Legends of Runeterra Teases New Draft Mode

The upcoming Legends of Runeterra Preview Patch on November 14 will be a big patch! The official Twitter account of Legends of Runeterra teased the new draft mode called Expeditions being implemented with a short video, and a full patch note to come on Wednesday that sees changes to over 40 cards.

Expedition will be a game mode where you select from a rotating pack of random cards to build a deck using those cards only and battle against players that have done the same. You will not be keeping the cards you drafted.

The cost of Expeditions have also been revealed also, which shows 400 Coins, 4000 Shards or 1 Token, equivalent to one Champion card.


More information will be teased beginning tomorrow and we will keep you posted on all the information here at RuneterraCCG.com!