Lulu Jinx Bandle: Crazy Chompers!

If you miss winning games with Jinx and love explosive attacks out of nowhere - Brokenball has the list just for you!
  • Origins

Lulu Jinx Ionia was the first meta deck that made effective use of the now very much competitive Lulu + Flame Chompers package.

It was a very explosive aggressive deck that featured a lot of support units and thanks to Burst summons and Elusives could threaten a lot of damage seemingly out of nowhere. Then, it usually finished the game with burn damage, thanks to Jinx and Get Excited!.

As a fan of that deck, the first thing I did when Bandle City received Discard support was to try and find a way to make Lulu + Flame Chompers work with the new region.

Unlike the Ionia version, which has felt solved for a quite a while, Bandle City provides much bigger variety of different tools which makes the deck very easy to adapt it to your liking and current meta needs.

My first iteration of the deck featured a lot of Mecha-Yordle support cards: Arena Promoter was the MVP and is still a good card for the deck if you want to go slower.

When Ahri Kennen became the best deck in the game I shifted to a build with beefy 4-drop engines of Lecturing Yordle and Captain Yordle. I also ran a lot of small damage spells, with a full set of Mystic shot, Pokey Stick and Get Excited + a one-of Electro Harpoon.

Nowadays, the goal of the deck is preying on Demacia and Fated decks, so I value going wide and going fast. This is why I cut down on a lot of the Mecha-Yordle cards, and decided to max out on Jury Rigs. Yordle Portal is one of the new tools the deck got and allows for some explosive attacks that even rival the Ionia version.

  • Gameplan

Your main gameplan is still very similar to the original Lulu Jinx Chompers. Go wide and make use of Burst summons, enable Lulu and small units create unfair attacks, and then finish the game off with burn.

Your highrolls are a bit less explosive than the OG version, but this playstyle is still very effective and the main way you beat decks like Fated.

What you lose in explosiveness, you gain in consistency, as Yordle Captain is one of the strongest cards Bandle City provides. This deck is very good at abusing it – thanks to Burst summons and small units you can create a full buffed board out nowhere. But even just buffing a Jinx can put your opponent behind.

Very often it’s correct to play it slow until turn 4/5, when you can play Yordle Captains and then summon a few units at Burst speed to guarantee value and generate board states that are very hard to deal with.

You can also fight for the board normally – it all depends on your hand and what your opponent is doing. Learning when to go face and when to fight for the board is part of what makes this list fun and flexible.

As a rule of thumb with Jinx decks, you should aim to put your opponent down to 7 HP which is enough for Get Excited! + Super Mega Death Rocket! to finish your opponent off.

You can easily get the Rocket on the same turn you flip Jinx, thanks to the various Discard effects that add cards to your hand – and Pokey Stick, if you decide to run it.

In the mulligan always look for Lulu, Zaunite Urchin and Boom Baboon. If you have Lulu and Discard fodder – plan your curve ahead and consider keeping cards like Poro Cannon, Yordle Portal and Yordle Captain.

  • Verdict

Lulu Jinx is my favorite deck right now and it also shines in tournaments – Demacia is running rampant there, so you get a lot of good matchups.

Unfortunately, depending on the rank you’re playing, ladder can be a less welcoming environment for the deck, Noxus control and Darkness are really bad matchups.

As of right now this archetype feels like a harder to play version of Fizz Lulu. So for strictly competitive purposes I would advise to play that deck – but maybe with future balance changes to cards like Yordles in Arms this could change.

But if you miss winning games with Jinx and love explosive attacks out of nowhere consider giving this deck a shot!

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