Magic Misadventures Expansion Coming December 8

The next Legends of Runeterra expansion, Magical Misadventures, is coming on December 8th.

The next Legends of Runeterra expansion, Magical Misadventures, is coming on December 8th.

As a “mini” expansion in a set, we can expect a smaller card pool, and a few champions in Bandle City as well as other regions. With spoiler season starting today, we can only imagine what is coming in the new expansion.

For those who remember Ava Achiever going on her adventure set by Teemo in the Beyond the Bandlewood Trailer, the plucky Bandle Scout is back at it in the new set’s trailer.

The delightful, storybook animation is back. Feeling very similar to the book from the end of the last trailer, with the parchment backdrop and flipbook scene changes opposed to the smooth animation of before.

Ava is unwitting to the horrors in the wilderness, but has some familiar faces keeping her safe.

New Champions

We already saw Ahri foreshadowed in the artwork for Tail-Cloak Matriarch, but we can take this trailer to mean she is coming in this expansion. A new champion for Ionia will bring an alternative way to play the region other than the intense aggressive tempo of Poppy Zed that is currently dominating the metagame.

Based on Tail-Cloaked Matriarch’s design, we might expect some Recall value playstyle from Ahri. Dust off your copies of Dancing Droplet and Monastery of Hirana.

The other strongly showcased champion we can expect to see coming in this set is Kennen. The only Yordle member of the Kinkou, and a good friend of Shen. It’s unclear to guess how Kennen will play in LoR.

Also, we can expect Kennen to be the second Bandle City and Ionia Champion alongside Lulu, following up on the precedent set by the two champions that are both PnZ and Bandle (Teemo and Heimerdinger).

This leaves us to guess who the upcoming champions will be. The full set will feature duo-region champions for Bandle City alongside each other faction, as well as mono-region champions. As for this expansion, we can expect one mono champion and one hybrid champion.

We’ve seen a lot of good evidence to show the mystical cat Yuumi is coming to Legends of Runeterra. The whimsical and cosmic nature of the magical cat makes her a great fit for hybrid Targon and Bandle City, playing into the created cards space that both regions have, with Invoke and Loping Telescope (eee… eee… eee…).

The other, mono Champions could come from Demacia, Freljord, or Targon, and it could really be anyone at this point.

New Cards

With the new set being announced, the preview of new cards is also to be expected. We’ve seen three commons so far, that have very interesting applications.

The Minion is a staple from League of Legends, canonically now made a Veigar follower in LoR. Yordle Captain can provide consistent stats, but I question how much play it’ll see with Poppy not looking to be altered until January. Grumbleslug looks to supplement the Bandle City variants of Nami decks.

Wrap Up

We can expect regular previews of cards from now – every day until December 7. New champions, new archetypes, and new ideas to shake the metagame up again.

Keep your eyes right here on for all the latest updates and in-depth spoiler reviews as we learn more about Magical Misadventures.


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