Freshlobster’s Choice: 3 Exciting New Decks to Try in Magic Misadventures

Freshlobster brings you three fun and competitive decks featuring new champions!

Heya, freshlobster here! This time we’ll take a look at not one, but 3 decks that are based on the four new champions from the Magic Misadventures expansion.

I tried to build lists that should be fairly competitive – instead of going too deep down the experimental & meme route, so I hope these can actually help you climb the ladder whilst trying out the new cards & mechanics

I’ll start off with what I believe to be the strongest of the three decks – Rumble Draven Yordle Midrange.

This deck combines three highly synergistic packages into a board-based midrange list: The Noxus Discard package around Draven, the Mecha-Yordle package around Rumble, and the Yordle package around Yordle Explorer.

We generally try to build a board lead early on and snowball it in the mid-game. Mana efficiency is the key here – all three packages are highly mana-efficient and provide us with great statlines and effects for their cost, especially if paired with the +1/+1 buffs from Yordle Explorer.

We then try to close out the game through the sheer board pressure of the Mecha-Yordle army, a leveled-up Rumble (who we can protect well with Survival Skills), or getting an extra swing at the Nexus with Shunpo. If that doesn’t quite close it out, we have some additional burn reach in Electro Harpoon, Lecturing Yordle‘s Poison Darts, as well as the Impact keyword.

  • Mulligan

Keep an open mind and look for combos! Generally speaking, we’re looking for Yordle Squire, Yordle Explorer, Draven, or Draven’s Biggest Fan in the mulligan. However, a combination like Scrapheap + Fallen Rider can also be an insane start if we attack on turn 2. We can either look for an early Furyhorn Crasher for insane value, or play Fallen Rider if we whiff.

Before making these mulligan decisions think about what kind of removal your opponent has, which cards in our deck would give them the most trouble in this matchup, and who has the attack token on which turn.

  • Tech Choices

If you tend to run out of steam too often, Hidden Pathways should be a great addition. You could generally build this deck more controllish with Pokey Stick, Arachnoid Sentry, and Ravenous Flock.

If you want to build this deck more aggressively, you can add copies of Shunpo, Decimate, and maybe even Vision.

The next deck I would suggest trying out is Pantheon Shyvana Midrange, combining the Fated Package with the Demacia Dragon package.

Again, we try to get ahead on the board early on and snowball it through buffs on our Fated units as well as Fury stacks on our Dragons. Brightsteel Protector and Mountain Goat‘s Gems are amazing ways of triggering Fated or ensuring good trades with our Challenger units. At the same time, we can protect our key carries with lots of effective combat tricks: Sharpsight, Pale Cascade, We Stand Together, and Dragon’s Clutch.

If we need to take out a key threat on our opponent’s side, we can do so with Single Combat or Golden Aegis on one of our Challengers, while also benefiting from the Fated or Fury keywords. As finishers, we have our leveled-up champions Pantheon and Shyvana as well as big scary Dragons with Overwhelm through Dragon’s Clutch. And if that shouldn’t suffice, oh well – we can just try again with a Golden Aegis.

To make sure we don’t run out of threats, we can draw with Dragon’s Clutch, Pale Cascade as well as Dragon Chow. Keep in mind that the cute little … elephant?… survives a strike from Wounded Whiteflame! This means that it can let you draw a second card if it is struck again later by another Dragon.

  • Mulligan

Look for a solid early curve and especially for Wounded Whiteflame! We’ll mostly want to spend our mana to develop units early on and then draw into the finishers later. If we play against aggro or need to take out some key threats on our opponent’s side (*cough* Yordle Explorer *cough*), we should additionally look for Single Combat and Dragonguard Lieutenant.

  • Tech Choices

The list is generally teched to be pretty fast. If you only run into aggro or Yordle Explorers, you can additionally add Fleetfeather Trackers.

But if we get outvalued too often, we should consider adding some more late-game threats to this deck. Concerted Strike would be a great option, as well as 1-2 Eclipse Dragon‘s. In that case, we could even consider exchanging a Shyvana for an Aurelion Sol.

Ahri Kennen Allegiance created by freshlobster • last updated 2 years ago

The last deck I want to present was also the trickiest to theorycraft without any prior testing. Kennen and Ahri add amazing depth to the Recall archetype and offer a lot of deckbuilding and playmaking opportunities. I feel like they will be very rewarding if played well, and very punishing as soon as we make minor mistakes.

I ended up deciding on an aggressive Ionia Allegiance Elusive deck. This deck looks to swarm the board with tons of cheap Elusive units. We want to chip in some early Nexus damage on attack turns while phantom-blocking with Recall or Retreat on our units on defensive turns and progressing the level-up of our champions.

To close out the game, we either want to have a flipped Ahri strike the Nexus repeatedly while swapping in for those cheap Elusives, or we want to have a lvl 2 Kennen take over with Mark of the Storms. Keep in mind we can have multiple Kennens on the board with Kinkou Wayfinder or God-Willow Seedling!

If we don’t have access to our champions, Greenglade Duo, Keeper of Masks, and Sai’nen Thousand-Tailed are great alternative ways of closing out games and are highly synergistic with all of those cheap Elusive units as well as Recall effects.

Whenever we start to run low on cards in hand, we can make use of the effects of Dancing Droplet, Shadow Assassin, or Sai’nen Thousand-Tailed for some refills.

  • Mulligan

Look for the champions! Besides that, I would mostly keep the 1-drops and Kinkou Wayfinder. You can consider keeping Navori Conspirator, Gust Monk, and Greenglade Duo, depending on what you already have in hand and how much removal your opponent’s deck is running.

  • Tech Choices

There are lots of ways of building this list. If we want to get even more aggressive, we can add Navori Bladescout. Sonic Wave and Charm are some great combat tricks if we want to make more use of the Quick Attack on our champions. Nopeify! is a solid defensive option, as well as Homecoming. And if we want to have more combos and card draw in our deck, we can run more copies of God-Willow Seedling and Sai’nen Thousand-Tailed.

Another option is to just not go for the Allegiance build at all and play more Bandle City cards. There are plenty of options and ideas on how such a deck could be built, so I’m not going to delve too deep into that – I’ll just leave one more deck idea here as an inspiration.

This is what an aggressive Kennen Ahri deck could look like if we want to make use of more of the new Bandle City cards. However, I have to admit that the Allegiance version looks stronger and more synergistic on paper.

I hope I could give you some inspiration for some new deck ideas and I hope that you’re excited to try out the new cards!


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