Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.17 Notes: Battle Academia

Battle Academia is coming to the next game update on Legends of Runeterra! Cosmetics from this popular theme from League of Legends will also be available for champions such as Lux, Ezrael, Poppy, Caitlyn and Leona. Of course, there will be a new board, card backs, and emotes to go along with them.

There are no card balance changes in this update with a couple of improvements and several bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes from Riot Games below:

Wake up, grab a piece of toast and get ready to dash, because class is in session; Battle Academia has arrived in Legends of Runeterra!


The following items are being added to the Store.

Champion Skins

Battle Academia Lux

Alternate art + Level-up Animation

Battle Academia Ezreal

Alternate art

Battle Academia Poppy

Alternate art

Battle Academia Caitlyn

Alternate art

Battle Academia Leona

Alternate art

Battle Academia Katarina

Alternate art



Durandal Stadium

For legends with big dreams and bigger hearts.

This board has special visual effects and music.

Card Backs


Battle Academia Ezreal

For legends who are probably late for class.


Battle Academia Lux

For legends who help their class shine bright.



No Funny Business

“I’m watching you.”


Challenge Accepted

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


The School Spirit bundle is available in the Store for 2763 Coins, prorated for any items you already own. Bundle includes:

  • Durandal Stadium Board
  • Battle Academia Lux Skin
  • Battle Academia Lux Card Back
  • Lux Champion Card
  • Battle Academia Lux Skin
  • Battle Academia Ezreal Skin
  • Battle Academia Poppy Skin
  • Battle Academia Caitlyn Skin
  • Battle Academia Katarina Skin
  • Battle Academia Leona Skin
  • Champion cards for all of the above champions

Upcoming Labs Updates

It’s nearly time for some new experiments! Lab of Legends, Saltwater Scourge, and Ultra Rapid Draw will be cycled out in patch 2.19.0 on November 10. Be sure to earn your Malphite and Gangplank card backs and get some high-octane Ultra Rapid Draw games in before then!


  • Decks can now be marked as Favorites, and will display at the top of your Collection. No more sorting through dozens of meme decks (now they’ll all be at the top)!
  • Champions with equipped Skins will now display as the skinned version on deck covers if that champion is set as the cover.


  • Created cards from Prismatic cards will now be properly created as Prismatics.
  • The Quest “Bandle Brigade” has had its completion requirement lowered to match other units.
  • The Arsenal will no longer be granted a random keyword when a Landmark is destroyed by the opposing player.
  • When recalling Claws of the Dragon after playing two spells, Retreat will now correctly create a fleeting Return.
  • Fixed a bug where removing the Challenger keyword from a non-committed unit will not resolve correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Overgrown Snapvine was obliterated incorrectly when a level two Viego kills a Champion at Round Start.
  • Chronobreaks created when Ekko levels up now have the correct keywords and spell icons.
  • Oracle’s Eye will now display the correct outcome when casting Singular Will on Tail-Cloak Matriarch.
  • Fixed several UI, UX, and general visual bugs to improve game clarity and player experience.
  • Fixed several VO bugs across the game that were causing incorrect or no VO lines to play.
  • Fixed a bug for spectators where choice cards like Twisted Fate would disappear after being played.
  • Fixed a bug for spectators to close the social panel automatically when beginning to spectate another player.
  • Several improvements to text across the game in our continued effort for text consistency.

Source: https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news/game-updates/patch-2-17-0-notes/


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