Legends of Runeterra to Announce Their Plans for 2022 in February

The February announcement will be one of the most anticipated reveals of the year - let's dive into all the backstory and rumours as we brace ourselves.

Legends of Runeterra official Twitter has confirmed that they will reveal an updated roadmap for 2022 in February, alongside the release of the last Bandle City expansion:

“For those of you asking about our future plans, we’re happy to report that we have an updated roadmap coming to you soon! We’ll release the roadmap shortly after our next expansion comes out in February. We can’t wait to share it with you all – stay tuned!”

This upcoming announcement is one of the most anticipated reveals of the year. It is speculated that it will contain both concrete details of the card releases that will follow the Bandle City set, and the statements regarding the developer’s vision of where LoR will move next – after all the regions have been introduced into the game.

On January 7th, Riot held their ‘Season 2022’ Livestream, where they have unveiled their plans for the development of content and game worlds across League of Legends and Wild Rift. Legends of Runeterra was not included in the announcement – that is despite the fact that the game is sharing the world setting with these two games, often participating in cross-over Runeterra events happening at the same time in all three titles.

Last year, LoR had its own segment during the season start livestream, where the developers have teased the Ruination event, as well as the arrival of Shurima and the roadmap of expansions up to the summer of 2021. However, this time apparently it’s been decided to separate the announcements for LoL/Wild Rift and LoR.

Meanwhile, based on various evidence, it has been speculated by many lore-focused content creators within the wider LoL community (Necrit, TB Skyen, NickyBoi, to name a few) that this year’s theme of the development of the world of Runeterra will be centered on Void and the upcoming Void invasion in Shurima and Freljord.

As such, Legends of Runeterra is expected to fully be a part of it, and its next cycle of expansions following Bandle City can start introducing Void champions and themes into the game. However, it is certain that Void will not be separated into a standalone region – but its champions will be placed into existing LoR regions, where they make the most sense.

The previous Roadmap announcement happened in July 2021, and currently, our knowledge of Legends of Runeterra plans for 2022 stretches as far as February. The next expansion is expected to come out on February 16th – it is supposed to be the last release of the Bandle City cycle, introducing 4 new champions (Demacia, Freljord, Targon/Bandle, Freljord/Bandle).

The expansion that will follow Bandle City releases will be particularly important for the vision of LoR, as it will be the first expansion after all the regions have been introduced into the game. So far, the card release model has been organized into sets and expansions – 3 standard expansions + 1 event expansion per set, all tied to a particular region.

Now that this system focused on introducing regions has been exhausted, it will be particularly exciting to learn where Legends of Runeterra will move next as a way to structure their card releases.

In addition to that, now that LoR has been officially out for almost two years, the card pool in the game has grown to the point where the talk of rotation becomes very relevant. The developers have confirmed that they do consider introducing rotation in some form, and 2022 might be the year where they put plans in motion.

What are your predictions for the champions and stories coming this year into the world of Runeterra? Are you excited about the speculated Void invasion? Would you like to see a rotation introduced into LoR?

Please feel free to let us know in the comments or join the discussion in our Discord. We’ll be keeping a close eye and reporting on more news and rumours that might lift the curtain on the February announcement, so stay tuned!


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