Magic Misadventures Spoilers Gallery

On this page, you can find the FULL SPOILER of the latest LoR expansion - featuring fan favorite champions Ahri and Kennen, and a total of 43 new collectible cards.

The newest Legends of Runeterra expansion, Magical Misadventures, arrives on December 8th! It features four new champions – including Ionia fan favorites Ahri and Kennen, a total of 43 new collectible cards, new keywords, and a whole lot of magic!

On this page, you can track all the most recent spoilers. The reveals are happening every day around 9 AM PST, so come back daily to check out fresh updates!

Remember that right now you can already go and theorycraft with all the cards revealed so far from the expansion in our Deck Builder! We add new cards very shortly after they’ve been officially unveiled.

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