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How to Beat The Path of Champions: Jinx Guide

Hello, it’s Mezume here! Recently, a new mode has been added to Legends of Runeterra – a PvE rogue-like adventure, ‘The Path of Champions’.

We’ve recently published a general strategy guide for it, and going forward we’ll be also bringing you dedicated champion guides in order to help everyone who’s struggling to get through some parts of each character’s journeys – or simply wants to be prepared for what awaits.

In the first guide of the series, I will tackle the big star of recent weeks in Runeterra – Jinx!

I will begin by introducing you to the general gameplan of her deck. After that, we’ll go over the best starting powers and relic items to pick from, as well as which reinforcements are best to look out for.

I will also touch on the Reputation breakpoints, as there are a few which can affect the way you approach the game. Finally, I will provide tips specific for Jinx on each of the specific adventures.

Jinx’s deck is a very standard Discard-based list.

The base version you will play with at the start of each adventure includes Jinx herself, a bunch of discard synergies such as Poro Cannon and Sump Dredger, as well as two cards unique to this PvE mode – the 2-mana Burst spell that deals 3 damage to a unit – Pow-Pow, and 2-mana 3/3 with Quick Attack – Rocketboarder. These are extremely powerful and you should make sure to abuse them to gain an advantage.

As is the case with all the decks in the Path of Champions game mode, your gameplan will vary depending on what choices you are offered and adaptability is a skill you will need to possess to get the most out of what you’re given.

It is crucial, however, to have a general understanding of your gameplan going into each of the adventures. There is no going around the fact that you will be the aggressive deck in most fights – your starting list has a low curve, lots of ways to flood the board and, most of all, Jinx just wants you to empty out your hand.

Throughout your encounters you will look to complement your deck with more of the same strategy – cheap units that can flood the board, as well as more Discard synergies.

Keep in mind, however, that your starting deck is already really powerful and you don’t want to dilute your deck with subpar cards – often it is best not to buy an extra card if it’s “just alright” as that will reduce your chances of drawing the great synergies you already have in your list.

Reputation Unlocks

1Begin your AdventureComplete adventures to gain Reputation and unlock your champion’s potential!
2New Deck and +1|+1Unlock a new Jinx deck! Jinx begins every adventure with Studded Leather
3+50 GoldBegin every adventure with an extra 50 gold
4+2 RerollsBegin every adventure with 2 additional Rerolls.
5Random Starting ItemBegin each adventure with a random Common Item on a card in your Deck.
6Common Relic SlotGain a slot for a Common Relic Item.
7+10% Rare PowersYou have a 10% additional chance to find Rare Powers.
8New starting PowerWhen you discard a card, deal 1 to the enemy Nexus and 1 to a random enemy
9Cut CardsYou can now cut cards at the Healer.
10+50 GoldBegin every adventure with an extra 50 gold
11Rare Relic SlotUpgrade to a slot for a Rare or Common Relic Item.
12+2 RerollsBegin every adventure with 2 additional Rerolls.
13+10% GoldYou earn 10% additional gold during adventures.
14Common Relic SlotGain a slot for a Common Relic Item.
15+1 ReviveBegin every adventure with 1 Revive. It will save you if you lose a combat!
16+10% Rare ItemsYou have a 10% additional chance to find Rare Items.
17Random Starting ItemBegin each adventure with a random Rare Item on a card in your deck.
18Upgraded Starting PowerWhen you discard a card, deal 2 to the enemy Nexus and 2 to a random enemy.
19+10% GoldYou earn 10% additional gold during adventures.
20Rare Relic SlotUpgrade to a slot for a Rare or Common Relic Item.
21%5 Epic ItemsYou have a 5% additional chance to find Epic Items
22+1 ManaYou begin every battle with an extra mana gem.

Path of Champions offers a multitude of potential improvements to your champion as they level up.

These range from very basic, such as getting extra gold at the start of an adventure, through useful utility like revive or extra rerolls, to the ones that impact your game the most: new unique starting Powers, as well as new Relic item slots.

At level 8, Jinx will receive her starting power – whenever you Discard a card, you deal one damage to the enemy Nexus and an additional point of damage to a random enemy unit. You should receive this power around the Zed adventure, but this will depend on how Jinx’s Path of Champions is going for you.

This is an incredibly powerful effect that changes nearly every adventure you will play – making it way easier. As your deck is built around those Discard synergies, you will almost always be able to get a significant board advantage early on – as the power will pick off any 1 health units once you play Poro Cannon or Zaunite Urchin.

