LoR Meta Report – Patch 3.15 Week 1 – Best Ladder Decks

Hello everyone, Meta Report is here. Patch 3.15 focused on tackling many in-game bug issues, which means we didn’t have any huge changes to the meta since there wasn’t any game balance included.

However, we still witnessed some changes in the meta. Old archetypes showed up in the most played decks and performed exceptionally well against popular decks.

You can find most of the deck codes on our Meta Tier List.

Sources: The 166k matches of data from September 13 to September 19 are from LoR Meta. The data is based on Platinum, Diamond, and Master rank matches. I also used Runeterra.AR for more Master rank stats on low play rate decks.

Most Successful Archetypes

Tier 1 (Pirate Aggro, Katarina Gwen, Scouts, Taric Poppy, Ezreal Kennen, Viego Evelynn, Nami Twisted Fate IO, Gangplank Sejuani) Gangplank Sejuani’s new rise has quickly landed it a spot in Tier 1, although it might be a bit early to judge the deck’s standings in the tier list. We’ll have more information next week on whether the deck deserves its spot in Tier 1 or not.

Tier 2 (Nasus Kindred, Heimerdinger Norra, Timelines Trundle, Akshan Kayn, Gwen Sejuani, Akshan Lee Sin, Akshan Pantheon, Nami Twisted Fate SI, Lurk, Ramp Aurelion Sol, Vi Jax) a wide variety of different archetypes in tier 2, the meta feels quite versatile and healthy in its current state.

Meme Tier Soraka Tahm Kench. Apparently, this week, players have attempted to revive the old Soraka TK deck. Unfortunately, their attempt ended up in failure, barely hitting a 40% win rate in all ranks.

Balance Watch Although Ezreal Kennen’s stats aren’t problematic. In the right hands, the archetype has proven to be difficult to play against, due to the strength of Kennen’s Mark of the Storm.

Underplayed and Overplayed Archetypes

In the chart below, I’ve plotted win rates versus play rates of 21 decks to demonstrate which archetypes can be seen as the ‘kings’ in the current meta, and which decks can be labeled as ‘overplayed’ or ‘underplayed’.

The Y-Axis represents the win rate whereas the X-Axis represents the play rate.

Meta Kings: Pirate Aggro and Gangplank Sejuani are holding high win rates in all ranks! It’s a bit early to formulate an opinion on Gangplank Sejuani’s position in the meta as it just showed up this week on the top played decks, but Pirate Aggro has solidified its spot as one of the best decks in the meta.

Overplayed: Heimerdinger Norra has been holding an insane play rate, but its win rate has dropped significantly.

Underplayed: Twisted Fate Nami SI. The archetype is keeping up with the Ionia version in terms of win rate, and with the rise of Plunder, the SI version seems to be the better archetype to deal with the deck.

Hidden Gems:

Akshan Twisted Fate by 4lw. The archetype adopts an aggressive game plan, and it seems to have potential. It’s currently holding a 51% win rate on the ranked ladder.

Zoe Yuumi Elusive deck. The archetype relies purely on elusive power to push Nexus damage. It wants to set up a wide board of elusive units and buff them up. The currently has a 51.45% win rate on the ranked ladder

Most Popular Archetypes

  • Heimerdinger Norra is the most popular archetype this week, hovering around a 10% play rate. Itis though barely holding a 50% win rate in Platinum+ while sitting at 53.8% in Master rank.
Miss Fortune Twisted Fate created by Sorry • last updated 12 months ago
  • Pirate Aggro continues its domination. The deck has dropped to the second most played deck but still maintains a high win rate in all ranks. Pirate Aggro is rocking a 59.6% win rate in Master rank, which is the highest among all decks.
  • Katarina Gwen is one of the best performers. It’s the third most played deck and holds a 53% win rate in Platinum+ and a 58% win rate in Master rank.
  • Trundle Timelines’ play rate started to increase this week. The popular version has dropped Ornn from the list and replaced him with Vi. Although the popular Pirate Aggro is a difficult matchup, the deck is putting up good numbers in Master rank, with a 56.5% win rate.
Nasus Kindred created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago
  • Kindred Nasus is barely holding onto a 50% win rate in Platinum+. However, Master players are performing well with the archetype, hitting a 55.4% win rate.
  • Ezreal Kennen IO is one of the highest skill intensive decks out there. The archetype’s win rate dropped from 59.3% to 56.5% in Master, after the meta shifted a bit to counter the deck.
Sejuani Gangplank created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago
  • This week, Gangplank Sejuani Plunder quickly rose to the top ten most-played decks! Additionally, the archetype has the highest win rate with 55.5% in Platinum+. As for Master rank, the win rate is 58.1%.
  • Twisted Fate Nami Ionia remains more popular than the Shadow Isles version. As for their win rate, both versions have close numbers, with around a 54% win rate in Platinum+ and a 57% win rate in Master rank.
  • Karma Viktor is among the top 20 most popular decks! The archetype’s win rate in Platinum+ is 49.8%, while in Master rank it holds a 51.2% win rate.
  • Akshan Pantheon is shockingly pulling a 55.4% win rate in Master rank. The Shurima Targon deck is finding success with the assistance of Equipment cards.

Closing Words

It’s amazing to see old archetypes still thrive and perform well in the new meta. It goes to show that there are still a lot of hidden archetypes that are capable of pulling their weight and shaping the meta.

This is it for this week’s Meta Report, I’ll see you in the next one!


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