Heimerdinger Ezreal: a New Top Tier after Patch 3.6

"I won’t sugarcoat it, I think this might be the best deck in the game" Brokenball's opinion on Ezreal Heimer is very high after patch 3.6 rule changes, and he has the stats to back it up.
  • Origins:

The first thing that came to everyone’s mind after reading the play/cast merge in the most recent patch notes, is how it affected Ezreal allowing him to deal a lot of damage at burst with no interaction.

While Cait/Ez for sure enjoys the buff, I don’t think it’s the best deck to take advantage of this change, the reason is the deck has a very finite amount of resources and a lot of clunky spells. This means Cait/Ez usually doesn’t hit you for 10 burst damage, despite the changes.

There was some experimentation with Swain/Ez to stun at burst speed, but the deck still presented the same issues.

So, I wanted to make a deck that aimed to abuse the new Ezreal, and I was looking for Tempo, card advantage, and cheap spells, my mind immediately went to Bandle City.

This is how my first shell of an “Aggressive” Ezreal deck came to be, the deck was supposed to be an actual aggro deck that uses Ezreal as a finisher. At first, I tried Lulu, but she felt too light and unimpactful and the same goes for Gnar.

I felt there was something there, but I still ran out of fuel in some games, so I gave Heimerdinger a shot, despite my reservations about him in an aggro list. With Heimer, the deck blew my expectations out of the water.

  • Gameplan:

Don’t get fooled by the champion pairing, you are a burn deck. Prioritize getting chip damage with your units, and get rid of enemy blockers with Flame Chompers and your Spells.

While you get rid of enemy blockers with spells you also progress Ezreal and can then proceed to burn your opponent out, that is the deck in a nutshell. With that said tunnel visioning is the worst thing you can do with this deck, you have a ton of flexibility.

You will often have to choose whether progressing Ezreal is even needed as you can just save your burn to directly hit the face and win that way- that is something that often happens against decks like Fated.

In general, the many generated cards and Heimerdinger, allow you to play a long game where you keep chipping your opponent and prepare him for a non-interactive death to Ezreal.

The Caitlyn/Ezreal matchup is very interesting – in this match up do not swarm the board early. Look for removal and remove everything they play until the midgame, where you can begin to swarm and outvalue them.

As a small mulligan tip, you should look to keep early-game units against most decks. Keep Ezreal and Heimerdinger when going against slower decks, and removals and Heimerdinger against Ezreal Caitlyn.

  • Verdict:

I won’t sugarcoat it, I think this might be the best deck in the game.

A lot of good players are showcasing amazing results with it on the ladder. I personally have a 75% WR over 28 games and this is one of the 3 decks I used to get to 1000 LP on the EU masters ladder.

This a burn deck that features 2 classic control champions and constantly challenges your ability to think about how you win and is also very unfair, if that sounds like something that interests you give this deck a shot! Thanks for reading my article, you can follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with my content.

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