Kai'Sa Leak - Star Guardian 2022 Official Event Teaser

Kai’Sa Leak – Star Guardian 2022 Official Event Teaser

What’s next for Legends of Runeterra? Kai’Sa was announced in the last Dev Snapshot to headline the next Legends of Runeterra expansion as a Shurima Shuriman champion, along with her followers to form a midrange/combo finisher archetype, and other new champions.

Coming on July 20th (Patch 3.11.0) along with the popular Star Guardian Event that is going live on League of Legends (a bit earlier than LoR on July 14), Kai’Sa has been briefly teased in the Star Guardian Official Event Teaser:

Kai'Sa Leak - Star Guardian 2022 Official Event Teaser

Enhance! Level 1 Kai’sa (with the Star Guardian skin) looks to be a 5 mana, 4|4:

  • Keywords: Quick Attack and a new Keyword icon that we do not know about yet
  • Text: When I’m summoned or Round Start: If you have the attack token, create a Second Skin in hand.
  • Level Up: You’ve Evolved.

You can even seen glimpses of the Star Guardian skins of Taliyah and Senna:

Taliyah and Senna Star Guardian Leak

Reveals are set to start next week, so stay tuned for further details! In the meantime, check out the official trailer below:


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