Legends of Runeterra Expeditions Archetypes

Lead designer for the Expeditions mode Paul Sottosanti has posted a spreedsheet containing all the cards and archetypes available in the League of Runeterra draft mode. He has commented:

“Been seeing more attempts lately to identify the contents of each of the #LegendsOfRuneterra Expeditions archetypes, so here is an official source. last two are the “bonus” archetypes that only show up half as often as the others – and yes, Cataclysm contains a lot of cards :)”

He has also explained:

“Cohesiveness Rating is a tuning value that controls how quickly a given archetype will stop showing up in Wild Picks if you haven’t been taking cards from it (since say, Shadows and Dust packs aren’t an interesting option if you don’t at least have an Ephemeral subtheme).

“Wild Pick Bonus Chance is another tuning value that allows us to make archetypes which are highly reliant on synergy – like Shroom and Boom – show up in your Wild Picks more often, but only when they are the primary archetype that you’ve been drafting so far.”

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