K/DA-themed Event Coming to Legends of Runeterra October 28

Virtual k-pop group K/DA, which consists of League of Legends champions Akali, Ahri, Evelynn and Kai'sa, will be the main theme of the next LoR event.

Today Riot Games announced that the virtual k-pop group K/DA, which consists of League of Legends champions Akali, Ahri, Evelynn and Kai’sa, will be the main theme of the next Legends of Runeterra event. This cross-over promotion is expected to start October 29, 2020, and will include a skin line in League of Legends, new event and personalization items in Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and more.

K/DA debuted on November 3, 2018, with their hit POP/STARS, and a dedicated skin line in League of Legends. Recently, the group officially made their comeback on August 27, 2020, with a new single, ‘The Baddest’, which will be one of five songs on their upcoming EP, ‘All Out’. The upcoming LoL champion Seraphine is also being promoted as the newest member of K/DA with this release.

In Legends of Runeterra, K/DA ALL OUT Event will begin October 28, 2020. Here’s a full list of upcoming K/DA content in LoR, according to official sources in Riot:

  • New Cards – Epic spell cards inspired by each of the K/DA members and their newest collaborator, Seraphine come to Runeterra as a permanent update for player’s collections.
  • K/DA ALL OUT Event Pass – All players will receive a free Event Pass when they log onto Legends of Runeterra starting October 28, 2020, containing a full set of the new K/DA cards. The pass can be upgraded to include a brand new Guardian called Stellacorn, new K/DA inspired Guardians variants, emotes, and card backs.
  • K/DA Game Mode – In the all-new game mode, K/DA Star Power, players can choose from five decks inspired by each K/DA member and Seraphine. Each deck comes with a unique always-on ability that compliments the featured spell.
  • K/DA Board – The all-new K/DA Board comes equipped with special instrumental versions of iconic K/DA music, which players can swap mid-match to create the perfect mix.

Spoiled Promo (in Russian)

Translation: “K/DA ALL OUT: Limited-time Event. New Game Board. New Lab. Epic Quests. Epic Spells. 4 New Guardians. 6 New Emotes. 6 New Cardbacks – an autographed set! And much more.”

Spoiled New Cards:

Clarification from Riot

In a reddit post made by the verified Riot member, it was explained why K/DA was chosen as a theme for the event:

“Going back to its initial debut in 2018, K/DA has been a worldwide hit throughout the League ecosystem, and a doorway into that ecosystem for many new players and fans. This year’s cross-game K/DA campaign is another big worldwide event aiming to both deepen the experience for existing fans and invite new ones to discover our games, and we’ve been super excited to enable Legends of Runeterra and its players to be a part of that celebration.”

Riot also hinted that LoR is aiming to explore League of Legends alternate universes, and this K/DA event is the first in line of experiments:

“We’re absolutely excited to eventually explore all the sprawling parts of the IP through Legends of Runeterra, including and even especially through cards. We plan for LoR to be around for a long time, which means a LOT of cards, and the rich and varied alternative universes of the IP are an incredible source of fan-loved content. To be clear, we think there are lots of players who would love to see those alternative universes filled out and explored as we have with the regions of Runeterra.

“It’s a primary mission to bring to life (and grow) the core Runeterra world, however, we do want to start exploring what works and what doesn’t with visiting the other worlds. The K/DA cards are a small, early foray into the future, and as with all those forays we’re eager to observe, learn, and adapt as needed.”

It was also clarified that the new K/DA cards will be playable in all LoR formats and can be earned for free during the event, or crafted later for the regular cost:

“To make sure all players who want to explore the K/DA fantasy can easily do so, the K/DA cards are earnable as part of the free portion of the K/DA event pass (and yes, 3 copies of each spell are earned at once). You can use the cards anywhere, and after the end of the event they’ll be purchasable with shards or wildcards, or earned in chests, like any other card.”

Teased Board, Card Backs and Guardian:


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