Jayce Champion Card from the Upcoming Arcane Expansion Leaked

The Jayce champion card from the upcoming Arcane-themed expansion has been leaked - spoiler warning!

Arcane, the animated television series set in the League of Legends universe, is coming to Netflix on November 6, 2021 and is most likely to be the theme of the next Legends of Runeterra expansion:

Jayce has already been confirmed to be one of the new champion cards via datamining, recent promotional materials and press releases. A hero of Piltover, he wields his iconic transforming hextech hammer to defend his City of Progress. We can even see a glimpse of it in action, seen as a 4 power unit with the Challenger keyword in the RiotX Arcane Announcement Trailer:

Jayce Champion Card from the Upcoming Arcane Expansion Leaked

As the flurry of information and promotions have begun to come out leading up to Arcane’s release, Dot Esports has inadvertently revealed detailed information about the new champion card in their article. It has since been edited out, as it was perhaps due to be released in coordination with Riot Games closer to the patch.

Below we have collated what we know so far, with an obligatory spoiler warning! The official reveals should come in a few days time, so you can choose to wait until then as what we have here may not even be the real or final version.

Jayce Card Mockup

Jayce champion card and its associated Ascension Gate Landmark, mocked up by CucumberJukebox from reddit with what we know so far, using the original Dot Esports article:

Below is the now removed excerpt from the article which has now been removed. This also reveals that we are to get 10 new cards in the next expansion, including Jayce!


Jayce Card Art

The full splash art was also revealed (now also removed).

Jayce Level 1
Level 1
Jayce Level 2
Level 2

Players have already caught on that Jayce goes perfectly well with Lux, which has received a small buff in Patch 2.18 with a reduction in cost and a mechanical change to Final Spark. What do you think? Will they leave a mark in the current metagame? Leave a comment below!


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