced the vast emptiness of the cosmos with celestial wonders of his own devising. Now, he is forced to wield his awesome power at the behest of a space-faring empire that tricked him into servitude. Desiring a return to his star-forging ways, Aurelion Sol will drag the very stars from the sky, if he must, in order to regain his freedom.”

Leaked Voicelines

Note: leaked Aurelion Sol voicelines are apparently unfinished as they don’t have a proper audiofilter. He is supposed to sound like this.


Level Up:

Interaction with Avalanche spell:



Scorn of the Moon

“Bearing her crescent moonblade and clad in shimmering armor the color of winter snow at night, Diana is a living embodiment of the silver moon’s power. Imbued with the essence of an Aspect from beyond Targon’s towering summit, Diana is no longer wholly human, and struggles to understand her power and purpose in this world.”


Level Up:

Interaction with Aurelion Sol:



The Radiant Dawn

“Imbued with the fire of the sun, Leona is a holy warrior of the Solari who defends Mount Targon with her Zenith Blade and the Shield of Daybreak. Her skin shimmers with starfire while her eyes burn with the power of the celestial Aspect within her. Armored in gold and bearing a terrible burden of ancient knowledge, Leona brings enlightenment to some, death to others.”


Level Up:

Leona greets ally Diana:

Diana greets ally Leona:

Leona meets enemy Diana:

Diana’s answer:

Diana reacts to Leona’s death:


The Starchild

“A wanderer from the celestial realm, Soraka gave up her immortal form to protect the mortal races from their own ignorance and violent instincts. She endeavors to spread the virtues of compassion and mercy to everyone she meets—guiding the lost, and healing the wounded. For all Soraka has seen of this world’s struggles, she still believes the people of Runeterra have yet to reach their full potential.”


Level Up:

Interaction with Aurelion Sol:

Interaction with Tahm Kench:


The Shield of Valoran

“Taric is the Aspect of the Protector, wielding incredible power as Runeterra’s guardian of life, love, and beauty. Shamed by a dereliction of duty and exiled from his homeland Demacia, Taric ascended Mount Targon to find redemption, only to discover a higher calling among the stars. Imbued with the might of ancient Targon, the Shield of Valoran now stands ever vigilant against the insidious corruption of the Void.”


Level Up:

Interaction with Soraka:


The Aspect of Twilight

“As the embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change, Zoe acts as the cosmic messenger of Targon, heralding major events that reshape worlds. Her mere presence warps the arcane mathematics governing realities, sometimes causing cataclysms without conscious effort or malice.

“This perhaps explains the breezy nonchalance with which Zoe approaches her duties, giving her plenty of time to focus on playing games, tricking mortals, or otherwise amusing herself. An encounter with Zoe can be joyous and life affirming, but it is always more than it appears and often extremely dangerous.”


Level Up:

Interaction with Diana:

Interaction with Aurelion Sol:

I hope you are as excited for Targon and Bilgewater champions at Legends of Runeterra as we are, but there’s also more to come! According to the leaked info, two more heroes will join EACH of the existing regions, so stay tuned for more spoilers at our website!

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