At level 18 this power upgrades further, to deal 2 damage – making it useful in the Nautilus encounter and just even stronger overall.

Relic Items

The other way to significantly upgrade your strength is by equipping Relic items onto your champion.

Jinx is already a strong champion – with a free Studded Leather +1/+1 upgrade you get at Reputation level 2, 4 mana 5/4 with Quick Attack is nothing to scoff at. The Relics you obtain in your collection as you beat bosses make her more powerful, but some have a bigger impact than others.

One of the top relics for Jinx, in my opinion, is The Grand General’s Counterplan – ‘When an enemy champion is summoned, draw me if I’m not in hand and reduce my cost by that champion’s cost’.

This is a relic that only works in boss encounters because these are the types of fights when you face other champions and able to trigger your Relic.

It is a great way to refill your hand – as in most encounters you will have to try to “go under” your opponent and as a result, will likely be lacking in card advantage. Drawing Jinx not only remedies that, but she will also often come down levelled, giving you more card draw and an opportunity to blast Super Mega Death Rockets overtime at your opponents.

When it comes to common rarity relics, Z-Drive Prototype allows you to start adventures with 2 extra rerolls. This lets you be much more picky about your choices, which is fantastic for Jinx, as our deck wants a very specific type of cards.

The Starchild’s Staff (Game Start: heal your Nexus 2 for each copy of me in your deck) can be a consideration for adventures in which encounters are more aggressive (such as the Gangplank route), letting you heal some of the damage you’ve taken.

Other relics for Jinx are generally all alright, but do not shine as much as The Grand General’s Counterplan. Jaurim’s Fist (+1/+2) is a useful survivability boost against cards like Devourer of the Depths, while Crownguard Inheritance (‘When I level up, Rally’) lets you Rally at opportune times, as you have very strong control over when you want Jinx to level up.


In the beginning of each of the adventures, you will be forced to accept Reinforcements. This is a pack of cards you get to pick in a similar manner as in Expeditions – 2 copies of a champion and 2 other cards that synergize with that champion (also 2 copies each).

While at first glance this can be a great addition, in the case of Jinx I’ve often sighed at the thought that I have to accept the help of a champion that has nothing to do with what my deck aims to achieve. Choosing the right champion can be a crucial decision for your success and this is where your rerolls tend to be spent best.

To keep up with our gameplan, the secondary champion would best be an aggressive one. Draven is a dream come true in any scenario, but you will not always be offered The Glorious Executioner.

In those cases, you will have to settle for a less ideal companion. I have personally tried out and experimented with multiple pairings, but very few actually felt like ones I WANTED to be playing – usually it was more of a necessity.

That said, some of the ones that did not get in the way too much were Azir – due to his ability to make your attacks even wider and coming in a package with Dunekeeper; Kalista – as Haunted Relic works quite well with some of the powers, while she is a solid 3-drop; as well as most other cheap champions that you can play and forget.

Avoid expensive and slow champions, with the exception of the Ezreal adventure, as the Karma encounter can punish you if you lack strong and expensive cards.


At the beginning of each adventure, as well as on some nodes later on in the maps, you will be presented a choice of multiple Power passives. These range from simple buffs like an aura giving all allies Overwhelm or Challenger, through drawing extra cards at the start of the game to more complex effects like dealing damage to the enemy Nexus every time you cast a spell.

Choosing your power rewards depends heavily on the adventure you are currently in – I will mention those in the next section on this guide.

However, the general rule of thumb is that for Jinx, Spell Burn (‘Deal 1 damage to the enemy Nexus every time you cast a spell’) allows you to go even more aggressive, making it a very appealing choice.

While technically counter-productive, Flexible Gameplan (Start of Game: Draw 2) can also be great, especially in adventures where levelling Jinx is not as important as going wide.

Lie in Wait (‘Allies Everywhere that cost 3 or less are Lurkers and have Lurk’), can be incredibly powerful and is likely the strongest choice out there – also making your decisions later in the game much easier, as you would be looking for cheap units only.

Domination (Round Start: Rally) and Duelist (When you summon an ally, give it Keyword Challenger’) are both great passives as Challengers let you clear the board or simply pull strongest foes away from Jinx while she attacks, while the Rally from Domination makes your Elusives even more threatening.

There are many great choices for Jinx and you will almost never have to reroll more than once to find a strong and fitting power.

