Guardians of the Ancient Seasonal Tournament: Meta Explained and Decks to Prepare For

This article by Asher is your personal coaching session for the upcoming Seasonal Tournament.

Guardians of the Ancient Seasonal Tournament is fast approaching, with Open Rounds starting right on this Saturday the 19th. With 1024 players duking it out, it’s important to have somewhat of a plan to even have a hope of being one of the 32 players who will make it to the top cut. So, what’s the plan?

First we’ll take a look at the Open Rounds’ structure and what we can expect to face throughout the initial nine rounds. Then we’ll use the 'Rock - Paper - Scissors' trichotomy to describe th...

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Asher has liked thin, colorful pieces of cardboard ever since he was a wee lad. and beating his friends on the playground with his shiny ones was often the highlight of his day. Now he is but a humble Digital CCG player who's played most of them over the years (think: GWENT, Eternal, Hearthstone, TES:L, Duelyst...) but is now focusing on Legends of Runeterra by way of competing in tournaments and (attempting) to climb to the top of the Master Ladder every season.

He also fails at being educational on Twitch.

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