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LoR Masters Europe – Chronicles of Bandlewood: Day 7 – Quarterfinals

LoR Masters Europe - Chronicles of Bandlewood

The quarterfinals of LoR Masters Europe: Chronicles of Bandlewood took place on Friday, and the top 8 countries battled it out in intense games for a spot in the semifinals on Sunday.

Germany, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Spain, and Czechia are the top 8 countries that managed to make it out of groups and into the quarter-finals. Here are the full decklists of the quarterfinals.

Let’s go through all four matchups!

Match 1: Germany 2 – 1 Turkey

Germany, the number one seed was matched against Turkey, the previous LoR Masters Europe champions!


  • Germany: Zoe Nami – Poppy Ziggs Burn
  • Turkey: Poppy Ziggs Burn – Akshan Sivir


Game 1

Germany went with Zoe Nami as their first pick whereas Turkey went with Veigar Senna Darkness, a deck that performs well into Germany’s pick.

With a leveled-up Veigar on board along with an Ixtali Sentinel on turn 9, Turkey takes game 1 in a somewhat one-sided match.

Game 2

Germany decided to change their pick and go for Sion Draven, while Turkey goes for Fizz Lulu, a Bandle Tree deck.

Germany managed to close out the game against the Bandle Tree deck with a second Sion! Taking it to a third last matchup to decide who makes it to the Semifinals.

Game 3

Germany picks Twisted Fate Gangplank, an aggressive deck that relies on pushing early damage and closing out the game with Gangplank or Double Up.

Turkey on the other hand went for the old school Akshan Sivir deck, a safe pick that can hold its ground against most of Germany’s lineup.

This matchup is pretty even for both decks and although both teams had a good starting hand, Germany had an explosive early game pushing a lot of early damage onto Turkey’s Nexus with their early cheap units. A Red Card from Twisted Fate along with a Parrrley onto the Nexus directly pushed in the last 2 damage Germany needed to win the game.

Germany advances to semifinals whereas Turkey’s run ends here.

Match 2: Russia 2 – 0 Italy


  • Russia: Draven Sion – Ziggs Poppy
  • Italy: Zoe Nami – Ziggs Poppy


Game 1

Russia picks Lissandra Taliyah, a Frozen Thrall landmark centered deck, while Italy went for Swain Sejuani. Both teams starting off the matchup with spicy decks!

Russia manages to squeeze a win in an extremely close game with a Blighted Ravine to finish off Italy’s 1 health Nexus, taking the lead by 1-0.

Game 2

Russia decides to play Akshan Sivir Demacia while Italy takes Swain Sejuani for another round, hoping to even out the score with the Noxus Freljord deck.

Russia manages to overpower Italy in board presence and with the lack of a leveled-up Sejuani on Italy’s board, it was impossible to stop Russia’s Rally pressure.

Russia ends up with a 2-0 sweep against Italy and advances to the semifinals.

Match 3: Sweden 1 – 2 Morocco


  • Sweden: Draven Sion – Ziggs Poppy Burn
  • Morocco: Ziggs Poppy – Sion Draven


Game 1

With both teams banning the same decks from each other’s lineups, Sweden starts off game 1 with Fizz Bandle Tree deck, whereas Morocco goes for Gangplank Sejuani Plunder deck.

Sweden takes game one after fluffing the Bandle Tree’s condition. The generated Hexplosive Minefield came in clutch to stop the Overwhelm damage from Sejuani’s attack, giving them just enough time to get the last unit for the Bandle Tree win.

Game 2

Sweden goes for the Demacia Lulu Zed deck, an aggressive deck that relies on Elusive units and Rally to close out the game. As for Morocco, they choose to take Gangplank Sejuani for another run.

The matchup depends on Morocco’s ability to level up Sejuani fast enough and have her on the board to shut down Sweden’s attacks by freezing the whole board.

Morocco takes the win after leveling up Sejuani and Freezing Sweden’s board, saving them from a lethal attack and they close out the game with both Gangplank and Sejuani pushing in lethal damage with their Overwhelm keyword.

Game 3

Sweden runs Lulu Zed again while Morocco goes for Zoe Lee Sin. This time Sweden is rewarded for their pick as the matchup is favored for them.

Even in an unfavored matchup, Morocco manages to sustain the aggressive play style of Sweden after drawing 3 Eye of the Dragon that kept healing their Nexus up with the Dragonlings.

Morocco ends the matchup with style by playing Spell Thief, stealing a Rally spell, and ending the game with a leveled-up Lee Sin.

Match 4: Spain 2 – 1 Czechia

In the last match of the day, both teams are ready to give it their all after a long wait for their match, the last team to join Germany, Russia, and Morocco is about to be decided.


  • Spain: Poppy Ziggs burn – Sion Draven
  • Czechia: Zoe Nami – Akshan Sivir


Game 1

Spain chooses Fizz Poppy Bandle Tree deck while Czechia goes for Zoe Nami. With Bandle City Mayor, Spain swarms the board with units early on and buffs up the board with Poppy.

A sole Nami on Czechia’s board makes it difficult to preserve their health from a threatening attack, the Fizz Spell though the Playful Trickster gives Spain Rally, enough to close out the game with extremely aggressive gameplay.

Game 2

Spain goes for another aggressive deck, Teemo Ziggs burn deck. As for Czechia, this time they decide to play Veigar Senna Darkness but teched for aggressive decks, with cards like Withering Mist, Withering Wail, and Grasp of the Undying. All are good cards that provide healing to sustain the burn spells from Spain’s side.

With all the healing cards on Czechia’s side, they win game 2 taking the series for a third final match.

Game 3

Spain this time changes up their gameplay by going Lissandra Taliyah Thralls instead of picking an aggressive deck, as for Czechia they pick Anivia Control, a solid pick against aggressive decks but somewhat struggles into Thralls if they run out of Freezes.

Spain ended the game with an insane setup! A Frozen Thralls into Promising Future and Taliyah to finish it off, Spain summoned 4 Thralls on their turn 6 attack! Nothing Czechia could do to answer such an Overwhelming attack. They end up surrender a quick match and Spain makes it to the Semifinals joining as the fourth team to make it to Sunday games.

Results and Brackets

With all four matches now over, Germany will be facing Russia while Morocco will be taking on Spain in the Semifinals which will take place on Sunday 10th of October 1PM (CEST) streamed at the official Legends of Runeterra Twitch channel. All four teams will play for a shot to make it to the finals and be crowned the Champion of LoR Europe: Chronicles of Bandlewood.

On an important note, the rest of the games will be best of 5, unlike both the Group stage and Quarterfinals that were played in a best of 3 format.



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