LoR’s Next Expansion Leaked – Spoilers Ahead!

Legends of Runeterra’s next expansion after Forces from Beyond, has been inadvertently leaked (yet again) by an early video release on their YouTube channel. Earlier today, Riot announced that the expansion will be debuted on their Twitch channel on August 17, the same date the next balance patch 3.13.0 will be arriving:

To continue with the theme of darkness, Kayn has been teased in the poster, but not much else was known other than that there are five new champions, a new card type and over 65 new collectible cards. Since the official announcement day is only a bit over a day ahead, you may want to just choose not to look past here – major spoilers ahead!

You can also check out the big reddit thread here for the discussion happening at the moment.

The Darkin Saga: Awakening Leaks

  • Expansion name: The Darkin Saga: Awakening
  • The Saga will progress through future expansions.
  • New card type: Equipment – Could Ornn also be in the horizons for LoR soon?
  • Equipment will show up in every region, and can be played with Spell Mana at Unit speed.
  • It works like the Attach keyword, and units can only have 1 card Equipped or Attached.
  • Equipment cards return to hand when the bearer leaves combat.
  • Unequipped cards cannot be played on the same round.
  • Darkin weapons can be played as Equipment or a Unit.


Thanks to Skrillfury21 for the transcription!

  • Kayn: 5 mana 2/5 with Challenger. Origin: The Shadow Reaper Auto-Equip: The Darkin Scythe. When I kill an enemy, heal me 2. Level-Up: I’ve struck twice. When I level up, recall me.
  • The Shadow Reaper: You may put any cultist cards into your deck during deckbuilding. Once you’ve summoned 3+ cultist units, draw Kayne.
  • The Darkin Scythe: 2 mana equipment with “Attack: Grant The Darkin Scythe +2|+0.”
  • Kayn Level 2: 0 mana 3/5 with “Transform me and all allied copies of me into Rhaast or The Shadow Assassin.”
  • Rhaast: 5 mana 3|5 with challenger, overwhelm, “Auto-Equip: Corrupted Scythe.” and “When I kill an enemy, fully heal me and heal your nexus 2.”
  • Corrupted Scythe: 2 mana equipment with “Equip: Attack: Grant Corrupted Scythe +1|+1.”
  • The Shadow Assassin: 5 mana 3|5 with elusive, challenger, “Auto-Equip: Shadow Scythe.”
  • Shadow Scythe: 2 mana equipment with “Attack: Grant Shadow Scythe +2|+0.”
  • Kayn’s Shadow Step: Give Kayn quick attack and he starts a free attack challenging an enemy. Create a Kayn in your deck.
  • Forsaken Accolyte: 1 mana Shuriman Cultist that has 2|1 and “Play: Predict. If you pick a Darkin or Equipment, grant me +1|+1.”
  • Ranger Knight Defector: 4 mana cultist from Demacia with 4|3, Tough, and “Once you’ve equipped an ally this game, grant me Scout.”
  • Tempting Prospect: 1 mana burst Cultist spell from Demacia that says: “Pick a follower from the top 4 cards of your deck, draw it, and place the rest on the bottom of your deck.”
  • Draconic Bands: 4 mana Targonian equipment with 3|3, fury and “My bearer is a dragon.”
  • Heedless Resurrection: 5 mana Shuriman Cultist slow spell with “ I cost 2 less once you’ve equipped a unit this game” and “Revive a copy of the strongest dead allied champion.”
  • Furious Wielder: 4 mana Noxus Cultist Fast spell with “An equipped ally strikes an enemy.”
  • The Darkin Ballista: 1 mana Darkin equipment from noxus with +2|+0, “When I’m equipped, deal 1 to your nexus” and “You may spend 8 mana to cast me as Naganeka of Zuretta.”
  • Naganeka of Zuretta: 8 mana Darkin from Noxus with 5|13 statline and “Round End: The strongest enemy and I strike each other.”

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