Jayce Champion Expansion Spoilers Gallery

Jayce, Piltover & Zaun’s newest champion, arrives in Patch 2.19 on November 10. This Legends of Runeterra Champion Expansion will introduce a total of 10 collectible cards.

Jayce brings his transformation technology to Legends of Runeterra, allowing him to be played as either a Quick Attack or Challenger unit. A champion with an obsession for big projects, he levels up after playing big 6+ cost spells, and gains the ability to double cast them at level 2!

Learn more about all the new cards coming in this patch in the gallery below! For more insight into Jayce and supporting cards, you can also check out Jayce Review and Theorycraft article from Agigas.

Also, don’t miss that Jayce and all the cards from the expansion are already live and available in RuneterraCCG Deck Builder!


Rainmaker’s love for Legends of Runeterra was born from his passion for Magic: The Gathering and League of Legends. His aspiration is to enjoy and improve in all the aspects of LoR - be it brewing, tuning, piloting, or drafting - and report all of his experiences along the way!

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  1. Allan Junkert says:

    There is a monument (timestamp 2:30) in Jayce’s reveal video that is not here in the spoilers. What is it?

    • Rainmaker says:

      There is a number of Path of Champions exclusive cards, you will encounter them only in PvE mode. They weren’t officially released to the public – we’ll have to discover and experience them on our own! 🙂

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