Boss and Adventure Tips

There are currently 6 total adventures in the Path of Champions for each champion, plus one Story adventure for each of the five featured Arcane champions.

In the case of Jinx, the prologue path is against Vi – it is a very simple adventure that allows you to explore how Jinx works as a champion. There is not much to say about this one, as you have an advantage against most of the opponents and your cards and powers are simply much more powerful than theirs.

In the section below I will provide tips for encounters starting from Lulu; all the way until the final Viktor adventure.

The regular encounters in this adventure are still extremely basic – the main difficulty comes from the two bosses: Poppy and Lulu.


  • She is the most powerful when wide on board – including her innate buff, as well as Yordle Ranger and Poppy herself.
  • Due to that, you need to keep the board clear. One of the ways to do so is to trade aggressively and force them to lose their board.
  • Poppy is right in removal range of your Pow-Pow. Make sure to abuse that.


  • She has a very powerful innate ability of Whimsy – try to go wide with Poro Cannon, Jury Rig, rather than tall with one or two big units
  • Jinx is great in this encounter, but watch out for when Lulu is levelled, as she can be made Vulnerable easily
  • Kill Lulu on sight – before she is levelled, all you need is Pow-Pow, but otherwise you’ll have to try to set up kills in other ways – keep it in mind with some of possible power choices, especially Duelist.

This is the first adventure where the non-boss encounters feel quite impactful. This is because they all have some ways to damage your units. This means that picking up healing along the way can be great – keep that in mind!


  • Ensure you start the encounter somewhat healthy as you take damage every turn.
  • His deck is rather slow and weak – Pow-Pow should take care of trades alongside your small units, and you will go way wider than them.
  • Your deck runs multiple low attack cards, so make sure you are able to block Swain with a Fearsome blocker – letting Swain hit your Nexus is one of the few ways you can lose this fight!


  • Logically this is the most powerful boss you’ve encountered so far. Luckily, you’re well-equipped with many perks!
  • He has a decent mana curve and the Kegs he summons are quite scary – his deck runs Double Up and Make It Rain to delete your units and deal hefty amounts of damage to your nexus.
  • It will be easy for him to level Gangplanks – be prepared and ensure he isn’t able to attack. Your fragile units will have trouble surviving his ability. Pow-Pow is fantastic, like in other encounters.
  • Suit Up on Flame Chompers is really big in this encounter as it brings both Gangplank and Dreadway into Pow-Pow range.
  • If you’ve picked up Vi – or other Challenger champions – along the way as a supporting champion, it pays off here – you can drag the biggest threats!
  • Watch out for his passive Dreadway summon when he reaches 20hp – make sure you can remove it instantly, as it will draw him a Gangplank as well!

In this adventure we have access to more rerolls at least – or more perks if you have been farming reputation! This lets you tailor your additional powers more for the encounters, making non-boss encounters quite trivial.


  • She is an incredibly difficult opponent specifically for your deck, as you don’t generally have many high-cost cards and you might be overwhelmed by the Feral Mystics and Enlightened Awakeners. Try to wait out an attack on turn 1, as you want to avoid a priority target getting Challenge with a Sonic Wave.
  • Picking up any sort of removal is crucial here – if you can branch out into Bloody Business, Vengeance or simply expensive cards, that is your best bet to win this fight.
  • Once they’ve used a Sonic Wave and the initial Mystic Shot – Jinx can start taking over the board. Super Mega Death Rocket will keep the board narrow, so you only have to worry about the big Enlightened followers.
  • Big Invokes can win you the game, so if you can score Invoke cards – make sure to do so. The same is true about Draw cards like Hextech Foundry, as they let you pump out threats without running out of cards.


  • With constant Statikk Shock, he will clear out your small units, so try to wait for him to use it on Nexus + one other unit. The AI will not want to waste the fleeting card.
  • Keep removal at the ready for Ezreal, as that is the only real threat aside from the cheap spells.
  • You will have to do some unfair things to win – that’s what you are provided with throughout the map though! One of my wins came from having a 0-cost Glorious Evolution – crazy, isn’t it? Any upgrades that allow you to have big units are great in this fight, as his removal does not do well against those.

This is where you get your starting power if you haven’t been defeated. Because most early game units in both non-boss and boss encounters have 1 health, ensure to pick up as much cheap discard and discard fodder as possible. Additional Zaunite Urchins, Poro Cannons, Flame Chompers, as well as Sump Dredgers are all welcome! If you are able to get those, you should not have trouble at all going through the regular encounters.


