Jayce Lux Deck Guide

Jayce Lux is the best-performing version of Jayce's deck in the current meta - learn how to pilot it in the in-depth guide by Sorry.

Today’s guide will feature Jayce Lux, a Demacia + Piltover and Zaun midrange deck.

The archetype relies on both Jayce and Lux as win conditions. Both champions share a similar level-up requirement that requires you to play 6-cost spells. Spells like Assembly Line and Shock Blast are essential for your game plan.

Early game you’re looking to at least sneak in one 6-mana spell so you can activate Mageseeker Persuader and Mageseeker Inciter‘s abilities, turning them to efficient units that will force resources out of your opponent to deal with them.

Assembly Line is the perfect tempo play in the early game as the spell summons 2 Forge Worker‘s on the board, capable of defending the Nexus early game and trading with your opponent’s units.

The Forge of Tomorrow being on board before you commit your 6 mana spell is important, as the 3 spell mana refund means you won’t fall behind your opponent after spending so much mana on a single card.

Once you’ve set up Lux on the board, the high-cost spells will come in handy to create Final Sparks – an effective removal tool that’ll allow you to take control of the board by killing your opponent’s units. With a leveled-up Jayce, your first 6+ mana cost spell each turn will be copied, generating even more Final Sparks.

Keep in mind that Jayce will also create an Acceleration Gate, a 6-mana spell that makes your board difficult to deal with, and creates Final Sparks if you have a Lux on the board. Usually, you want to play the Final Sparks before you go for a Gate swing.

Techs and Options

  • Remembrance: It can be slotted as one of your 6 mana cost spells to level up your champions – however, keep in mind that you need to play the spell before a unit dies so that cost reduction doesn’t occur. Assembly Line acts as a better option against aggressive decks.
  • Albus Ferros: The “Boat” to draw Jayce from your deck. Jayce Lux doesn’t have card draw so Albus Ferros is as a reliable late game unit to draw your champion. His ability can stack to to big numbers in the late-game to deal a lot of damage. You usually don’t want to run more than 2 of Albus Ferros in the deck.
  • Mystic Shot: Early cheap removal that can come in handy to kill key units, it can also be the damage push needed to close out the game. Could cut Single Combat and Back to Back for Mystic Shot.

General Tips

  • Early approach will depend on your opening hand.
    Assembly Line can be played on turn 3 if you bank spell mana, but having a Forge Chief in hand will allow you to have a unit on the board early that will refill 1 spell mana, allowing you to continue on with your game plan. Assembly Line can be also saved till turn 4 if you have a Forge of Tomorrow in your hand.
  • Hold on to your high-cost spells.
    Although Jayce is capable of leveling up without seeing the spells played, Lux on the other hand requires you to have her on the board when you cast your spells. Ideally, you want to at least play one 6+ cost spell early on to activate the ability of both Mageseeker Inciter and Mageseeker Persuader.
  • Jayce Quick Attack or Challenger?
    This will depend on the matchup. Usually, you’ll go for the Challenger keyword if you need to remove key units off the board like Zoe, Veigar, or Teemo, and having Jayce alive isn’t the primary goal.
  • In some cases keep Jayce in hand until he’s leveled.
    Against control decks especially, you might opt to hold on to Jayce until you level him up, this ensures that you’ll create Acceleration Gate before your opponent can react to stop it.
  • Play Lux on your defensive turn.
    Idealy, you want to play Lux on a defensive turn, the Barrier she has can possibly shut down your opponent’s attack.


Mulligan for: Forge Chief, The Forge of Tomorrow, Assembly Line

  • You’re going to have to ignore Teemo early on if you want to set up for Assembly Line.
  • Save Concerted Strike for either Swain or The Leviathan, they’re both your main targets to kill. Thermogenic Beam can also act as a removal.
  • Dropping low on health is fine as long as you can set up for a solid attack with Jayce and Acceleration Gate.
  • Lux can be bothersome for your opponent, the damage from Final Sparks and the fact that they can’t heal their Nexus can be enough to close out a game.
  • Don’t block with Lux and get her damaged, you’ll make it easier on your opponent to kill her with a Ravenous Flock or Scorched Earth.

Mulligan for: Forge Chief, Ferror Financiar, The Forge of Tomorrow, Assembly Line, Lux

  • Early units like Forge Chief and Ferros Financier are important to block Twisted Catalyzer.
  • The goal is to not allow your opponent to stack up their Darkness spell damage early on.
  • Single Combat and Concerted Strike are great removal tools for your opponent’s champions.
  • You might have to go for the Challenger keyword on Jayce to kill Veigar. Mageseeker Persuader with Challenger can threaten to remove Veigar or Senna.
  • Your opponent’s deck runs Minimorph which would shut down your Lux.

