Legends of Runeterra Roadmap: New Modes & Events starting in June; Card Releases Every 2 Months!

Exciting news for LoR fans - Executive Producer Jeff Jew and Design Director Andrew Yip are ready to share the details on what’s coming up next for Legends of Runeterra!

LoR Roadmap


Gauntlets are limited-time competitive modes with unique deckbuilding/gameplay rules and exclusive rewards. It is understood that the goal of each new Gaunlet would be to get to 7 wins.

Over time, new Gauntlets with different rules will be offered, while some of the fan-favorites could re-enter the rotation as the game mode evolves.

The first Gauntlet in June will use standard deckbuilding rules – the developers explain that its main goal is to test the underlying tech. The next one will challenge you to build a ‘singleton’ deck, i.e. using no more than one copy of each card.


Labs are experimental game modes based on more extreme changes to the classic Legends of Runeterra formula. The developers promise that this mode will feature ‘wild gameplay and some mad science’.

Labs are intended to be more chaotic and casual than Gauntlets. The Labs mode will be intoduced in July, and it will involve ‘unusual champion teamups, unpredictable strategies and actions that starts right on Round One’.


Periodically, Legends of Runeterra will have special thematic events that will offer new cosmetic items, quests, and potentially some new Gauntlet/Lab. Events are expected to last for a month.

During an event, every player will have access to a series of limited-time rewards that can be unlocked just by playing. There will also be an Event Pass in the store that adds even more rewards for you to unlock.

The developers have added that they want Events to be ‘a great way to get even more rewarded for the hours you spend playing LoR’.

New Sets Release Schedule

Riot have stated the goal as to release more cards more frequently, creating more frequent shifts in the meta with new mechanics and champions.

In August, the next region of Runeterra will debut with new champions and a bunch of supporting cards. Then, new drops of cards (including new champions) will be released every two months. In accordance to that 2-months release cadence, a brand new region will be added to Legends of Runeterra every six months.

Check the official infographics below to get a better sense of the intended schedule:

Additional Features & Improvements Planned for 2020

LoR Executive Producer Jeff Jew has also added: ‘We’re also currently in development on other modes, like tournaments and single-player experiences. When we’re ready with more details, we’ll be sure to share an update’.

Official ‘What’s Next for Runeterra Video:


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