Kai’sa Akshan To Rank 1 Masters – Everything You Need To Know!

In this article, Raphterra shares how he climbed from Platinum to Rank 1 Masters with Kai'sa Akshan Demacia.


Hey there, Raphterra here! Today, I’m sharing a feature article on Kai’sa Akshan Demacia, the deck I used to climb from Platinum to Rank 1 Masters at 65% winrate ( 77 Wins, 42 Losses ).

After the reveal season for Forces From Beyond, Kai’sa was definitely the champion that stood out the most to me. After lots of playing, testing, and optimization, I finally came up with the deck list that took me to Rank 1 Masters!

I’ve shared the build and the video guide on my YouTube channel yesterday. Since then, the deck list featured in this article is sitting at 57.8% winrate. This is currently the best performing list of all Kai’sa decks so far.

If you want to see the deck in action after reading this article, check out my detailed video guide!

Deck Build

This deck aims to turbo level up Kai’sa and her followers by playing as many keywords as possible in the early game. We are pairing Kai’sa with Demacia because this region gives us access to powerful keywords from units like Petricite Broadwing, Radiant Guardian, and most importantly, Valor from Blinding Assault.

The main combo of this deck is using Kai’sa’s Second Skin on Valor. Level 2 Kai’sa with Scout and Challenger will clear boards and win games very quickly if not dealt with. For games that go late, Void Abomination is the deck’s alternative win condition.

Akshan gives the deck much needed consistency with Warlord’s Palace allowing you to get what card you need in the mid game. The Warlord’s Hoard allows you to revive Kai’sa with The Absolver’s Resurrection or to refill your hand with Fount of Power. This combo potential and consistency is lacking in other versions running Kai’sa with Sivir or even Kai’sa without other champions.

Void Blaster and Radiant Guardian are strong resilient units that can help apply board pressure if you are still setting up Kai’sa. This deck can adapt to any situation with utility spells like Concerted Strike, Quicksand, Cataclysm, and Rite of Negation.

General Mulligan

For the mulligan, you’re looking for early units that progress Kai’sa’s level up. You’re always going to keep Akshan, Voidling, Petricite Broadwing, and Blinding Assault.

I keep Merciless Hunter against decks that will struggle against fearsome units ( Ekko Zilean, Azir Irelia ), or against decks with early units that I need to remove ( Akshan, Aphelios ).

Void Blaster is a card I keep against non-aggro decks if I already have an early unit.

I like keeping Kai’sa in the mirror match or if I already have a good hand. Take note that keeping Kai’sa may sometimes result in bricked hands if you get unlucky.

Gameplay Tips

  • Keep track of your Evolve progress
    You want to evolve your units as soon as possible, since Kai’sa doesn’t have much impact in her Level 1 form. Use Voidling to get access to keywords that you currently don’t have. You usually don’t want to play your Voidling if they generate keywords that are already in your deck like Fearsome or Challenger. Also keep in mind that Sharpsight counts as a keyword, sometimes you can take advantage of this by evolving at burst speed!
  • Protect and level-up Akshan
    Many games will be won if you can summon Warlord’s Hoard by levelling up Akshan. The Warlord’s Hoard has allowed me to come back from many games that should have been lost. It’s often worth it to use Sharpsight or Quicksand to protect Akshan.
  • Master the fundamentals
    It doesn’t matter how strong a deck is if you don’t master the fundamentals in Legends of Runeterra. I recommend that you check out my content on 4 Advanced Skills Every Legends of Runeterra Player Needs. This content is available both as a written article or as a video guide!

The Mirror Match

I’m predicting that this deck will be one of the most used decks of this meta, so navigating the mirror match will be crucial for your success in ranked ladder. Here are some tips for the mirror matchup:

  • Evaluate if you can afford to play it safe or if you need to take risks.
    If you don’t have a good hand for the late game, you sometimes just need to play your Kai’sa and hope for the best. I showcased a situation like this in my video guide!
  • Never give up!
    If your opponent got off their Kai’sa + Blinding Assault combo, do not panic. Focus instead on surviving their attack turn. If you survive their attack, you can still go for your own combo on your attack turn and kill their Kai’sa.
    If they were able to kill your Kai’sa, The Absolver’s Resurrection from Warlord’s Hoard will be your key to victory. In the late game, Void Abomination with Scout and Quick Attack can also swing games back into your favor.

Closing Words

This is actually my first time to reach Rank 1 Masters in Legends of Runeterra. For this reason, Akshan Kai’sa will always have a special place in my heart from now on. This deck is very fun to play, and has a lot of skill expression with it’s ability to adapt to different situations.

Hope you enjoy playing this deck! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTube, Discord, or Twitter!

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