Mulligan for: Mageseeker Persuader, Forge Chief, The Forge of Tomorrow, Assembly Line.

  • Forge Chief early game can help gain back spell mana and force your opponent to block with a Fleetfeather Tracker or a Navori Bladescout.
  • Your opponent is playing an aggressive deck, you might have to pick the Challenger keyword when playing Jayce to remove key units that contribute to your opponent’s gameplan, Greenglade Duo, Young Witch, Zed, or Poppy.
  • Lux on your defensive turn acts as a good blocker, especially for units with Quick Attack like Zed. Your opponent’s deck does not run any spells that can remove the Barrier.
  • Sharpsight and Single Combat are crucial cards in this match to deal with Elusive units that will slowly chip on your Nexus health.
  • Shock Blast is a heavy mana commitment that can potentially remove two units off the board, your opponent can protect their units with Ranger’s Resolve, Sharpsight, or Twin Disciplines.

Mulligan for: Mageseeker Persuader, Forge Chief, The Forge of Tomorrow, Assembly Line.

  • Your opponent will rely on Fearsome units like Risen Rider and Twinblade Revenant to deal damage. Units like Mageseeker Persuader, Vanguard Sergeant, and Forge worker are great to block the damage.
  • It’ll be difficult to go run them out of threats due to Lost Soul value, your plan is to have Lux on the board and start chipping in damage before you go for a full-on swing.
  • Lux defensively can be a great blocker thanks to the Barrier she has, keep in mind your opponent can ping down the Barrier with a Mystic Shot or Get Excited!
  • Concerted Strike can kill Sion mid-combat so that damage doesn’t go through. Sion Returned though will go for a second swing, if you have a Lux on the board you’ll have an action to remove him with a Final Spark. Your opponent can protect their Sion by discarding Survival Skills.

Mulligan for: Forge Chief, The Forge of Tomorrow, Assembly Line, Thermogenic Beam.

  • Kill Bandle City Mayor as soon as possible to prevent your opponent from going wide on the board, Thermogenic Beam or Mageseeker Persuader are good answers for Bandle City Mayor.
  • Your opponent will be working on The Bandle Tree win condition, preventing Bandle Commando from striking your Nexus is vital to deny the Ionia region on a Hungry Owlcat. Sharpsight is an effective tool to deal with Bandle Commando.
  • Lux is an essential card to chip on your opponent’s Nexus, she can be dealt with though by Minimorph.
  • Your deck does not run any cards that deal with The Bandle Tree, your goal is to finish the game before they can play all different regions.

Mulligan for: Forge Chief, Ferros Financier, The Forge of Tomorrow, Mageseeker Persuader, Radiant Guardian.

  • Your game plan is to preserve your health early on by blocking incoming damage from units. Forge Chief and Ferros Financier, and Mageskeer Persuader are great early game units to match your opponent’s aggression.
  • Kill Poppy if possible with Concerted Strike before she commits an attack will shut her down from buffing up all the board. You can also commit a Sharpsight on a unit blocking her to kill her and prevent a second swing.
  • Thermogenic Beam on turn 1 is a good play to remove units like Inventive Chemist or Legion Saboteur.
  • You don’t have any cards that can deny the Decimate burn play, you can on the other hand stop a Noxian Fervor aimed at your Nexus with either Single Combat or Concerted Strike.

Mulligan for: Forge Chief, The Forge of Tomorrow, Assembly Line.

  • Forge Chief is good answer for Crackshot Corasair on turn 1, trading with her when she attacks is important to prevent her from pinging your Nexus in future turns.
  • Block all units from damaging your Nexus is the early game objective to prevent Plunder, you want your opponent to commit resources like Warning Shot or Make it Rain to activate Plunder.
  • Concerted Strike and Thermogenic Beam are your answer for Gangplank, Sejuani, and The Dreadway. Keep in mind that your opponent can freeze your board with a leveled up Sejuani and nullify your Concerted Strike.
  • Shock Blast while a leveled up Jayce is on the board can remove Gangplank and The Dreadway.
  • Your opponent can deal with your champions using Monster Harpoon, Sharpsight is your only protective tool.

Closing Words

Jayce Lux is currently the best performing version of Jayce’s deck in the current meta.

The fact that both your champions act as win conditions gives you an alternative approach depending on your hand and situation. On top of that, the ability to interact with the board with cards like Single Combat and Concerted Strike makes it difficult for your opponent to set up their game plan.

The deck is slow and it highly depends on your champions staying alive, it struggles with a lot of popular matchups as well. In a tournament lineup, it might perform better, having the ability to ban a certain difficult matchup.

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