Masters Decks from Week 1 – Forces From Beyond

A week has passed since the Forces From Beyond expansion dropped, and today we’ll explore decks that players piloted up to Master rank in a relatively short period of time.

The ranked ladder experience feels versatile; many different competitive decks are performing well, which proves we’re in a healthy meta overall.

In today’s article, I’ll share with you a collection of proven lists that players from all three shards piloted up to Master rank during the very first week of the season— maybe you’ll find something that fits your play style and make the climb as well!

Elise Gwen PZ

Gwen Elise created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago

Batschi2 from the EMEA shard climbed to Master rank with an unusual Gwen deckElise Gwen Piltover and Zaun version. This is an aggressive version of a Gwen deck that focuses on pushing early damage with units before it switches to the burn plan.

Unlike the Elise Gwen Noxus version, which relies heavily on fearsome units, this version wants to deal Nexus damage with unit abilities like Boomcrew Rookie, Doombeast, and Used Cask Salesman. Gwen can be annoying to deal with once she goes for the attack. Her ability can also slowly burns the opponent down.

The list is heavy on burn spells like Mystic Shot, Get Excited!, Unspeakable Horror, and Shock Blast. Fading Memories and Unto Dusk can take advantage of your unit’s abilities such as Doombeast’s ability to directly damage the Nexus.

Fizz Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate Fizz created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago

A unique Fizz Twisted Fate list was piloted by America server player, Bee. This is the first time I’ve seen this version of Fizz Twisted Fate, and from the looks of it, the archetype performed well for Bee, making Master rank in just a couple of days of Patch 3.11.

This is a hyper-aggressive Fizz Twisted Fate capable of pushing early unit damage with Fizz, Marai Warder, Boomcrew Rookie, and Golden Narwhal.

Warning Shot, Line’Em Up, Mystic Shot, Get Excited, and Riptide Sermon can all burn down your opponent’s Nexus and close out the game without having to rely on unit damage.

Lastly, Ferros Financiar can potentially find burn tools to close out the game. Cards like Shock Blast and Trueshot Barrage can be crucial to ending the game and removing low-health units off the board.

Akshan Udyr

끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠끠 (I believe it’s Korean for the word Absolutely) from the APAC server got to Master rank using Akshan Udyr, an archetype long forgotten after it failed to position itself in the meta.

The midrange deck takes advantage of the Stance Swap to grant key units like Udyr and Akshan valuable keywords and stats buff that’ll act as protection for the champions.

Once Udyr is leveled up, the additional stats he’ll gain along with the Overwhelm keyword from Wildclaw Stance will threaten to close out the game if not answered.

Finally, the list runs protection tools like Elixer of Iron, Troll Chant, and Rite of Negation to keep key units alive.

Akshan Kai’Sa Demacia

Obviously, an Akshan Kai’Sa Demacia was going to make the list. The archetype has been one of the best performers in the current meta. Raphterra from the APAC server took this list on his ladder climb and made Master rank relatively fast into the new season.

Akshan Kai’Sa Demacia is a midrange deck that relies on both Kai’Sa and Void Abomination as win conditions. The list runs a lot of different units with unique keywords that will assist you in leveling up Kai’Sa and activating the Evolve keyword.

Supercharge enables you to turn Kai’Sa into a win condition. The Overwhelm and Spell Shield keywords could be too much for your opponent to handle. All the keywords you have had on the board will be useful later on once Void Abomination hits the board. Scout, Overwhelm, and Spell Shield set you up for a winning play.

Katarina Yasuo

GreenSlimey from the APAC server made their Master rank climb with Yasuo Katarina, an archetype that gained popularity after the addition of Windswept Hillock to the game.

Yasuo Katarina relies heavily on Yasuo and the stun package as a game plan. You usually want to protect Yasuo and keep him on the board for as long as possible to gain value from his ability to damage your opponent’s units.

Katarina comes in handy with her recall mechanic, allowing you to level up Yasuo faster. She synergizes with Windswept Hillock activating the stun mechanic. Finally, the Blade’s Edge can kill low-health units or set up for a Ravenous Flock.

At some point in the game, you’ll be able to take full control of the board if Yasuo is used to his full potential, and from there you can start hitting the opponent’s Nexus.

Nami Twisted Fate BC

Nami Twisted Fate created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago

Bman from America server piloted Nami Twisted Fate Bandle City up to Master rank! The Shadow Isles and PnZ versions are usually the lists we see on the competitive ladder but Bman decided to bring their own version and it definitely performed!

The play style resembles both the SI and PnZ versions; you’re reliant on your elusive units to push Nexus damage. Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly will buff up your board, creating more powerful attacks.

Bandle City offers value cards like Choncologist, Trinket Trade, and Pokey Stick. Trinket Trade specifically can be a great tool to trigger Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly’s effects.

Jayce Heimerdinger

It is not a surprise at all to see Jayce Heimerdinger on this list. MeMaanhc took the top tier deck on their ladder climb and managed to reach Master with this list.

The archetype is a pure value engine. You want to set up a solid board of turrets with the assistance of Heimerdinger. You also run stall tools like Vile Feast, Shock Blast, and Vengeance to make sure the board doesn’t get overtaken.

Once a leveled Jayce hits the board, you now have access to Acceleration Gate and can double cast 6+ mana spells. This can put too much pressure on your opponent to deal with.

Lulu Chompers!

Last on the list is Lulu Chompers! Ptash from the America shard made an amazing climb with a 68.9% win rate up to Master rank. The archetype gained popularity again with the addition of Sneezy Biggledust!

Lulu Chompers, which has now cut both Fizz and Yordles in Arms from its list, is a swarm deck that wants to deal early unit damage while also relying on Elusive damage from Daring Poros. Those units can gain additional stats from Yordles Captain and Sneezy Biggledust, making them harder to remove and capable of dealing more damage.

Lulu works well with the Flame Chompers! Once supported, the Flame Chompers can kill units thanks to the challenger keyword. In some cases, you might opt to buff a Daring Poro instead to deal Nexus damage and set up your burn plan with Mystic Shot and Get Excited!

Closing Words

Lots of different archetypes have proven to be effective as ladder decks in the first week of Patch 3.11. However, Evelyn is the only champion that players couldn’t find success with. All of her decks are below the 50% threshold.

A lot of players have taken a version of Kai’Sa Demacia and climbed up to Master with it! The archetype has proven to be one of the best performers in the first week.

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