  • This is a very fair encounter, where your main goal should be to force trades on the offensive, as your opponent will get Tough everytime her units challenge you.
  • Fiora herself is a priority target in this fight. Make use of Pow-Pow to support your trades against her and remember to play around the Tough she gets from her passive.
  • You can generally outvalue your opponent overtime through all the draw you have with Zaunite Urchin and Sump Dredger, as well as levelled Jinx.


  • This fight is likely one of the easier ones in the later stages of the game. Even though he starts at 2 mana, he will have trouble keeping up with Poro Cannons and Zaunite Urchins of yours, especially thanks to your starting power.
  • Because of the passive in the fight, you need to try to chump block his units – luckily they do not have Overwhelm. If you picked up Tasty Faefolk along the way, you can definitely take a few hits, but try to stay above a certain range (usually 10-15 nexus health) – Zed is really big in the later stages of the fight.

It took quite a while, but this is where the truly challenging non-boss encounters await. Jinx’s starting power is horrible in this adventure, as all opposing units have tough – so it essentially just does 1 damage to the Nexus. If you want to play on easy mode: I advise grinding out the upgraded starting power. Myself, however, I really enjoyed the difficulty of the fights.

You need to play quite fast to win, as in most of the battles, your goal will be to do enough damage before the opponent’s board becomes simply too large. Elusive units are almost like cheating, as there is very little removal to go around. Domination is a great power reward, as it allows you to abuse the early turns, in which you are usually able to have a wider board.


  • Simple encounter that is very much in line with non-boss encounters of this track.
  • Play it fast and furious – there is no removal in Sejuani’s deck and very little interaction overall – aside from Sejuani herself. Her units will be bigger than yours, but there is no way she can keep up with the pace at which you play your own!


  • He embodies everything difficult about this adventure. If you cannot win fast, you’re likely to never win at all, as he heals whenever board trades happen and has units that will be bigger than yours.
  • Luckily, he has nearly no early game plays. His first 3 turns are likely to be passes or plays like Slaughter Docks, which you can abuse. Go wide and destroy his Nexus before he gets going.
  • Go wide and mulligan for your early game – buffs such as +1/+1 on every summoned unit and early units that restore mana that was paid for them can make a huge difference.

Fitting for the final adventure, the non-boss encounters feel appropriately difficult. In many of them, you will be on edge and lose a significant chunk of your health if you are not careful. The random keyword can surprise you in the worst possible moments, while some of the encounters simply include strong decks.


  • While his Sand Soldiers are incredibly powerful, you have tons of chump blockers that are happy to save you some Nexus health. Additionally, as after every boss fight you heal to full, you can use your health as a resource and let some of them through! This will let you retain board advantage.
  • You have answers to most of the random keywords his units might be granted through the adventure-wide passive – try to preserve Elusive units to block anything that randomly gets Elusive and stay at least at 10 health not to get blown up by a bunch of Overwhelm Sand Soldiers out of nowhere.
  • Other than that, it is a simple fight – win board, win game!


  • While this is the final boss of the entire run, he has very clear weaknesses! There is very little threat to you if you are able to dispose of Viktor. But what are your ways to do so? Very few as Jinx, so you need to improvise. He will also play Viktor early on in the game and he will have 7 health. Picking up Duelist power to pick off Viktor is your best bet, as is finding a Vi along the way.
  • Alternatively, you can do what I did in my first playthrough – find an aggressive power such as Lie in Wait, combined with summoning extra units at Start of Game can prove to be too much for Viktor, if he can’t find the Lifesteal keyword fast enough.
  • Except for Viktor, Mechanized Mimic can be considered a threat, although much less so. If you’ve decided to go for the long game, make sure that unit does not attack – else you’re in trouble.

Closing Words

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve also made it to the finish line of the adventure! I believe Path of Champions is a fantastic game mode, building further on the already good previous PvE attempts.

As for Jinx’s adventure, it is not my favourite out of the ones given to us at launch, as the deck seems to be very focused on being aggressive – and it is quite difficult to wander away from that successfully. In fact, my many attempts at a second playthrough with that approach were quite frustrating.

That said, however, I still love playing the mode and hope we keep getting this kind of awesome updates in the future!

If you want to never miss an article from me again, or are just curious what I’m up to – follow me on Twitter!


Mezume is a competitive Legends of Runeterra player with an unexplained love for midrange decks. He believes the important thing is not the end result of the game, but the choices made within it. Loves learning more about the game and sharing that knowledge with others!

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