Karma Ezreal: Back to the Roots

After grinding with various meta staples, Agigas eventually felt the need to go back to his roots, to the deck he has always truly enjoyed playing.
  • Origins

Hey, Agigas here! After grinding a lot with various meta staples this season, I eventually felt the need to go back to my roots, to the deck I’ve always truly enjoyed playing.

Ezreal Karma is a deck that brings us back in time. It was a meta-defining archetype back in 2020, but then got toned down after Ezreal’s rework and became more discrete.

While the deck has never returned to dominance ever since, it also has never stopped being a viable option, and I played it with success in every season.

  • Gameplan

Ezreal Karma is a control and combo archetype, looking to stall out the game until it can suddenly blow the opponent out of the game.

Just by taking a look at the champions, we can already envision how this archetype wins the late game easily. Karma will dominate pretty much any endgame as you have very powerful spells for her. Ezreal, on the other end, helps you to push for a quick lethal once he is set up.

Moreover, assembling the two of them is rather deadly as Karma doubling your spells not only means doubling their impact but also doubling Ezreal’s triggers, killing the opponent at lightning speed.

The archetype has a well-balanced pool of control spells, helping to finish games with Karma and/or Ezreal but also to help stall things out.

Removals, bounces, and Stuns will keep the opponent’s units at bay, whereas Deny will prevent them from resolving key spells. With its high amount of draw and card selection, this deck rarely ever runs out of value and will often have the right answer at the right time.

With your numerous spells, it is quite easy to trigger Eye of the Dragon, adding another layer to our defenses against non-evasive units.

The deck runs on a lot of various synergies, making it very powerful but also, at times, really complex. This article is intended only as a short introduction to the archetype so I can’t list them all, but I do want to quickly go over the two most defining ones.

First of all, Karma combines extremely well with Hexite Crystal. A lot of decks can’t do anything against this combo, and it will be the way you will close out the game most of the time. Moreover, you can quite easily find your Hexite Crystal by doubling a Time Trick with Karma.

Another very important interaction to know is the ability to tutor spells you need with Scattered Pod. If you choose Slow speed, you know you will get a Thermogenic Beam, whereas Burst Speed will always get you draw spells.

  • Verdict

If you’ve followed my latest Twitter updates you know my ranked Ezreal Karma grind went quite well. Still, it is important to note that this is a complex archetype that I do have a lot of experience with.

All in all the archetype is still very much viable in the current meta, and when played well it will lead to great results. Its good matchup against Pantheon is what also makes it interesting for certain Bo3 lineups.

It is a very unique archetype, so if you have never tried it I would urge you to do as I believe it to be really fun and interesting to play.

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